Practical Christmas Gift Ideas For Moms

Few more days and it's Christmas loves!  Time to also put up your Christmas decorations at home if you still haven't.  What a perfec...

Few more days and it's Christmas loves!  Time to also put up your Christmas decorations at home if you still haven't.  What a perfect timing it is as well to prepare your Christmas Gifts lists and do your shopping.  I admire others who started shopping for their Christmas gifts as early as the first quarter and who also take advantage of the sale season at malls to buy their early Christmas or Birthday gifts. It isn't only practical, it also saves you from the shopping rush.

I'll be doing a series of Practical Christmas Gift Ideas from this day onward.  To be featured are lists of Christmas gift ideas for Moms, Dads, Husbands, Children, Friends and Colleagues.  Don't forget to come back to my lists because I'll keep on updating them.

Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

  1. Scarves or Shawls- Give Mom a scarf or shawl and watch her turn an ordinary outfit to something sophisticated!  Plus it will also give her the warmth she needs on cold days. Make sure you choose her favorite color or print!  Price range: Php 150 to Php 1,000
  2. Health and Beauty Items or GCs- For all of mom's hard work at home or in the office, she needs a well-deserved break!   This season is the best time to show her your appreciation and love by giving her health &  beauty items or service GCs such as massage, hand &  feet pampering or facial treatments.   For items, this could be anything from cologne, three-step-facial-care, lotions, hair products, vitamins or supplements too! :)  Moms need to feel beautiful and rejuvenated so she'll come out fresh and ready to take on any work load with a beautiful smile! Price range: Php 50 to Php 1,000
  3. A New Mobile Phone with SUN Postpaid Plan - Give mom a new phone bundled with a SUN Postpaid Plan!  Choose from Regular Postpaid Plans (as low as Plan 350 to Plan 600), Fixed Load Plans, Unli-data and SUN Elite Plans (choose from Plans 999/1399 a month to Elite Plan 1500) or Tri-Net or Group Plans!  To add to the experience, register her new SUN Postpaid to FREE Internet for unlimited Facebook, unlimited surfing, likes and sharing! Price Range: Php350 to Php 1,500 a monthPractical Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms
  4. A Chic and Multi-functional Sac Manille Bag - When moms are out with kids, we want to bring the whole house in our bags just be sure, we don't forget anything.  But at the same time, we want to still look chic and fashionable.  Give her a bag that does that both!  I have been using David Jones (Paris) bag for years and not only it looks pop, but it's durable because it's made of quality materials!  Available at Sac Manille.  Price Range: Php 1,500 to Php 2500
    Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms
  5. AVON Home Plate Set (add Placemat and Coaster Set, and Flatware Set) - Mom would always find happiness in new dinnerware or kitchenware!   She will be more excited to whip up delish meals for the family!  Price Range: Php 550 to Php 1500.
    Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms
  6. Planner or Notebooks- Almost all moms, including me, love making lists (spell things to do, grocery list, gift list, school needs, etc.) plotting schedules (like birthdays and children's school activities.)  A really nice mommy planner would be a perfect gift for any moms!  I assure you, this gift will be most used the whole year!  This Mom 24/7 2015 Planner is a great buy with many discount coupons carefully selected for mom!  Available at Mommy Mundo Shop for Php 395.  There are other beautiful planners or notebooks available at leading book stores nationwide from Php 100 to Php 500 each :)
    Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms
  7. Heart-felt Christmas Card or Letter- Last but not the least, the most inexpensive (almost free) and most heartfelt gift is a Christmas love letter for the most beautiful and loving woman in any person's life.  You could never ever go wrong with a personalized message of appreciation and holiday greetings with this.  Moms will not only read the content but they could read through all the effort you put into creating this wonderful gift.  Tell her everything you can't say in person in your letter and watch her cry buckets of tears.  Price Range: FREE but one that will last a lifetime!
There you have it!  The key to giving a really special gift to your mom is to know what she really likes, her hobbies, what she really fancies or what she needs.  Some moms, like my mom, prefer to receive cash!  Hahaha!  Now that's practical!  But whatever you give your mom this Christmas, make sure you write her a message of appreciation and express how much you love her!  Make it a habit to tell and show your moms your love, not only on special occasions, but everyday the whole year!
Happy Christmas Shopping! :)

~Do you have any more suggestions?  Do write it on the comment form below loves! ~

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