Savor Your Me Time with Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner

As moms, we take care of a lot of things around us: our children, the husband, the household, menu for the week, in my case - the office wor...

As moms, we take care of a lot of things around us: our children, the husband, the household, menu for the week, in my case - the office work, and the blog too.  We're always occupied with these things that we tend to forget taking care of ourselves.  Oftentimes, I would stop in the middle of what I'm doing at work or at home and ask myself these questions:

"When was the last time I had my nails done?"

"When was the last time I had a full-body massage?"

"When was my last fitness schedule?"
"When was the last time I took notice of my physique?"

Those things are my favorite alone time, my solo time, my me-time.  It's already for me, I don't have to depend on another individual, but still I forget to take care of ME.  My usual excuse is: "I don't have time."

I've always wanted to try out Yoga as a fitness activity, but never got a chance to do it for so many reasons to justify my laziness to do so.  So I'm happy to receive an invitation from Pine-Sol which pleasantly read:

"A woman's work is never done (so true!), and too often we leave ourselves for last.  Allow Pine-Sol to put you first on a day of health and wellness."

I took a leave from work, because I just had to be there.  Moms were gathered in Le Spa Yoga Studio of Sofitel Manila with an instruction to just #SavorYourMeTime.  And so did we.

Our patient instructor, Ms. Joanne Santos, made Yoga looked so easy, I guess if you've done it more than once it is, but actually it isn't.  Concentration and focus are needed to be able to pull off all the poses.
After an hour of stretching, posing, learning how to breathe in and out properly, balancing while both hands and feet are side by side and buttocks were up, I was awakened and felt at peace with myself.  I realized that just a few minutes of tuning in with the body already works in keeping stress away.  We all need that as moms right?  Especially when the kids and home are in chaos.

A healthy lunch was served to us moms after the Yoga Session.  Director of Marketing for Clorox International Philippines Inc., Tisha De Veyra, and Brand Manager for Pine-Sol, Renelle Revilla Delos Santos talked about how Pine-Sol actually lets you #SavorYourMeTime.  
How?  Pine-Sol is an all-purpose cleaner that let's mom save time and even money, that instead of buying different cleaning products for the different parts of the house and for several purposes, you just buy and use just one, Pine-Sol.
It now comes in five powerful scents: Original, Lemon Fresh (my favorite, for the kitchen or the comfort room), Orange Energy (my second favorite, great for kitchen), Lavender Clean (relaxing scent, perfect for bedroom), and Sparkling Wave (if you want a fresh ocean scent.)  You can do all the cleaning and everywhere in the house with the power of just one cleaning angel: Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner!
Here are some VALUE Tips on Cleaning using Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner
  1. Don't pay for watered down cleaner - Since Pine-Sol is concentrated, you need to dilute it in water so which means, for general cleaning, a 500ml bottle gives you 8.3 gallons!
  2. One Cleaner, Fits All - no need to buy multiple cleaning products, you could use Pine-Sol anywhere and for anything you want to clean, period.
  3. Cleans, Disinfects and Deodorizes - again, no need for many products beyond cleaning aids such as air freshener, scented candles.  Pine-Sol kills germs while leaving a powerful refreshing scent.
  4. Pick the right strength for you - Just add or lessen water to give you the desired strength.
  5. No special tools needed - use it with whatever is existing in the house, rags, mops, microfiber cloths, and even paper towels.
  6. One time around - With the power of Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner on your side, you only have to clean once to get the job done right.  No need to go back over your hard work, saving you time and energy, and leaving you savoring your ME-TIME!

Speaking of ME-TIME, gift certificates and products for self-caring like 3D/2/N hotel accommodation in Boracay, nail services, and other pamper products for moms, were raffled off.  Unfortunately, I didn't win anything.  These dashing moms, were the most fortunates:
 Ooops, class picture first before we part our ways and continue to savor our Me-Time!
Unlucky I may get in the raffle, I still didn't come home empty-handed!  We got all these in the goody bags given by Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner: Pine-Sol bottles, microfiber towels, a water bottle, tote bag perfect for grocery shopping, and the uber cute Mommy Blogger scheduler!
#PickYourPineSol loves, remember it is 4X cleaning action: Disinfects, Deodorizes, Cuts Grease, and Removes Grime.  It kills 99.9% of germs too so you just use ONE product for all your cleaning needs!

~If you can #SavorYourMeTime, what Me-Time would it be loves?~

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