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There's no doubt that Macky and I are food lovers and explorers.  From street foods to buffets and occasional fine dining, we'd love...

There's no doubt that Macky and I are food lovers and explorers.  From street foods to buffets and occasional fine dining, we'd love to experience them.  We both love to cook as well, but admittedly, Macky is a better cook than I am, so I let him take charge in our kitchen.  When cooking or looking for our next dining adventure, we look for inspirations from magazines or TV shows, because they are reliable resources.

Speaking of food, kitchen explorations, and shows, "Let's Eat" is the newest food lifestyle television show airing on Lifestlye Network hosted by our friend, the boss, Spanky Enriquez and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi.

"Let's Eat," aired its first episode last week, with Street Foods as its first theme.  Both of hosts were so engaging to watch because of the rawness of the comments and reviews of the highly-opinionated and very articulate hosts.

Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi is a known restaurateur and food columnist and has earned her crystal credibility as a food critique and a television host.  I think her bubbly and real personality is a perfect ingredient in the success of the show.  Spanky Enriquez used to be a PBA sportscaster before becoming one of the most respected writers and social media consultants in the country.  His expertise in the food and beverage department is definitely unquestionable.  Hence, I'm really happy about this new milestone in his career and he deserves to be recognized in multi-platforms such as this new TV show.
But before it transitioned to its now well-deserved TV spot, it was a magazine of quality food reviews, mouth-watering crisp photographs, which is released monthly.  From a small team and circulation, it has developed into one of the most trusted and reliable food magazines for food enthusiasts and professionals.
Let's Eat TV promises a full 30-minute guide to food enthusiasts, food explorers, couples, moms and dads (who are on the search for new date venues, like me and Macky), on the newest dining places in the metro, chefs' secrets to making their dishes a hit, what makes the restaurant successful, and anything in between (as long it concerns food).
Isn't that exciting?  So catch the next episode of Let's Eat TV on Lifestyle Network, every Wednesday at 8pm, with replays every Thursday at 11:30am.

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