20 Ways To Fulfill Your Mommy Role When You Go To Work Everyday

More often than not, working-out-of-home moms feel guilty about leaving their children at home (aaww, talk about ages zero to pre-school) to...

More often than not, working-out-of-home moms feel guilty about leaving their children at home (aaww, talk about ages zero to pre-school) to spend eight or more hours a day or five days a week, to go to the work place and make a living.  If you're a working mom, are you one of them?

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Are you one of those who have to drag herself to work (with a heavy heart at that) every morning of the work week because she can't fathom the thought of leaving her kids?  Or maybe you go to work everyday but wish it's already 5:30 pm so you could head home?  Here's another, you're at the work place alright but your mind wanders somewhere or wish you're rich enough to leave your job and stay at home with the children?

I used to be one, I admit.  But things changed when I changed my own perspectives about family life and work.  I thought, it doesn't make me less of a mother if I go out to work everyday.  I also put in mind that I need my job to help put food on the table, pay the bills, send the kids to school, manage the household, take a short vacation, and do a seasonal shopping to buy the "wants."  Plus, I like working.  I chose this and it's what's working for the family.
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There are many ways to feel less guilty about leaving home for work.  I'm sure one on the reasons you feel like you want to bang your head on the wall (to punish yourself) for choosing to work is you feel you are not fulfilling your mom role as much as other moms do, because you're away from home.  Here are simple solutions to help you take charge of the Mommyhood /Mommy Queendom even when you're working.

  1. Wake up earlier to prepare breakfast (and yourself for work) for the family. 
  2. Have breakfast with your kids and use this time for bonding through meaningful conversations. 
  3. Be generous with hugs and kisses when you're with them at home. 
  4. At aside some playtime or reading time in the morning. 
  5. To avoid tantrums or separation anxiety, bid goodbye properly and say where you are going.  This should be a daily routine so your child will know that you're off to work and you'll be back at the end of the day. 
  6. Plan the day's schedule of activities for the kids. 
  7. Cascade the plan to the nanny or whoever you entrust your kids with, before going to work.
  8. Make art and educational materials such as crayons, coloring books, clean or scratch paper, and pencils available and reachable. 
  9. Prepare the kids daily menu including snacks. 
  10. Call home regularly to check on the little ones. 
  11. Call or text the school kids at a time their home.  Ask how their day was. 
  12. If your school child needs materials for projects or assignments not available at home, buy or prepare them during your break time.
  13. Bring home some knick knacks or "pasalubong".  It doesn't have to be toys, food is always a good idea. 
  14. Call before going home so they'll know when to expect your arrival at home. 
  15. Make stepping at the front door when home a merry one, like a grand fiesta or a surprise (imagine confetti bombs!) to your highest level of energy! Oh boy, they like that a lot! 
  16. Unplug, Unplug, Unplug!   As much as you can, break up with your gadgets when you're home with the kids.  Pay attention to them.
  17. Have dinner together and converse with the kids.  Listen to what they say.  They like acting up like their adults too.  Everything they say matters.  
  18. Play play and lots of play! 
  19. Establish a bedtime ritual.  Like reading books, singing or giving a loving massage.  My boys love a good massage before sleeping! 
  20. Pray for them, for their safety and security. 
Unless you're ready to turn your back from the corporate world, these tips would help you become more present in the lives of your children even when you're away from home everyday.  

Do you have other ideas?  How do you fulfill your role as a mom when you're at work?  I would love to know!  

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