Decluttering At Home By Selling Items on Shopee!

There are times when by just mere looking at our room I cannot breathe.  Not because it’s filthy nor disorganized, but because there are j...

There are times when by just mere looking at our room I cannot breathe.  Not because it’s filthy nor disorganized, but because there are just too many stocked items which are not needed nor used.  My household items are still unboxed, unused, and brand new.  Mostly, they came from impulsive retail shopping due to sale and some of the items were received as gifts.

When our home gets too cluttered, I can’t be a happy homemaker because it’s stressing me.  I’m sure many moms would like a clutter-free and organized space at home.  The solution is to declutter by doing any of the following:
     Give them away as gifts. This is a great idea but family occasions are not frequent.
     Donate them.  There are many charity institutions you may donate your stuff to.
     Sell them.  For me, this is the most immediate way to declutter; plus, I can earn an income out of it.  Practical diba?

My most preferred choice is to sell them.  One could do a garage sale if you have a garage or space for it and the luxury of time.  For busy moms like myself, I prefer selling online.  Recently, I discovered a new mobile shopping online site where I could sell my items, Shopee
Shopee Ph

Shopee is a new mobile marketplace that’s easy-to-use. I can buy and sell online at no extra cost.  In fact, anyone can be a seller on Shopee. It’s FREE to sign-up, loves! 
Shopee Ph

Here are the steps to create an account:
or access the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) mobile device and search for Shopee. 
Shopee Ph
Enter your mobile number.  The app will send you a verification code.
Shopee PhShopee Ph
Nominate your Username and Password
Shopee Ph
Registration done, you may now start selling!
Shopee Ph
That’s it!  I’ll be selling my items soon.  And because I’m a heavy mobile phone and data user, Shopee is very convenient and highly accessible to my lifestyle.  There’s also an Instagram (IG) Import feature, where IG sellers could benefit from.  Just import all your existing IG photos of your collection to Shopee and you can successfully set up your shop on Shopee.

Apart from selling, you could also look for and buy affordable quality household items or children’s items on Shopee.  Complete details are available per item sold on Shopee such as price, shipping fee, condition (if brand new or used), item description, estimated date of shipment arrival, and bank details of the seller too.  With Shopee, selling or buying items is safe.

One of the reasons why some sellers are apprehensive to go online is the payment security from bogus transactions.  Don’t fret! Buyers and Sellers are covered by the Shopee Guarantee, ensuring each party protection from fraudulent transactions for all deals completed online. Buyers are assured to receive their ordered items while sellers are assured to receive payments due to them.
Shopee Ph
So, on your road to decluttering, look around your house loves.  Have you got anything to sell?  I recommend you to sell brand new and pre-loved items online conveniently loves!  Try Shopee! If you’ve downloaded the Shopee App on your mobile phone, we may follow each other, my username is LDFANDINO.  Let’s help each other declutter our homes one item sold on Shopee at a time.

For more information about Shopee, follow them on their social media accounts:

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