The Launch of Mommy Practicality Version 2.0

Hello loves!  I would like to WELCOME everyone to my new blog look!   This is what I fondly call, Mommy Practicality Version 2.0! I have w...

Hello loves!  I would like to WELCOME everyone to my new blog look!   This is what I fondly call, Mommy Practicality Version 2.0!

I have written in one of my posts last January about “Investing In What You Love”.  This is what I was talking about loves, the NEW and IMPROVED Mommy Practicality.

It saddens me though to say GOODBYE to HER:

She has been the infamous face of my blog since I started and has been endearing to you my readers and followers.  For those who know me personally, you know very well that the iconic avatar represents me very much.  The microphone is a symbol of my love for singing, long hair, big eyes, usual attire (I love wearing pants because it’s practical), the building background is my everyday scenery in Makati as a career woman and of course the carriage that says that I’m a mommy.

In one of Martine De Luna’s workshops I attended, we were asked to create a mood board which will help us organize all our blog design wish lists.  It should include the fonts, colors and designs that we want and create a unique vibe or mood for the blog’s tone.  I used this as an inspiration and as a guide for my talented blog designer, Patricia Alix-Villa of Fancy Girl Design Studio, to create this pretty blog look.  By the way, I love Patricia's taglines: Pretty, Practical and Professional - it's so Mommy Practicality too! :)  

Before arriving at the final branding and design, I went through a thorough and helpful blog coaching with Martine De Luna.  Martine is the editor of Make It Blissful (formerly Dainty Mom) and has been doing branding and blog coaching for small businesses and, of course, bloggers who want to launch their brands/blogs more professionally and meaningfully.  She helps her clients zoom in to what they really want, what their mission is and what they write about, so that there is ONE STRONG VOICE and TONE that their consumers/readers hear.  I’m thankful to Martine for helping me with the re-branding journey.  

Mommy Practicality’s new look incorporates things I love and represent, in a more professional, cleaner and organized way.  The Victorian Arc is something I fancy since I was a child.  It represents the QUALITY of life that I aspire to have for myself and my family.  The Fuchsia font for my titles represents a Strong yet still very Feminine Woman in me, who always stands for women empowerment.   Instead of the previous grey background, now it’s cleaner and more organized with a lot of breathing WHITE spaces.  With that, you’ll get a more pleasurable reading experience for your different gadgets: laptops or mobile phones.

Now, let me share with you the designs that didn’t make it:
You may not have noticed it but little by little I started organizing my tabs or my features.  Let me officially launch these features or the topics I talk about in my blog:

  • Practical Mom – Talks about anything and everything about practical but beautiful motherhood.
  • Practical Parenting- Talks about practical tips on how to raise children.  It also features my special moments with my children.
  • Party Practicality – Talks about practical party planning, throwing a great party with a budget and also the events that I’ve been to.
  • Foodie Practicality – I love eating!  This features the restaurants we’ve dined in and my reviews as well.
  • Money Practicality – Talks about budgeting and anything related to saving and earning extra money – a very important tool for us practical moms!
  • Practical Finds – Talks about my practical shopping finds.

So loves, hope that Mommy Practicality’s new blog design also warms into your hearts just like how my old design did.  

Say HELLO to the new Mommy Practicality!  Don’t worry, it’s just a NEW LOOK, but it still has the OLD HEART!

~ What Do You Think Of The New Look Loves?  
Send Me Some LOVE!!! ~

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  1. I love the new design. It's cleaner and fresher.

    I also asked my web designer friend (hmm I think it was last January pa) to change the look of my blog, and I am still waiting for the new design (sigh). I hope she will finish it this month na.

  2. Congratulations Louise!! <3 Very nice, very professional, very warm. For short, VERY YOU haha! ;) Omg I swear pareho tayo ng moodboard. Naloka rin si PAT sa fuschia pink explosion ko, kaso hindi bumagay kay Ms. Piggy huhu so goodbye pink. But I'm happy at wagas ang fushia pink sa blog mo! Ah Lovett!! You go girl. Mwah!! :-*

  3. Sheena Mamaril MalateApril 15, 2014 at 2:03 PM

    Congratulations to your blog's 'new look!' It is indeed a major 2.0 revision which makes your blog more enticing, more feminine with cleaner look, minimalist but yet pleasing to the eyes. I like he vintage touch of it! I also like how blog posts are categorized now. Good job! I am happy that you made it this far. Cheers to you new website and the future milestones ahead of you.

  4. Nathalie | Mental SnapshotsApril 15, 2014 at 2:34 PM

    I love it! Classic, elegant but fierce. Two thumbs up! :)

  5. Istin Dizon PaignaApril 15, 2014 at 3:47 PM

    love na love! i like simple but elegant themes like this one! <3

  6. Congratulations.. It's really simple,yet elegant one.. I love it. ^^

  7. I super duper love it too! Thanks to my blog designer Patricia of Fancy Girl Design Studios! :)

  8. My ever dearest @Sheena Mamaril Malate Thank you sis for all your support and your kind and sweet words! Have a super duper good day! :)

  9. Thanks @Sugar & Spice!! I knew it, same tayo ng likes and tastes! Diba winner sa pagka-pink! hahaha! See you soon! huuuugs! :)

  10. Thanks @levy! :) Yup then launch it nang bongga too! :)

  11. I know Chinky! It's like giving birth to another bundle of joy! :) Thanks thanks! :)

  12. This is a nice theme. I just changed mine too and I have Wordpress platform. I believe when choosing blog theme, it should be based on what we write about and express our personalities and i like your theme.

  13. congrats! I super like the color and design. Hope I can also have the new look for my blog. hihi...

  14. Nice Congrats! Girly ang themes! Love it.. :)

  15. Congratulations, Louise! Love the new look! :)

  16. It looks fabulous! and chic! Congrats!


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