Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads or Husbands

As promised in my previous post about Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms , I will be doing this as series.  Next up, Christmas Gift Ide...

As promised in my previous post about Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms, I will be doing this as series.  Next up, Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads or Husbands.  Did you notice that I didn't include practical there?  Hahaha!  I have a back story for this.  I made a quick survey on my personal Facebook Page among my daddy/guy friends asking them their Christmas wishlist.  I even included this phrase: "Think #Practicality please?"  

Guess what the results were?  These are functional, big and important (at least for them) things which they went on justifying why they are practical.  The thread was long and some even posted photos of what they want.  Let me share with you a few:

Okay, so I really don't know if I would qualify all these as practical, but maybe they are especially those that could be used nga naman by the whole family like an LED TV, Home Theater Speakers, and a Camera.  

So here are some more practical gift ideas for Daddies and/or Husbands:
  1. Power Bank - You know how sometimes, if not most of the time, our husbands could be glued to his gadgets because of work or games (spell Clash of Clans).  These activities eat their gadgets' battery life making it go on low battery.  We want their gadgets, like their mobile phones, on all the time for continuous communication right?  This gift is practical and very useful!
  2. External Hard Disk - The special man of our lives do have a lot of saving to do - like family photo albums, work stuff, music and movies too!  He would need a large storage space for this!  Give him 1TB external hard disk and he'll be super thankful for it!
  3. USB Flash Drive - If the 1TB external hard disk is too big or expensive for you, you could also opt for a mini storage for his files at work or at home.  Just make sure you include a lace where he could hang the flash drive so it won't get lost easily.
  4. Cologne - As their wives or as daughters, we want the man of our lives to smell good all the time right?  Not only to create a good impression to other people, but also so he'd feel good about himself!  Give him his favorite scent.  It doesn't have to be the expensive bottles if budget doesn't permit.  There are many direct selling companies offering quality colognes for men such as AVON, Tupperware or Human Nature.  But if you could afford a little more, you may find these nice bottles in the mall!
  5. Men's Shirt - Looking for a really practical gift?  One which is also very useful?  Why not give him a shirt?  Just make sure you know his size and his favorite color and you'll do fine!  There are a lot of quality shirts in department stores or bazaars.
  6. Blood Pressure and Heart Beat Monitor - Last year, my brother gave my dad this gift and it's been very useful.  I'm sure it will be too for your husband or dad!  Anything health-related is very practical!
  7. Tool Box - Hubby told me his childhood dream to be a carpenter, I'm sure he's not alone.  Give hubby a complete set of tools and a sturdy box to go with it and he'll be living a dream!  It's also useful in the household for a DIY projects or fixing the kitchen cabinets or broken table leg.
  8. Coffee Mug/Tumbler - There are a lot of coffee mugs and tumblers available in department stores or coffee shops.  For that coffee lover hubby or daddy, he'd sure appreciate this from you.  Did you know that other shops could personalize the tumbler for you as well?
  9. Hair Clipper - Some bearded or mustached men like shaving and trimming these pa-macho and pa-pogi facial feature themselves.  If rocker hubby or macho daddy falls in this category, he'd be glad you gave him his own clipper!  That will save him pesos of going to the barber shop just to have the mustache or beard trimmed.
  10. Sports Item - For the sporty one and gym addict, he'd appreciate an arm band, a knee supporter, some weights, a sports bottle, a gym bag or shoe keeper.  This way, he'd remember you always when he uses your gift during his training or competition.
  11. Watch - If you've a little extra money, a watch is certainly something functional and one that will last for  a long time.
  12. Shoes - Last but not the least, is this item which was the most requested when I had my quick survey.  I don't know what is it with men and their shoes that our men are just totally in love with it, like a child given a shiny red lollipop kind of moment.  So if you've saved enough for his gift, you better give him the shoes he fantasizes over and over! :)
Well there you have it loves!  Stay tuned for the other Practical Christmas Gift Ideas: for Boys, Girls, Friends and Colleagues.  Enjoy shopping! :)

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