On Teaching Girly Stuff To My Boys and Our Disney On Ice Show Experience

Before going back to work last Monday, we made sure we ended the holiday break with a grand family activity.   Nothing could be more magical...

Before going back to work last Monday, we made sure we ended the holiday break with a grand family activity.   Nothing could be more magical than watching our favorite Disney characters perform live on ice!  Daddy Macky treated us Regular Box tickets to watch "Dare To Dream" Disney on Ice show last January 3 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

The show got me at Disney Princesses, Wes at Mickey Mouse's appearance, while both Dandré and Daddy Macky at just the thought of making both me and the little one happy!

Who would think a pack of three boys and a girl in her mid 30s would enjoy the show? Most of the families who were there had daughters in Disney Princess costumes, tiaras, and magic wands, in tow.  Well, we actually did and couldn't be any happier elsewhere at that time!
We saw Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy at the beginning of the show and during every introduction to the well-loved fairy tales we know.
Unfortunately, the two-hour show could only showcase a few Disney Princesses and their stories on ice!  There were Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs:
And my favorite segment of the Disney on Ice show was Rapunzel's (because of their aerial stunts!).
Then all the other Disney Princesses came out during its finale number.  Hers a short video I posted on IG.

Overall, it was an entertaining show which is one for the books (at least in my kids' books).  Late this year, they are coming back with the FROZEN cast!  We're excited about it!  I better save up for it as early as now!

Teaching my boys GIRLY stuff.  Wait, What? Why?
Are you a mom who like me, isn't blessed (yet) with a daughter?  If so, do you also have an opportunity to enjoy GIRLY stuff with your sons (such as my experience watching Disney Princesses shows on TV and Live)?  In our family, I'm fortunate I get to do that, not because it's their preference nor mine, but when it's there (toys lying around or show currently on TV), I let them.   I tell my sons that there's nothing wrong with playing, watching or appreciating girly stuff.

One time, Frozen and Barbie toys were flashing during a commercial on TV.  My little one shrieked out of excitement!  I curiously asked why was he was so happy to see Elsa, Anna, and Barbie?  He said they were so beautiful and fancy and he wanted them....(wait for it,) for ME!  I was so touched and that at an early stage, he's emotionally intelligent to know what could possibly make me happy.  Instead of just wanting things only for himself, he thought about me.

I also shared on the blog before that when Rainbow Looming was trendy, my three boys (including the dad) joined the bandwagon.  I bought Kuya a full set, additional packs of colored rubbers, and even an organizer box.  All three learned how to loom and finished a number of pretty bracelets.  It taught him perseverance, patience, supported his creativity, and even motor skills!  He wore them to school, made a few pesos when he sold some pieces to my colleagues and his friends, and also gifted some friends with his created bracelets.

Oh!  I remember a toy cake was hidden on top of the double deck last year.  This was supposed to be gifted to my seven-year-old goddaughter but was never able to give it.  Wes discovered it and unbeknownst to me, he tore it open and started playing with it.  He started singing happy birthday and blowing the toy candles.  He was so delighted with it, he took a slice and put it on my little plate.  So I pretended to eat it too!  With this, I remembered his Kuya, who at seven was playing "lutu-lutuan" while I was cooking our lunch one weekend.  Someone teased him, and asked why he's playing with a girl's toys?  He dismissed the teasing by saying,

"May chef namang mga boys ha?  Don't you watch Top Chef?"  Then he went on playing, until we had our lunch.

You see, there really isn't wrong about exposing young boys to girly stuff.  I know some parents who hide these things from their sons and treat it as if they are taboos.  According to an article which consulted Ms. Deborah Best, a professor or Psychology at Wake University,
“Children naturally gravitate to gender-appropriate toys, but playing with other-gender toys may teach new skills. They need exposure to ‘girl’ toys, ‘boy’ toys and gender-neutral toys to gain experience that will encourage them to play across boundaries,” Best says.

Personally, this was evident in my boys' behaviors during play, activity, and other events using girly stuff.  When these opportunities are present, I let them explore, experience and learn from them.  I never feared they'll be more inclined to playing girl stuff nor they'll turn out unmanly in the future, like what most daddy friends told me.  I am after their enjoyment, development of creativity during play, and the learning (skills and values) they will pick up from these feminine exposures.
I teach my boys that girly stuff don't always mean unmanly.  It's alright to experience them because it teaches them some skills and values that may not always be present with boys' toys, such as being nurturing, caretaking, sharing, aesthetic appreciation, and so much more.

Besides that, when they grow up, they are assured that whatever preferences they may have, I will forever love them to death.  AND that they have my support in whatever field they wish to pursue and excel in.  For me, the most important thing is exposing my children to only what is good, what will help develop their whole-being and what will make them happy.

~ Are you a parent of boys (only) too?  What do you think of this post?  Share me your insights below, I'd love to hear them! ~

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  1. I have a son and I don't restrict him when playing with his sisters' toys. Like you, I want him to explore, to satisfy his curiosity. The more we overreact, the more they will keep things from us.

  2. Hello Cym! How are you? Yes, I agree with you on restricting them, the more they will hide things with us. The important thing is support, guidance and of course, love for our children. :) Have a great day!


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