Flu, a BIG No-No for my Kids this Summer

School break is just an inch away from my kids and finally summer is here!  In our family, just like how I was brought up, school break does...

School break is just an inch away from my kids and finally summer is here!  In our family, just like how I was brought up, school break doesn’t actually mean idle time for them.  The break also signals the perfect time to enroll them in summer workshops or sports clinics or to whatever activities they’re interested in.  It also means family vacation to beaches or nearby hotels for relaxation and recreation.

But we cannot do all these activities if the kids get sick.  I know that rainy season is over.  But according to Department of Health, flu-like symptoms such as colds and cough could manifest in the summer because of erratic weather patterns and sudden downpour.  Naku, naku, naku!  Flu is a BIG NO especially during school break, kasi sayang naman if they would miss workshop days or summer lessons.  For one, they miss out on new learnings and opportunities to meet new friends.  Second, saying din ang payment for the workshop days.  We know how some summer classes could be a bit pricey.
My older son is attending two summer classes, one is to develop his basketball skills some more, and the other to tap on his high interest in hip-hop dancing.  The little one will be attending a burger-making workshop as well as reading enhancement lessons.  So yes, they’re pretty busy this summer break that’s why they really can’t get sick.
So what I do ever since, is to boost my children’s immunity by giving them the best nutrition through healthy foods and drinks.  We load their diet with vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C, especially pineapples.
I learned from Dr. Leonora Panlasigui, Dean of the Philippine Women’s University’s School of Nutrition, during a round-table-discussion we had before HERE and HERE, that adding 2 servings of Del Monte Pineapples to a child's daily diet may help improve overall immunity.  She even presented that time a study which showed a 27% increase in the production of granulocytes, a type of white blood cell vital to combating diseases, in children who ate 2 servings of pineapple a day, resulting in reduced recovery time for bacterial and viral infections.   Two servings of pineapples a day could surely make a difference.

As loving and protective parents, we’d do everything we can to keep our kids healthy and happy.  Make them happy by giving them the best nutrition to boost their immunity such as Del Monte Pineapples, and be as excited as they are to be free to play with others and just simply enjoy being kids.  Let them run around, roll on the grass, shoot that ball, interact with many other kids and enjoy the summer break, sick-free!  Happy Summer Break loves!

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