Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water and Mom's Circle of Trust

Have you heard of the old adage "It takes a village to raise a child." ?  I believe in this 100% just as much as I believe in the...

Have you heard of the old adage "It takes a village to raise a child."?  I believe in this 100% just as much as I believe in the saying that "No man is an island."  As a mom, I definitely have a lot to share to attest to this truth because I have two kids who are seven years apart.  Their gap, would you believe is already almost a generation apart.  One is a tween and the other is a pre-schooler and I've written in the past how difficult it is sometimes to raise children belonging to different stages.  I'd be honest, it drives me crazy and makes me think twice if I am doing it right or not.

Back when I only had my first son, I rely on my most trusted support group, my Circle of Trust, like my mom, very close friends, and his pediatrician for advice and tips on motherhood.  Later on, this circle expanded to his school teacher, yaya and also some products.  But with my second child, who already grew up at the time when people are highly active in social media and always searching for websites and blogs for parenting tips and reliable products to use, the data overload has become confusing already.  With some information claiming to be the most trustworthy and readily available anytime,anywhere, sometimes, I don't know who to trust.  The landscape of motherhood navigation has definitely changed, and the "village" has rapidly evolved.
With this in mind, I wanted to make a difference by being a source of inspiration and information, hence, my blog was born.  Through well-thought, sincere and careful writing about soul, parenting, motherhood, and reliable and trusted products I use at home or for my children, I am able to reach out to other moms like me who need support or someone they could relate to when Motherhood Department is concerned.
Did you know that 55% of active social media moms said, they made parenting-related purchases because of a recommendation of a personal review blog?  Would you also believe that there are 2 million blogs written each day?  Yes, and with that statistics, it definitely becomes difficult for moms to know who to trust.

Recognizing this fact, Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water, Mom's most trusted water brand, recently launched a campaign to solidify its role as a trusted ally and therefore an integral part of Mom's Circle of Trust.
I am proud to be part of this campaign, together with Jackie and Ginger, and safe-parenting experts representing Wilkins in various activities, which aim to empower moms.
Wilkins Circle Of Trust: Mommy Ginger, Mommy Grace, Mommy Jackie and myself. :)
Watch the Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water Circle Of Trust Campaign TVC here:

Wilkins has always made children's health and safety a top priority.  That's why is the water brand most trusted by moms and prescribed by pediatricians.  Because it's owned by The Coca-Cola Company, you are assured of a quality product which follows international standards, and state-of-the-art packaging and sealing equipment to ensure that every Wilkins consumed in every home and by our children, is clean and quality safe water.
Now, it's time to gain a trusted ally to guide you during moments of doubt regarding your child's safety, like the Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water Facebook today.

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