We Got Slammed at Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips

I remember when I was a younger and our family would dine out, I would always ask my mom or dad to share with me whatever they ordered then....

I remember when I was a younger and our family would dine out, I would always ask my mom or dad to share with me whatever they ordered then.  And they would give me a bite or two no matter how it sometimes got messy.  The important thing is I was taught about the value of sharing.  Now that I'm a parent myself, I could tell that the most important life values and lessons are learned during eating time with the family.

I was reminded by this when our family had a chance to try eating and of course sharing meals with each other at Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips one Sunday afternoon.

The first time I heard about mini-burgers was in some Hollywood movies where White Castle mini burgers were featured.  It's the same concept which Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips President Mr. Pat Dy and partners, adopted and revamped their existing Slammer Burgers brand into starting last year.

One big burger when shared (like how I do with my boys, all three!) could get really messy.  But with mini-burgers concept, a double or triple order could be shared with the family and a group of friends or colleagues who want to get a healthy mix and portion of each burger kind.  So glad we got slammed that Sunday afternoon!  Here are what slammed our tummies that afternoon:

The All American Slider (P145, double/P215, triple) is the hands-down best-selling dish!
Its juicy beef patties are “onions steam grilled” to perfection then topped with melted cheese and placed on pillowy soft steamed buns.  Just look at this layered yummy-ness of onion, beef and cheese!
The ever-popular Bacon Mushroom Melt (P175, double/P255, triple) and their Slammin’ Wings (P175) tossed in either the mildly hot and tangy Buffalo-style sauce or the sweeter Honey Glazed sauce and served with a dip of your choice. 
You can also keep things simple with the Slammin’ Cheese (P125, double/P185, triple), a delicious mini cheeseburger.  All three burgers contain patties made with 100% all beef chuck. Get all three on one plate with the Slammin’ Trio (P225), or try The Farm (P215), which gives you a Slammin’ Cheese beef miniburger, Beer-Battered Go Fish! with Sour Cream, and Crispy Chicks with Barbecue Sauce.

Other adventurous burgers (limited edition) you could choose from are:
  • The Black Box Creations (limited-edition mini burgers made with extraordinary ingredients)
  • The John Candy (topped with salted caramel, sautéed onions, melted cheddar, and bacon)
  • The Romeo and Juliet (bacon, melted cheese, strawberry jam, and salted butter)
  • The Big Kahuna (with pineapple chunks, sriracha mayo, teriyaki glaze, melted cheddar, and bacon. And once you’ve eaten your fill of these, come back in a few months to try the new offerings! 
If you're looking for a healthy option, you would like their Beer-Battered Fish and Chips (P185).  This meal is best paired with thick-cut and crispy fries and a large-sized dip of your choice.
If you're also fries lover like us, you could order their most popular Slammin’s Loaded Fries (P125), which is a large serving of thick-cut fries covered with toppings. 1) Mighty Mushroom Bacon, topped with sour cream and cheese sauce, crispy bacon, button mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and sautéed onions; or 2) Beefy Supreme with ground chuck, roasted garlic and cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes, and sautéed onion strings for a meat lover’s overload.  

Look at this OVERLOAD of Beefy, Cheesy Goodness! :)
I particularly loved their All American Slider because I'm such an onion fan!  The beef patty was juicy and you'd know in one bite, that it's made of 100% beef!  My dear Dandre particularly loved the Bacon Mushroom Melt.  I was curious how it tasted, so with the size the burgers came, sharing without being messy was no problem at all!

The Loaded Fries were also to die for!  If you love nachos or tacos, this is their take on it using thick-cut fries with generous, generous, generous (super generous I had to type it more than once!) toppings!

Serving time was not too long considering they cooked it as you order it.  Clean restaurant plus courteous and efficient staff make Slammin' Mini-Burger + Fries + Drip a good place for family bonding and teaching good values to the kids such as sharing!  I'm glad #IGotSlammed (we all did!)
The restaurant may have a simple menu, but it's filled with sure winners which guarantee leaving their guests an enjoyable and satisfying casual dining experience!

Other branches are:
GF Promenade Mall in Greenhills.
Food Choices, Level 2, Trinoma
5/F Market! Market!

For more info on Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips, like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.

Disclaimer: We were invided by the w-

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