Thank You 2014, Hello 2015!

The year that is about to end. 2014 had been a remarkable year for me both personally and for my blog.  So before it ends this 12:00 am, I...

The year that is about to end.

2014 had been a remarkable year for me both personally and for my blog.  So before it ends this 12:00 am, I would like to thank the people and brands, who contributed to make it a memorable one.

My blog had its surprise milestone when in February I was asked by Nuffnang Philippines to be their featured blogger for March.   It was such an honor for me to featured alongside other popular bloggers I look up to.

In April, my humble blog had a makeover through the help of my dear friend-mentor Martine De Luna of Make It Blissful.  My friends and I call it Mommy Practicality Version 2.0.
Since then, I got invited for radio guesting engagements.  One in DWDD Bloggers' Hour, which is housed in AFP compound.
Then a few weeks after, I got a call from GMA7's DZBB for an interview with Ms. Lala Roque.  
Shortly after, I was invited by Martine to be one of her #BlissMakers of her beautiful website  It was an honor to be part of this group of talented, inspiring and like-minded women whose purpose is aligned to what #makeitblissful is all about: Finding Bliss in every moment of your life and sharing it to others through the articles we contribute to Martine's website. 
Then the most tragic moment happened to me and my family when my mom passed away in June due to cancer.  It was my most feared life event which unfolded right before me.  I was devastated for I thought, even if she was 70, it was still too early for her to go.  But her passing away opened me to so many life realizations and lessons, which had big impact on how I am living my life now and treating every circumstance and people in my life.  
This life event led me to two physical milestones I should say: 1) Is to cut my hair short after having my locks always long for the last 10 years, and 2) To have my first tattoo.  I had mom's name inked on my right wrist and since I was there already, I had my kids' names done on the left. 
After the lowest point of my life happened and while I was still recovering (and I still am up to this day,) new and exciting opportunities came my blogging way!  I became a digital brand ambassador for two of the more well-known brands in the telecommunications/mobile app industries.  First is SUN Cellular and second is Samsung KidsTime mobile application. 
I am very thankful to these brands for their trust in me and my blog as an influencer.  If mom was still here, I thought she would be proud of and happy for me, and would be celebrating with me too!  But I know I still make her proud up there in heaven! 

When the BER months kicked in, life slowed down a bit as I focused on my relationship with Mac, my kids, my self - improvement, my job, and on personal projects to honor mom and to reach out to other women.  Such as when my kids celebrated their 11th and 4th birthdays, 
And when I celebrated my 36th birthday in Boracay with the family (where I also had my first ever buwis-buhay parasailing.)
Also on my birth month, my passion for helping, inspiring and empowering other women (Working Women in Manila to be exact), was realized by establishing an online community called the Manila Working Women (please LIKE
I'm excited to share with you that I'm collaborating with Manila Workshops for my learning and empowering projects for this promising community. 

One of my major personal projects this year was our home improvement activity.  I purposely started this project before the Christmas celebration, so our annual family celebration will have a different feel, a different and fresh look, and something that will not so much be of a reminder of mom's absence. 
After the Christmas merrying, I finally implemented the Community outreach program for the Senior Citizens Organization which my mom worked all her heart to help establish it.  In honor of her, I initiated this project to give back for everything I've been blessed with.   I couldn't have done it without the help of my family and friends.   I'm thankful to SMART and UNILAB for providing extra give-aways and on site check-up and health lecture.  It truly gave us a fulfilling feeling that no money could ever buy.  I felt joyful for being able to continue what Mommy had started.  We made many Lolos and Lolas happy that day.  It was an indescribable feeling. 
That pretty sums up my 2014.  What hit me most was losing my mom, but I know she had done her mission already and God wanted to give her her reward for all the goodness she had done and for her years of service in our church. 

I've learned a lot more about the value of family, of choosing battles, of healthy living, of knowing our priorities in life, of letting go, of acceptance, of being grateful, of being kind, of giving back and of how temporary our life here on earth is.  Which made me give more importance to my personal relationship with the Lord. 

Thank you 2014 for the lessons, and the ups and downs which made me who I am at this point.  I'm ready for the grandoise of what 2015 has for me!  
Happy New Year to all of you !  May your 2015 be prosperous and healthy!  God bless everyone!!!

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  1. So happy to have connected with you this year, Louise! I'm so excited about Manila Working Women!!! Looking forward to learning more about it soon! :)

  2. Istin Dizon PaignaJanuary 1, 2015 at 12:50 AM

    Happy New Year Mommy MP/Louise :)

  3. Happy New Year too Istin! Thanks for your support as always! Take Care! :)

  4. I am so glad too Toni! :) Thanks Toni, I'm hella excited about it too! :) Do pray for me! :) Happy New Year!

  5. Happy new year po!

  6. What a fruitful year that was. Sorry about losing your mom, though. :-( Hope you have a more promising new year ahead!


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