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It's school break once again loves and of course, the kids are at home everyday these days either playing game consoles, watching their ...

It's school break once again loves and of course, the kids are at home everyday these days either playing game consoles, watching their favorite TV show, drawing and painting, writing paragraphs (my 10 year old boy does that) or reading books.

My 10 year old son had a pretty good school year.  No failed grades and he even got an award for his excellence in basketball (He's part of his school's varsity team!).  For that we are already happy and proud parents.  Though he did well academically, I found out again in my second visit to BrainFit Studio Philippines, that he could still really improve.

Since my last visit in Brainfit Studio Greenhills last year, I stopped expecting too much and pressuring my son in giving us high grades because I realized it's also counter-effective.  We sometimes don't realize that our kids spend ten tiring "working" hours during school days.  Imagine they wake up at 5am, "work" in school the whole day, then do assignments at home pa.  They also get stressed.  If we stress them some more by pressuring them to give us high grades and get mad for not perfecting their scores, then we're not helping them develop at all.  Here's an idea of what brain parts are working in a simple writing activity of our child in school:
What will help them improve is learning at their own pace and  exercising all five (5) pillars which comprise key cognitive abilities that form the foundations for all learning.
The Brain Pillars are:
  1. Attention & Memory
  2. Sensory Motor Coordination
  3. Auditory & Language Processing
  4. Visual & Spatial Processing
  5. Social-Emotional Self-regulation
“Each individual has a unique brain profile,” according to Ms. Cheryl Chia, Singapore-based clinical physiotherapist and founder of BrainFit Studio.  “We assess each brain’s strengths and weakness with a CognitiveMAP™, an evaluation tool that determines which of your child’s 5 Brain Pillars* need enhancement.”

How Does BrainFit Training Work?
They use the SMART protocol for brain fitness training, which is based on neuro-scientific findings.
     S - et personal objectives;
     M - easure with CognitiveMAPTM,
     A - dapt activities to abilities;
     R - ewire through focused practice;
     T - ransform brain for total performance 

We were toured inside BrainFit Studio, which of course was already familiar to us, that some of the teachers remembered my son!  My son enjoyed his trial of the programs and when he was asked to try them once more, he got excited!  Their Brain Fitness Training has different SMART Programs focusing on developing different brain pillars:

SMART Moves - for Sensory Motor development
SMART Focus - for Attention and Memory
SMART Vision - for Visual development
SMART Listening - for Auditory development
SMART Emotions - for Social Emotional development

Program Features:
  • Suitable to children or teenagers aged 4 to 18 (They also have BrainFit Jr for 3 - 6yo)
  • Each Module has 20 sessions
  • Each 50- minute session is fun-filled and engaging
  • A class of no more than 6 participants
  • Progress is continuously tracked
During our visit, other bloggers, mostly moms, were oriented everything we need to understand at how our brain works and how it is like a muscle that needs to be continuously developed.  I was reminded again that each child has their own learning pace and shouldn't be given a task that is too hard or too easy for him.

Here are more photos of our visit to BrainFit Studio Philippines in Greenhills branch:
A BrainFit Teacher orients us about the five brain pillars which BrainFit Studio helps develop through their SMART Programs
My son trying, and actually having fun, their SMART Focus activity.

Part of their SMART Moves program is a table top timed activity such as this one.  I had to follow the curves using a wiggly pen and complete as much lines as I can in 60 seconds.
It's harder in actual than it looks like!
The SMART Listening activity let's one listen to a sort of electronic/garbled sounding recording who give you instructions on what you need to accomplish on the computer screen.  It let's one focus on his listening skills and ability to follow instructions in a given time.  
The SMART Vision both has a gym and table top activity.  It's very challenging because as one jumps on the trampoline, she or he has to read what he sees on a piece of paper in front of him.  
This is the table top activity for the SMART Vision program where my son tried connecting the dots similar to the given example.  The sequence in connecting the dots should be exactly the same as the sample.  Of course one has to cover as many items in a given time.
Met Michelle of mymomfriday.com for the first time.  I've been following her blog since I started in 2012! :)
Thanks Marcie (Love and Light Productions) for inviting me! 
It was an awesome experience meeting THE Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet!

Pleasure meeting Mr. RJ Ledesma for the first time at BrainFit Studio Philippines.
For inquires, contact BrainFit StudioTM at 725,8500, 0917-5991992 or email them at brainfitph@gmail.com.  You may also like BrainFit Studio Philippines on Facebook for more updates.

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