Il Ponticello's Brunchissimo And Pizza Santino

It's usually weekdays, specifically lunch time, that my work friends and I go to Il Ponticell o.  It was only last weekend that I visi...

It's usually weekdays, specifically lunch time, that my work friends and I go to Il Ponticello.  It was only last weekend that I visited Il Ponticello with my family, for a taste of Brunchissimo and a wonderful Pizza Santino experience for my kids.

Il Ponticello looks and feels different on a weekend.  It wasn't as busy as it usually is on weekdays.  It was quiet, more laid back and family-friendly.
To give you an idea, here's the Brunchissimo (The Tuscan Brunch) Menu:
Then, my most favorite part of the meal (because it just is my all-time favorite!) is the next part - CARVERY!  Il Ponticello serves Eat-All-You-Can Pancetta Arotalata in short, Eat-All-You-Can- B-A-C-O-N!!!  It was cooked exactly the way I want it - CRISPY!
For SPECIALS, I chose Lasagna Carbonara (Il Ponticello's Best-seller), while Macky chose Porchetta Plate (another of their Best Seller.)
To cap off the sumptuous Brunchissimo, we each had three (3) servings from their dessert selection.  We chose Cheesecake Caramel Panna, Tiramisu, and Chocolate Decadent.  We also had an unlimited serving of their Gourmet Fine Iced Tea.
PIZZA SANTINO Create-Your-Own-Pizza
The kids' turn this time!  For only Php 250+ kids aged 12 and below,can Create-Your-Own-Pizza every Saturday brunch at Il Ponticello.  They can choose up to 4 toppings.  Plus, they get to wear a toque to get the feel of a legit little chef. :)
Steve, one of Il Ponticello's partners, gave Dandre a Carbonara Pizza to create.  Dandré had a one-on-one session with Steve on the Pizza making department.  My son was too curious, he wanted to know how to make a pizza dough.  Steve gladly took him through the ingredients and step by step process.  

Until Dandré asked two of the most important questions: 1) "Why do some chefs toss the pizza dough?"  Answer: To make it wider.  2) "Do they really need to do that?" Answer: Haha! Not really, it's just for show.  Sir Steve is so pogi no? 
Dandré finally started with his pizza.  He spread the sauce, followed by Mozzarella cheese, bacon strips, and fresh egg in the middle. 
The little one likes imitating his Kuya, so of course he was delighted to also be a little chef for a day.  His role play at home as Chef had come true that day.  Thanks to IL Ponticello's Pizza Santino.  Here's Wessie's Pizza creation. 
Kids-approved Pizza Santino experience at Il Ponticello!  Look at these little chefs! 
To complete the whole Create-Your-Own-Pizza experience, their pizza creations were right away put into the oven,which the kids could see through their kitchen window.  After a few minutes, VOILA!  Ready to devour!  Since I love pizzas, I had one slice of each of their creations. 

Meanwhile, we were served their Cuban style sandwich, Spicy Porchetta Ala Romana Sandwich with fried on the side.  If one can't get enough of their crispy and tasty Porchetta, then you have to try this! 
While Macky and I were delightfully finishing our meals, these boys were busy playing/watching boy stuff on a smart phone.  I wonder what they were so entertained about. Hahaha! 
While the pretty mommas and I were already on to our Chinaman about our kids, our blogs, and everything else in between... 
These dudes, were on to Il Ponticello's RYE Whiskey Tasting Flights.  Daddy Macky got to try the four shot sampler of Il Ponticello's premium spirits. 
Whiskey shots anyone?
More photos of Il Ponticello's classy interiors:
Thanks Il Ponticello for the sumptuous Brunchissimo (aargh I love the unlimited B-A-C-O-N) and the fun Pizza Santino experience for the kids!

Planning a family brunch bonding time?  Why not try Il Ponticello?  Il Ponticello is located at 2/F Antel 2000 Building, Valero St., Makati City.  For more updates on their lates promos, you may like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.  For reservations you may call (02) 553 9971 or text 0949 7608731.

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