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100% Whole Mom (#WholeMomPh)  is a passion project of three beautiful ( inside and out! ) celebrity moms, Chesca Kramer, Rica Peralejo-Bonif...

100% Whole Mom (#WholeMomPh) is a passion project of three beautiful (inside and out!) celebrity moms, Chesca Kramer, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and my co-blissmaker, Marilen Montenegro, focusing on "The Home, The Beauty, and The Heart" of a mother through series of workshops.

The series of workshops aim to inspire moms in making a happy home, remind her to embrace her own beauty, and not to forget to nurture the heart.  I agree with what Rica wrote that "we can't give what we don't have and we can't love if we're not loved."

A few weeks before the launch, Marilen messaged me about their invitation.  At that instant, I already felt blessed to be part of a very noble and purposely driven project.  A project By Moms, For Moms.  It clearly resonates my blog objectives which are to Inspire and Inform moms and women.  When I got the invitation, I knew the event was going to be a light and beautiful one, just like the invitation I got.

The launch took place last June 11 at Earth Kitchen Restaurant in Quezon City, attended by friends, mom bloggers, mom influencers, and media partners of 100% Whole Mom or #WholeMomPh.  It was a small gathering of people who fully support the project and who could help spread the good word about this. 

Most of the guests, if not all, were in awe with the Farmer's Market theme styling of the event.  Every corner of the place was carefully styled and curated.  
The program was opened by the three ladies talking about the story behind the 100% Whole Mom passion project.:
"It was during a photo shoot when Chesca told me that she has a desire tosee more moms paying attention to their own style and beauty.  On another occasion, Marilen told me she wanted to encourage moms to think about how home organization affects family dynamics.  So one afternoon while I was nursing my child to nap, I realized why not have the three of us together in one project that focuses on "The Home, The Beauty, and The Heart" of a mother?"
Later on, all the guests were showered with gifts from the sponsors and while on our tables, we were joking, "Rica, Marilen and Chesca didn't tell us to bring trucks going here or sacks for all these goodies!  We need one!"  Indeed, it was bags and bags of goodies from their generous partners and it was so thoughtful of the hosts to share their blessing to all of us.
There were also major raffle prizes given away and guess what?  I got an overnight stay at Seda Hotel in Nuvali!  Perfect timing because Macky and I were already about to book a hotel for a much-awaited staycation to celebrate our anniversary, Father's Day and his birthday!  So thank you so much for the gift!

Here are more photos from the event:
The workshop will be open to public come August, 2015.  Registration steps and fees, schledule and venue shall be posted on Whole Mom Ph's Facebook Community Page.

Requirement for attending?  You have to be a MOM who's ready to be inspired to become your bestest at home, in beauty, and at heart! :)

For more details, you may like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram or email them at wholemomph@gmail.com.  You may also check the sites of the Mommahs of this wonderful passion project for updates: 

Thank you to the sponsors for the LOOT BAGS and Prizes!
Thank you so much once again Marilen, for the invitation.  To Rica, nice meeting you again, hope to see more of you in our blissful meetings and events.  To Chesca, it was pleasure meeting you too!  You three are blessings to moms who sometimes are too busy to take care of three of the most important parts of their lives: Home, Beauty, and Heart!  God bless you more! :)

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  1. Albert Viviene BigorniaJune 19, 2015 at 6:04 PM

    I'd seen this on rica's fb and was so curious about it. So glad the launch went well. I'm excited for the workshops!!

  2. The styling is amazing! Very pinnable (Pinterest)! I hope to attend one of their events in the future. Glad you had fun! And nice to meet you too (virtually). Thanks for sharing!

    Iris @ Earth Love Skin


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