Practicing Practicality At Work

How many of you are working, and wish you could be your own boss someday?  Or daydream to be the CEO of the current company you're worki...

How many of you are working, and wish you could be your own boss someday?  Or daydream to be the CEO of the current company you're working for?  Honestly I do.  And I also wish, if I were the owner of a company, my employees will share the same care and passion for the company and rejoice in the success and efficiency of the company, like I do.  If that happens, then we'll have a healthy eco-system at work, I'll be able to make my employees happy and stay with my company for many years.

But because that's just STILL a big dream (it will happen in the future hopefully!), I am currently playing the role of that efficient, caring and practical employee (Insert photo: Boss handing a plaque of Employee Of The Year to Me HERE!  hahaha!).  I am fortunate to be working in a generous and healthily competitive company, doing what I love (and what I think I do best.)  So this means, project budgets, as long as it's cost efficient and will bring better returns, are given to project proponents to be implemented at my proposed timelines.  If you're also this fortunate, you'd want to maximize the budget allowed for your project right?  In my earlier career life, I used to maximize the budget and even justify the need for more budget.  But now that I've matured and have a different perspective, I've learned to practice practicality, even at the work place.

I am not a model employee (I'm too far from being that), but I care enough to save the company's resources.  After all, whatever budget's saved will go back to the employees as bonuses or allowances right.  Here some tips for you:

Simple Ways to Practice Practicality At Work:
  1. Like managing a family's budget, spend on a minimum but ensure maximum results or returns for your projects or programs.
  2. Maximize the use of all your office supplies.
  3. Think before you print (via printer or photocopier).  If it could be sent via email, do that instead.
  4. If you are to print not-so-important-documents, print on scratch papers.
  5. Use only colored printer inks whenever necessary.
  6. Unplug the laptop charger when battery's full.
  7. Turn off the conference room lights (and aircon) when not in use.
  8. Take the stairs when going one to two (or more if you can) floors up or down instead of the elevator.
I just realized, that these practical tips are what I would also give if I were asked to share some eco-friendly practices at work.  Practicing practicality at work is not only good for the company, but also for you.  The resources saved could come back as a Christmas bonus or extra performance bonus plus, overall it's good for the environment!

~To my fellow working women, moms or not, would you like to add anything to my list?~

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