Finding My Bliss This Year and the Successful #BlissMakerie Event

Earlier this year, I decided for my blog to be aligned to only what would inspire others to live a practical life, but one that would not sa...

Earlier this year, I decided for my blog to be aligned to only what would inspire others to live a practical life, but one that would not sacrifice comfort and style, and one that is aptly called a blissful living.  My mentor-friend Martine De Luna of Make It Blissful helped me achieve this for my blog as early as January through a one-on-one blog coaching. Since then, I've practiced slow and meaningful blogging.  I've also been blessed to be invited to become a part of her team of #Blissmakers, whom I share the same passion with, are very like-minded and talented women who rock the blogging world!  This 2014, my blog engagements had been focused on achieving my purposes of blogging and I am thankful Martine's influence affected me and many other women, some whom I first met in a gathering she organized together with her roster of blissful sponsors, earlier this December called The Blissmakerie 2014.

The event was Martine's way of thanking each and everyone of us in attendance, the #Blissmakers, her blog coaching clients, her collaborators and her wonderful sponsors, in a special, strikingly pretty and very daintily feminine mealtime, styled by Constance Styling, held at Scarsdale PH in Shaw Boulevard.

I feel blessed to be part of The Blissmakerie 2014.  It was a gathering of meaningful and inspirational conversations with women who share the same vision with each other.  We were all in awe at how the place looked beautifully, reminiscent of Martine's blog and her dreamy vision of prettiness!  
Martine and her sponsors raffled off prizes and I got a chic magnetic board from Sitting Pretty.  
We also had a Make Your Own Croughnut contest, which I honestly was hoping to win, but totally forgot to post the photos on time!
Even the buffet table was too pretty to eat, that we all had to wait until Martine said we can start getting.
Here are more photos of the event taken by Shutterpanda:
Finding My Bliss and Being Thankful
Being that Martine is the blissful guru I look up to, the number one lesson I learned from her this year, not only for blogging but for every opportunity I get to do it, is COLLABORATION.  I am glad that Martine's passion for pursuing a life that is meaningful, purposeful and of course blissful, is driven through collaboration with her friends, partners, and even sponsors, who share the same belief as her.  As a Blissmaker myself, I am happy to witness this, learn from this and apply it in my personal endeavors.  How?  I started with our first phase of collaboration with one of my fellow Blissmakers, Ginger Palma-Arboleda, for a community of working women I established called the Manila Working Women.  I am excited for what we are brewing for 2015 for this particular group of women, I also belong to.  Martine's influence on me is the one to be blamed for this!  I hope she's glad I'm blaming her. :)
I could never thank Martine enough for being my source of inspiration, from the moment I started blogging in 2012, until today.  She may not know how she has greatly influenced my blogging style and even how I cultivate the blissful way of living both at work and at home.  What truly brings peace and contentment to me, of course aside from my family, is living a soulful and courageous life which is focused on my priorities and making effort in making things happen, to achieve a blissful ending.  A blissful ending for me is being able to reach out and help other people achieve their own dreams.  Again, I blame Martine for igniting this passion in me!

The First Blissful Box
The Blissmakerie 2014 ended with a bang when Martine surprised us all with her well-curated Blissful Box.  A box filled with all her favorite things!  She's so generous to share with us the brands she actually use and love and we're all thankful to be recipients of this wonderful gift from her and her sponsors.  Thank you Martine for extending your blessings to us!  This is the FIRST of the Blissful Boxes she will be creating and making available to the public in 2015!  So much to be excited about!  Anyway, here's what's inside the Blissful Box:
Thank you so much to the sponsors for putting this all these wonderful gifts together: Zoya Nail Polish, Philosophy PH for the Hope in a Jar, Microdelivery Wash & Facial GC, Craftsmith Living for the Parcel tags & BW postcards, The Vanilla Co. for the Vanilla Bean, A Vanilla Story for the Vanilla Bear and Body Care, Cutieverse for the Hurraw lip balm, Fat Fingers for the Macarons, Yosi Samra Philippines for the flats, CasaLaarmonia for the towel, Carlos and Veronica for the Bloom watercolor postcards, Heima Store for the room spray and Print Cafe for the cutie Blissful Box itself!

I am honored to be a part of the Blissmakers Team and of the first Blissmakerie event!  Thanks again Martine and I want you to know that I am so proud of you and happy for what you've been achieving.  This is definitely your bliss and I am privileged to witness your transition from Dainty Mom, to your successful Make It Blissful website.  But more than that, I am thankful for not only having you as my blog coach, but as my friend.  Cheers to 2015!

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