Practical Back-To-School Shopping Plus Tips!

Hello Loves!   No matter how life is throwing me a lot right now, of course life should go on.  There are a lot other aspects in our lives t...

Hello Loves!   No matter how life is throwing me a lot right now, of course life should go on.  There are a lot other aspects in our lives that we should not give attention to.  One of which is our back-to-school shopping.  While most of the students had started classes last Monday, my elder son will start his next week.

But before anything else, let me just say this ha: WAAAH, ang LAKI ng TAAS ng tuition fee this year!!!  Okay na.  But seriously, 10% increase is a BIG increase.  That's why I kind of enrolled him a little late because I had to pull more powers (Spell M-O-N-E-Y), not to mention the cost of books and other school supplies.

To prepare him for school, we had a back-to-school shopping last week.  But unlike our shopping last year, we bought lesser NEW stuff for him.  This is good news to me as a budget-conscious and practical momma.  Don't get me wrong loves, it's not that I'm being too frugal about my children's expenses to the point of having incomplete materials for school, but it's just that we bought quality materials for him last year that he still can use them this year.  For me, that is the real sense of practicality.

Just look at this bag:

Back-To-School Tip: Buy a brand of school bag that is made of quality materials
and one that's durable.  This bag may be a little expensive to some,
but you're assured of its quality.  Heavy books/notebooks?  No problem.
You may think, that's an expensive bag.  But loves, I divided the cost of the bag by two years (because he is using it again this year).  That's the thing about quality materials, it's really durable.

Next, I swear by this brand of shoes for kids: HARDY TOGS (available at any SM Department Store).  My son has been using the same brand and even the same shoe style since he was in Grade One (1).  Unfortunately, the style that he wanted is no longer available to bigger sizes, which made him chose a different style, but the same brand.  All his Hardy Togs shoes lasted the whole year and mind you, he ran the school field with it, he kicked ball with it, he sometimes folded the back part to make it like slippers (I know, I know it's not good, but boys will be boys) and he sometimes played basketball with it!  Still his school shoes last year is still intact!  He has developed brand loyalty since he was six years old.  We love Hardy Togs!
Back-To-School Tip:  Choose a brand of leather shoes that has double sole stitch to last it the whole year!  Perfect for very active boys such as mine!
The other back-to-school essentials we bought were his undies, micro-fiber towel (because he sweats a lot!) and his socks.
Back-To-School Shopping Tip: Microfiber towels are good for absorbing sweat!
For socks, you could buy 3-in-1 socks, they are more practical than buying solo socks.
Last year, we bought the brand Nelson for his school uniform both polo shirt and long pants.  It's more expensive than other school uniforms, but then again, we swear by it.  He could still use all of them this year.  No loose stitches, no missing buttons and no tears in his pants.
Back-To-School Shopping Tip:  Buy a quality-made uniform like Nelson!  It's value for money!
Back-To-School shopping is always a therapeutic activity for me and a great bonding time too with the kids.  As always, to make shopping a practical and pleasurable one here are some quick tips.

1.  It's always best to come prepared with your shopping list and a pen to tick off those already in your basket.
2.  Set your budget and stay within it.
3.  Shop during the morning to avoid large crowds or few hours before closing.
4.  Don't bring big and heavy bags.
5.  Enjoy.
Happy Back-To-School Mommies!  :)

~ Do you have other back-to-school tips and advice?  Share them in the comments below loves!~ 

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  1. Okay, Hardy Toggs.. I'll make a repeat of that in my mind until I buy a pair for my girl for next year's school.. By the way is there any available shoes for girls in this brand mommy Louise?

  2. Hello @cheekeegirl!! Were you able to buy Hardy Toggs for oyur child? :)


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