It Still Hurts At Three, A Poem for my Mom

I never understood how painful it was for a bereaved son or daughter until I became one with the sudden passing of my mother.  It's bee...

I never understood how painful it was for a bereaved son or daughter until I became one with the sudden passing of my mother.  It's been three months already and I still find myself crying in one corner of the house when I think of her and wish she's still here to celebrate life with us all.  I cannot express well my emptiness and sadness through a status or a blog post, so I just wrote a lovely poem for her.

I know I'm not the only daughter in the world that lost a mom because of cancer.  I know too if you're like me, you could somehow relate to how I am feeling.  Let me share with you a simple poem I made for her.  I just wish I could still hug her, take care of her and tell her how much I love her.

by Louise Antonette D. Fandiño

I know you're now happy
Because you're now free
From earthly pain, sadness, hardships and suffering
But it still hurts at three

It's been months that had passed
Time flew by that fast
But until when will this last, I ask
The emptiness is just to vast

I've accepted and let go right after
But when I think of you I shatter
Loving memories of you will always linger
Your presence we all still long for

When you left, I promised I'll be fine
I'll take care of everything you left behind
Though it's hard to do it, I know in time
Close to your perfection, in what I do, I shall find

At times I sit crying remembering you
Your voice, your laughter and everything you do
I miss the morning chats and even the little arguments we get into
Losing all that now is something I should get used to

I pray hard to God everyday
That by His side and grace you now stay
The sadness in our hearts hopefully fades away
"I love you Mommy" I wish I could still personally say to you all day

It's been a while but it still hurts at three
I know I should move on and set this pain free
From heaven I hope you could see
How we all miss you and wish you were still here.

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