The BELO Intensive Whitening (Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid) Skincare Line (Plus GIVEAWAY!)

UPDATE: Winners of the #BELOKOJIC Giveaway are seen below!  Congratulations!!! :) I've shared over my blog and my other social media...

Winners of the #BELOKOJIC Giveaway are seen below!  Congratulations!!! :)

I've shared over my blog and my other social media sites especially in Instagram that I love travelling!  Hence the hashtag #MPTravels to #InsertNewCityHere was born.  I'm happy that my work gives me the opportunity to travel to different places, because personally, experiencing a new culture or heritage makes me feel so alive.  And when I travel with the family, the first thing that comes to mind is - head the BEACH!  Enjoy the sand, the sea and of course the SUN!  Although I put sunblock on my face, hand and body, still, I get dark in some places and it's uneven.

I haven't really addressed this concern seriously.  I always thought, my color will be back sooner or later.  But with the kind of skin that I have, it's not as easy as others who just have their skins peeled off and after a few weeks, their colors are back.  Not for a morena me.   I just want a lighter color, actually just back to my regular color, faster that the rate it's going.  I'm happy that an innovative and advanced whitening skincare product could address this skin concern: BELO Intensive Whitening Bar (Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid).
My first encounter with BELO Intensive Whitening Bar (Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid) was trying their soap.  It was effective on me and I definitely saw positive results within two weeks of use.  

I'm surprised to know that this time, skincare line has expanded to having BELO Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream and BELO Intensive Whitening Body Cream.  It's like a power trio products working altogether to give me the desired results I want for my skin!

I tried using all three for more than a week and so far, I am liking the lightening effect they have on my skin, just how I liked the BELO Intensive Whitening Bar, when I first tried it.  I didn't use any other product while I use these power trio skincare product.  Here are the results on my arm:

Before Using
After using for almost 2 weeks.
Diba?  EFFECT kaagad!  So what are the active ingredients of this effective skincare product?  They boast of a unique combination of two most powerful whitening actives – Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid which are both responsible for a lighter appearance and tempering melanin formation.  Kojic Acid is known to be an organic compound that gives the skin a visibly lighter appearance.  While Tranexamic Acid is a peptide proven to inhibit inflammation and melanin formation. These are ideal for stubborn dark spots that do not respond to other skin lightening ingredients.  

During the first few days using the soap on my face and body, I felt a slight stingy sensation, which is normal because the active ingredients are already working in exfoliating the skin.  It will fade away through continued use.  It's recommended that the soap be used twice a day on face and body to see the results better.  Make sure you don't use any other whitening product while on the BELO Intensive Whitening care.  The soap also has Salicylic Acid which is an active ingredient in effectively drying my whiteheads and blackheads.  It made me a lot happier because of that.  
The body cream is surprisingly light on skin and doesn't leave me feeling greasy like other body creams I used.  It smells really good and even my kids like it.  It leaves a silky finish and yet it's not heavy on the skin.  And because it's SPF 30 it protects my skin for 300 minutes when I go out of the house on my way to work in the morning!  It's recommended to use it after bath and twice a day to get the best results.
I use the face and neck cream just like how I use my other face and neck moisturizers, after cleansing and toning.  Same with the body cream, it's light on the face and neck and it's not at all greasy unlike most of the moisturizers I use!  It's recommended to use this twice a day as well.  It comes with a spatula to help you scoop your desired amount.  But for me the recommended amount for the face is a medium pea-size which you may dab all around your face.  Spread it with your middle or ring finger, which they say, gives the lightest pressure on your face compared to the others.  This way you won't have to drag your facial skin downwards and you may prevent premature sagging of the skin.  Another good thing about this is that it's SPF 30 which protects our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.  It's expertly formulated, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.
I'm satisfied with the results I see after using BELO Intensive Whitening Skincare products for the face, the neck and the whole body.  What's more, these are seen over the counter and also available online, and believe me, are not expensive at all.  They are sold at very affordable and reasonable prices and hence I believe should be the choice of whitening products of every Filipina, who like me, are looking for quality and effective products which do not come with a shocking price tag.  BELO Intensive Whitening Bar only costs Php 60.00 each, BELO Intensive Whitening Body Cream with SPF30 150ml is only Php 199.75, and BELO Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream is only Php 249.75.  Try these practical and effective BELO Intensive Whitening Skincare products to see the results yourselves!

Para you can also say together with Sarah Geronimo "Only BELO touches my skin!"


Because our dear friends from BELO Essentials are very generous, they are giving away FIVE (5) BELO Intensive Whitening Skincare Sets!

Giveaway Mechanics:

1. Open to all readers residing in Metro Manila and willing to claim their prize in BGC, Taguig City.

2. LIKE Mommy Practicality and BELO Essentials on Facebook or follow all tasks in the Rafflecopter.

3. Create an entry by answering this question on the comments form below this post: "Why do you want to have a lighter skin?" 

4. Five winners will be chosen based on how unique and creative the message is.

5. Giveaway ends on April 10, 2015.

6. Winners will be announced on April 15, 2015.

Good luck to all! 
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  1. I wanna have a lighter skin for me to have confidence in showing off my skin, and wear anything like shorts and sleeveless shirts! One more thing that i like in Belo skincare it has an spf, so my skin is protected even out in the sun. :)

    NAME: Mara Jerimee Galang

  2. Julie Ann TaguibaoMarch 27, 2015 at 9:09 PM

    I want to have a lighter skin to gain more confidence and to feel better about myself! Thanks for this faBELOus giveaway!

  3. I want to have lighter skin to boost my confidence and easy to find color clothes.If i have lighter skin no more filter to my selfie =) thanks for the chance to try the Intensive Whitening


  4. sherry ann gole cruzMarch 27, 2015 at 9:44 PM

    sherry ann gole cruz
    I want to have a lighter skin because i want to gain more confidence and make my husband fall more in love with me!

  5. Jeddahlyn Gonzales

    I want to have a whiter skin so I can wear my favorite tank top this summer.

  6. I want to have lighter skin because I want to look radiant and glowing.
    Janice Que

  7. Jennefer Purisima

    I observe my skin darkens after resigning from my office work since home-based setting requires a lot of leg work under the heat of the sun: going to the market, paying bills, drop and fetch my daughter from school and more. It's vacation time and I think it's also the right timing to have a lighter skin.

  8. Cristina Legaspi
    I already have white skin, but I want to have intense white skin just like Sarah G. <3 It's summer now and I enjoy outdoor activities. However, I have to turn down plans for day swimming and prefer night swimming instead. I usually hide under my umbrella, hat, scarf and long sleeved shirt. My white skin needs high maintenance. My skin is more prone to sun damage and darkening. It's not easy to maintain white skin. I believe only Belo products understand my skin. If I win Belo's gift pack, then I don't have to worry about my skin after extreme sun exposure and have fun with my family and friends under the sun. Have a happy summer! Thanks in advance! :)

  9. Melanie Cariaga
    I want to achieve a lighter skin as i currently 8months pregnant and on my way of giving birth to my little princess. Carrying a little life inside my womb for almost 8 mos really brought me so much physical and emotional changes. I've seen a sudden changes with my color, having dark patches in my face, neck and under arms really loosen up my confidence and promised to myself that right after I give birth I will restore the old ME, and I want Belo Intensive Whitening Skincare Line to be part of my passionate wrath and "back to yummy mummy program". :)

  10. Istin Dizon PaignaMarch 28, 2015 at 11:13 PM

    Maria Christina Gumatay

    I want to take the opportunity this summer to treat my skin some tlc by giving it a lighter skin. I have been exposed to sun throughout the school year thus it made my skin really dark. Since, I won't be going out often this vacation. I hope I can achieve getting a better skin tone. Hope the New Belo Intensive Whitening Skincare can help me with my dilemma.

  11. I want to have a fair skin, not just whiter skin. I don't want my tummy to be the only part of my body that is light n color.

    Elle San Jose

  12. Merlina Palencia

    It's not that I want to be fair-skinned but I have a lot of dark spots. I have sensitive skin and I am diabetic so any small scratch will easily darken and take longer to heal. I just want to get rid of those dark spots so I'll be confident to wear skirts and shorts again.

  13. I want to have a lighter skin for my upcoming birthday this April. I want to look my best for my planned lunch/dinner date with my hubby. I hope he will fall in love with me more because of my BELOfied skin! So excited! ^_^

    Mitchie Grace Manuel

  14. Lhyzie Bongon

    I want to have a lighter skin to feel more confidence this summer while wearing a swimsuit :)

  15. I want to have a lighter skin so I can wear clothes that is suitable with my skin complexion.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  16. This summer my skin needs that protection so I can enjoy the time with my kids. Daddy needs to be vain sometimes. hehe

    Carlos Andres

  17. Although I am a Grandma already I take care of my skin. I love taking showers and enjoy skin care that can protect my skin for more visible sign of aging. I was able to try the Kojic soap and I love the effect and the scent. I would love to try some of the products too.

    Carmen Dela Cruz

  18. I want to have lighter skin in order to improve on my self- confidence. In doing so, I can be a better version of myself and I can inspire others more on my passions.

  19. Ma. Irene BautistaMarch 31, 2015 at 1:47 PM

    Name: Irene Bautista
    email address:

    I wanna use these whitening products not because I'm not contented with my natural skin color but because I just wanna even out my tone after struggling with severe scars on face and legs.

  20. Ma. Christina NicolasMarch 31, 2015 at 9:04 PM

    Ma. Christina R. Nicolas

    i want to experience kahit mnsan lang na maging maputi coz since i was a child I have this black and full of scars skin so I am hoping to win this goodies! kahit maglighten lang mga scars ko pls thankyouu

  21. I wanna have lighter skin because it will boost my confidence by looking fresh and clean all the time.

    Ann Cagalingan

  22. gusto ko nmn maexperience ang pumuti kc nkkadagdag confident since nanay nko nlimutan kona sarili ko

  23. Gusto ko talaga na maging maputi at makinis ang balat sino ba namang babae ang ayaw pumuti yung iba nga pumupunta pa kay vicky belo para lang magpaputi pero para saken cguro kuntento na ko kung ano yung ipinagkaloob sa akin ng poong maykapal basta ang importante is yung kagandahan ng kalooban dahil pag maputi o maganda ang kalooban ng isang tao ngrereflect nayun sa panlabas na kaanyuan.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Edralyn Reyes

  24. To have a perfect skin this summer 😊

  25. The sun has been pretty harsh on me these past year as I went about performing my mommy errands. An acquaintance I haven't since for years commented that I seemed like another person with my darker complexion and even asked if I had an outdoor job nowadays. I would love to lighten my skin again and but I am at a dilemma at what product to use as I have sensitive skin so this post seems to be the answer as to what product to use. Belo is definitely a trusted name in the beauty industry!
    Carol Chan

  26. Sarah Callinan,
    I would like lighter skin to get rid of sun spots and maintain my pale complexion

  27. I would like to reduce the dark spots on my skin and have a flawless white skin like Sarah Geronimo :P
    Sena Gonzales

  28. I feel I am on my best when I feel comfortable with my skin. I want to maintain my fair skin because I felt I am always clean and it also boost my self confidence

    Lani Castillo

  29. Shierry Rose MendozaApril 5, 2015 at 8:35 PM

    I want to try Belo intensive whitening skincare because I know it will help me to remove/cover those irritating
    pimple marks in my face. I've read that it also contain tranexamic acid
    which is good in lightening dark spots and uneven skin. Thank you so much Ma'am Louise for unselfishly sharing your insights and reviews about the product.

    Shierry Rose Concepcion Mendoza

  30. Shierry Rose MendozaApril 5, 2015 at 8:45 PM

    ooppsssssss. Sorry for metro manila residents lng po pala. :(

  31. Needed to whiten my sun-exposed body parts to even out my skin color.

  32. Gusto kong manalo ng belo whitening essential dahil mula nung mag asawa ko at nagkaroon ng 4 na anak nawalan na ko ng interest na mag ayos kasi bilang isang ina ginugol ko ang lahat ng oras sa pag aalaga ng mga anak, ikaw yung magluluto, maglilinis ng bahay, maglalaba, maghuhugas ng pinggan in short nawalan na ko ng oras para mg ayos kaya ngayon natutong magloko ang asawa ko hindi na sya katulad ng dati kaya ngayon gusto ko sana na ibalik yung dating ganda ng aming pagsasamahan hindi lang yung sa pag aalaga ko sa kanya bilang asawa kundi yung oras ko para sa king sarili at sana katuwang ko ang belo whitening essential sa pagtupad nito.

  33. I wanted to have lighter skin because I am not getting any younger. Having lighter and fairer skin gives you self confident and I love to look young because I look to old while playing with my grand daughters! ^_^

    Jubilee Prades

  34. i wanted to have a lighter skin because i want to banish those impurities due to my pregnancy last year. i am conscious about it because my skin got darkened and my skin has gone dry since i was not allowed to use any chemicals before. and since i gave birth i immediately used the belo kojic + tranexamic acid soap and it works! it also works on my stretchmarks. there are still parts that need improvements and i still need to push through. glad that it has lotion and moisturizer now that i wanting to give it a try. thank you.

  35. I wanna try this Belo intensive whitening set. For years tested na kahiyang ng skin ko ang mga Belo products. I want to have a whiter skin lalo na ngayong summer para feeling fresh lagi kahit madalas sweaty.

  36. Lourdes Grace Pabillar MarinoApril 9, 2015 at 5:50 AM

    Bata pa lang ako Ive always dreamed of having lighter skin dahil nasa tabing dagat kami noon nakatira kaya kahit nasa loob ng bahay iitim talaga,now that I get older I still cant find the right product for my skin, gusto ko talagang mag light ng konti yung skin ko lalo na usong uso ang groupie pag kasama ang mga friends medyo nakakailang talaga dahil ako ang pinaka dark, hoping to win this gift pack

  37. almaira casanguanApril 9, 2015 at 1:33 PM

    I want to have lighter skin so that i can wear all clothes i want without worrying dark areas,and use so much foundation just to have fair skin.Having lighter skin i really a big thing for me.I'll be more confident facing other people,Nowadays,Having beautiful skin is a Plus,especially when having an interview,Having a good personality,Looking good Start in our Skin.Thanks for the chance trying this new products from Belo essentials =)
    Almaira Casanguan

  38. Aldrin MontierroApril 9, 2015 at 3:34 PM

    Name: Aldrin Montierro

    Even men is dreaming or looking forward to have a fair and lighter complexion and healthy skin. But due to the pollution, exposure to heat and sun, and other harmful elements - my skin had uneven skin tone and oftentimes my face got dark spots and blemishes.

  39. Franchesca YambaoApril 9, 2015 at 6:14 PM

    Name: Franchesca Yambao

    I want to have a lighter skin why? whose doesn't want to achieve a lighter complexion anyway? :) esp. here in the Philippines...

  40. I want to have a whiter skin kasi most my Mom & sister have a fair complexion. Namana ko yata kay Papa ung skin color ko. I am comfortable with it naman.. Kaya lang minsan I would like to have a whiter skin color din naman.

    Phyllis Aquino

  41. I just want my dark spots lighten so that I can have an even skin tone. Di na kahiya ang mga singgit ko. hehehe!

    Ma. Clarice Lao

  42. Wow! I am using those Belo products and I swear, they're effective. Hoping to win :)
    Maria Pascua

  43. To remove the blemishes and sun spots i have from all the out of town vacations I had this summer. So I'll be ready for another summer getaway with my officemates this May 16 :)

    Have a nice day :)

  44. almaira casanguanApril 17, 2015 at 7:55 PM

    Thank you so much po.. =)

  45. Lourdes Grace Pabillar MarinoApril 20, 2015 at 10:03 AM

    Nakasend na po na ng email sa winners?

  46. Thank you very much


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