New Life. New Beginning.

As I write this, I've had enough time to break away from my daily routine to be able to take care of my mom in the hospital when she was...

As I write this, I've had enough time to break away from my daily routine to be able to take care of my mom in the hospital when she was still with us, to take care of her funeral, to mourn for mommy's loss and to pray with the family for the eternal repose of her soul and for the family's fast healing and acceptance of mom's passing.

I am thankful for the chance to be given three weeks to do all those.  Those weeks were the most painful weeks of my life, but were also the most important for it gave me a clearer perspective of our life here on earth, of death, and of aiming for eternal happiness and peace with the Creator after death.

I salute my mom, for her preparedness, not of death because no one could prepare you for that, but for her spirituality and her communion with the Lord.  She left us with a ready mind, heart and soul.  I salute her for devoting her time in serving the Lord for the last 20 years of her life for her eternal salvation.  It's true that from ash we came and to ash we return.  I realized that our earthly life could end in a flash if God wills it or if your mission here is done.  My mom's mission was accomplished and as she accepted her fate, so should we and with an open heart.

I welcome a new chapter in my life, a new life.  A life to be lived without my mom with us.  It will take time to get used to it because I've been with her since birth.  We never parted, until recently.  I love her very much and I know she knows that.  But I have to let go and move on with my life.  I don't have a heavy heart, in fact I could feel that she's happy right now.  I could feel that she's smiling at us up there in heaven.  I know she's at peace.

Amazing, that even in her passing, she's still imparting valuable life lessons to me.  Now I know better what living life with a purpose meant.  Now I know that our life on earth is temporary, we should all rather prepare for eternal salvation.  In knowing, I decided to take the path I am now taking, no drastic changes, but this time making sure I stop once in a while to smell the flowers, appreciate the blessings I have and share them too.  Take the same route but this time making sure I make a difference, even little, to the people I get to know along the way.  Most importantly, to not be afraid to say SORRY, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU to people who deserve to hear and feel these words from me.

I also encourage you to spend time with your loved ones and show them how much you love them.  Touch someone's life.  Start by simply smiling or offering help.  Lastly, devote time in serving God by also serving your family and others too.

As for me, I am blessed to have started blogging, (which I found out from mom's friends in our Church and her aerobics class - is one of mom's sources of pride and joy) because with this tool, I could help others, could have an impact on someone's life and definitely a reason for me to better myself and lead me to complete healing.

Find your reason for wanting a NEW LIFE so you may have a NEW and BETTER BEGINNING. When you find it, commit to start and move forward to a NEW YOU.

To signify my new beginning, I decided to cut my hair shorter.  It is definitely one brave and bold move which I have not done in eleven years.  I'm glad I did.  Oh well, tomorrow is a NEW DAY, actually everyday is.  I am embracing my New Life, my New Beginning.

To everyone who prayed for my mom and our family, THANK YOU!  

Have a great week ahead loves!  I missed all of you, hope you did miss me too!  

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  1. Love the new look, Louise. It is good to know that you are starting to move one. Take care and blessings to you and your family .

  2. I know how it feels muther, but we all have to move on, accept everything and just leave everything to God. Goodluck muther! and by the way, nice haircut! :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. Writing is one way of bring you comfort. Looking forward for more posts.

  4. My sympathies and prayers, Louise. Yes, I encourage you to move on with only the happy memories we now keep in our hearts. We were able to cope that way and I taught our girls to do the same when we lost my mother-in-law, their Lola.

  5. Louise, my heart goes out to you. Big hugs to you and your family. Thank you for sharing these lessons, all wise words and we definitely should heed them. By the way, love your new headshot. Cheers to new beginnings!

  6. My prayers go out to you and your family. I can see your strength in handling all the trial. Looking forward to your new beginnings.


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