Back-To-School Safe Essentials For Kids

It’s back-to-school season for my older child and a whole new school experience for my little one!   I started purchasing their school needs...

It’s back-to-school season for my older child and a whole new school experience for my little one!   I started purchasing their school needs for a good two weeks prior to their schools' class opening.  Shopping is not as easy as just buying the school supplies listed, but what makes it difficult is deciding which type or brand do you buy.  Why?  Because as a mom, I prioritize my children's safety at all times.

Let me share with you some of the items in our back-to-school shopping bag:


1.   Safe Art Materials - this could be anything from type of paper or drawing books, paint or cutting material.  Let me take for example scissors.  My gradeschooler has no problem handling this because he's grown up to know how to safely use scissors.  But my little one is still in preschool and I'm afraid he might cut himself.  So to avoid this accident from happening, but scissors that covers the sharp edges.  This way, even if I don't see him everyday doing art in school, I'm assured I provided him some safe materials to use.

2.   Non-Toxic Items- Make sure when you buy school stuff for your kids, they are non-toxic.  By definition, toxic materials contain hazardous chemicals or ingredients which are harmful to an individual.  It could enter the body through inhalation or skin contact.  It saddens me to know that toxic materials could be found anywhere, so at least make sure that you buy safe school materials for your children.  Look for non-toxic in labels of crayons, glue, pencil cases, and many more.

3.   Hand Sanitizer - Sometimes, the restrooms in schools are quite far from the classrooms and can't be accessed immediately.  So washing their hands regularly may not be expected every time.  But the little hands of the children need to be disinfected before eating their snacks or lunch.  I ensure they have a hanging hand sanitizer which is visible in their bags or school lunch kits.  This way, I keep them safe from germs which they could possibly put inside their mouths with dirty hands

4.   Healthy Snacks - Junk food is a no no to me at home and more so in school.  Luckily, because I personally don't like junk food, my children didn't develop likeness to them as well.  to keep them junk-food free, pack some fruits such as banana (known to be high in Pottasium needed to keep their energy and strength to last in school).

5.   Rain Protection - We all know that June - September is rainy season in our country and our children could catch colds and cough easily when exposed to rainfall (which we know brings bad chemicals due to air pollution), so to keep the kids safe from the not-so-clean raindrops and sickness, purchase a durable raincoat, hat, and cute umbrella.  

6.   Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water - I'm sure as a protective mom, you also know that there are a lot of waterborne diseases which our children may get outside our homes by drinking unsafe and contaminated water.  To name a few, they could get: Diarrhea, Amoebiasis, Cyclosporiasis, and Cholera.  To prevent this from happening, it's better to always pack the most trusted brand and most prescribed drinking water by pediatricians: Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water.  Wilkins has always made children's health and safety a top priority.  You are assured of a quality product which follows international standards, and state-of-the-art packaging and sealing equipment to ensure that every Wilkins consumed in every home and even in school by our children, is clean and quality safe water.  To know more about Wilkins and #WilkinsCircleOfTrust, as your ally in keeping your children safe, like them on Facebook today.
So there you have it my six safe essentials for my children this back to school!  Do you have any more essentials that you wish to add to my list?  Please do share loves!

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