Dear Mommy Practicality #4 (Chat Room Affair)

Good day loves!  Our Dear Mommy Practicality feature today is long overdue.  Apologies to our letter sender who most probably has been waiti...

Good day loves!  Our Dear Mommy Practicality feature today is long overdue.  Apologies to our letter sender who most probably has been waiting for this post to come out.  As you may or may not know, I came from a business trip last weekend for work.  Well, now I'm back loves and I have so much to share with you from my trip to Baguio City.

Meanwhile, let's read about the dilemma of our letter sender.  She admitted having a lover while in a relationship.  Here it goes:

Dear Mommy Practicality,

Gusto ko po i-share sayo ang love story ko about me,my live in partner and my lover.  Nakilala ko si lover online last 2009.  Everynight nag-cha-chat kami, Hindi niya alam na (in a relationship) na ako, (kaya) nanligaw siya sa akin.  Four months after, umuwi siya dito sa Pilipinas at nakikipagkita siya sa akin.  Nag-second thoughts ako dahil una, may boyfirend ako and second, hindi ko naman talaga siya type.

Pumayag din ako dahil sa pangungulit niya at nagpunta kami sa malayong lugar.  Hindi alam ng ka-live-in partner ko lahat ng ito.  Nakita ko ang magandang ugali niya at unti-unti may nararamdaman na rin ako para sa kanya.  Na-miss ko siya nang sobra nung bumalik na siya sa Qatar.  Sobra ko na siyang mahal at siya lang ang lalaking nakapagpatibok ng puso ko nang ganun.

Balik naman sa live-in partner ko, kami po ay may anak ngunit hindi po kami kasal dahil nga gang ngayun eh ayoko pa dn sa knya.  Siya po ang naka-una sa akin at hindi po ako nagkaroon ng ibang boyfriend kundi siya lang.

Nalaman kong may pamilya na pala ang lover ko pero nagmahalan pa rin kami for three years at marami pong nangyari, sa kabila ng malaking bundok na namagitan sa ming dalawa.

Alam ko may kasalanan ako sa live in partner ko at sa mga anak ko, pero nagmamahal lang namn ako.  Hanggang ngayun miss na miss ko sya at mahal na mahal ko pa din siya.  Thank you mommy for reading and More power to your Blog..Stay Blessed! 

~Luv BabyGirl J
Dear BabyGirl J,
First of all dear, thank you for taking time to share your story to us.  It seems like right now you are somehow back and settled with your life partner and your children, and that your adventurous days are over.  Hopefully, that is how you think of your experience with your married OFW lover.

It's a good start to a better and peaceful life that you are acknowledging your mistakes because it gives you a sense of responsibility to correct them by doing what is right and just and giving what your own family truly deserves: Time, Love, and Attention.  Second, do forgive yourself.

Yes, we're humans and yes we make mistakes.  But remember as humans, we're gifted with free will and that's what we use in every bit of decisions we make in life.  Choosing what to eat, what to wear, which career to go for, parenting styles to apply, and even who to love.  Everything that happens in our lives are results of our choices.  We reap what we sow.

You may still feel love for your lover, but you may decide to end it.  I think, that's what he did..  He went back to his family, because he chose his family.  You also have that power to choose your children and your long-time partner above everything else.  You're saying that you don't feel any love for your partner.  Love is a decision.  I used to not believe it, but being with the love of my life now, I am a witness to its authenticity.  No matter how irritating he may get, I still decide to love him.

In any relationship, these are important: Love, Respect, Trust, Communication, and Transparency.  Take one day at a time in repairing your relationship.  Stay clear of any distractions and temptations.  I would discourage you to join the chat forums and be involved in any activities that would destroy your relationship and cripple you into being a dedicated and loving mother.  Be fair to him and more especially to your children.  God bless you on your fresh start and make use of your second chance to correct your mistakes wisely.  Pray for strength and continuous guidance.  God bless!

Sincerely Yours,
Mommy Practicality

So there you have it loves.  Have you got any advice to our letter sender?  Please do write them on the comments form below.  :)

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