As A Practical Mom, I Always #ChooseBetter

Hurray!!! This is my first post since my blog turned three years old!  So Happy Blogversary to me!  Looking back to the time I was conceptua...

Hurray!!! This is my first post since my blog turned three years old!  So Happy Blogversary to me!  Looking back to the time I was conceptualizing my blog’s name when I decided it’s time to take blogging seriously, whole-heartedly, and passionately, I thought of a name that would best describe my personality, my lifestyle, and the choices I make each day which I would most likely write about.  Hence, I came up with MOMMY PRACTICALITY.  First, I am a mom of two and I would forever delightfully write about my mom-ventures with my children.  Second, if lifestyle is concerned, I have always been and will always uphold PRACTICALITY.  For me, being practical in my choices whether life decisions, food, clothes, and other purchases, is the better choice.  Why?  Because I get the best value for my money!  Being practical, as what I have always been saying, is not pagtitipid nor compromising comfort and quality just to get something cheaper.  Practicality is getting the best value from what you paid for or even better is getting MORE for what you actually paid for.  I know that I always #ChooseBetter when I am practical.  Just like these practical choices I made:

We bought a brand new one last March.  Among the many choices in the market, we chose this unit.  Why?  Because it satisfied our objectives such as: 1) It should be big enough to call a family car. 2) It should be efficient in fuel consumption.  3) Its parts should be readily available and not too expensive should we need to have it repaired or changed.  And lastly, 4) It should be within our budget but performs well.  With the given family budget, which of course we saved for, people said we could already have bought Innova.  But, for that price, hwe could only buy the very basic model and in manual transmission and with higher gas consumption.  So with Avanza 1.3L A/T mid-range model, we definitely chose better!

Most practical and best value car option for our family!  I #ChooseBetter with this purchase.
On my birthday, a few years ago, I chose to book ahead of time to get the best airfare price going to Singapore!  It also helped that I planned ahead because, I definitely saved a lot, like more than 50% of regular airfare.  Imagine, an All-In Roundtrip Airfare to SG for only Php3,800.00!!!  Yan ang practical diba?  I even commuted to cross to Malaysia for one night!  Total cost for my SG-Malaysia trip which includes transportation, meals, shopping and miscellaneous expenses, was P15,900.00!
Spent only Php 3,800.00 for a round trip ticket to Singapore to visit my brother!
I love shopping during SALE season!  That’s true!  Imagine, I get the same quality of clothes for half or more than half its price!  I also make sure I choose classic designs and colors, because classic pieces always last longer in the closet, para sulit talaga!  
Most of the time, I #ChooseBetter 
by buying clothes on sale. 
 I also admit my obsession for watches.  Yan lang ang luho ko loves!  But again, I only buy watches when it’s on SALE!   For example, this TW Steel Canteen watch is originally USD500  But I only bought it on sale for only USD184!  Super win my purchase!
Even my love for watches is a value for money choice!  I buy watches on sale too!
I tell you, moms should have me-time and totally not feel guilty about it!  Having a me-time doesn't have to be expensive nor it has to always be outside of the house.  Like for instance, nice hair color.  Instead of going to the salon to have the stylist color my hair, I DIY!  I bought a hair coloring kit (of course it was on SALE too!) and colored my hair myself!  It looks like it was salon-treated and I got the same results but for more than half the price!  Imagine, my hair coloring kit only cost me Php500!  If I had it treated in the salon, it would've cost me P1500.00 or more!  Value for money indeed!
Spent only Php500 for my DIY hair color vs. Salon haircoloring costing P1000 and up!  I #ChooseBetter Me-time Beauty time! 
What I look for in my mobile service provider is getting the best value for what I pay for.  That’s why I always want to Choose Better, and there can only be one perfect choice for my and Macky as well.  For me, only Sun Postpaid could give us so much more than what we paid for.  Imagine, with Sun Postpaid 450, we get Unli Calls to Sun (perfect for me and Macky!), Unli Texts to Sun (unli-sweet messages to each other!), 250 Texts to Other Networks and 20 Hours of Data which I would need for checking and updating all my social networking sites!
If you know better, #ChooseBetter with Sun Plan 450!
Because I know better, I #ChooseBetter!  Alam niyo, these days, people admire other people for being wiser by choosing to be practical.  It’s about being real and getting the best value for your money’s worth.   Just like Sun’s new celebrity endorser, Drew Arellano, who’s confident, optimistic, practical, picks the better choice among the rest, we #ChooseBetter, we choose Sun!  For more details, visit,

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