Make It Epic With Hot Wheels Speedtropolis Set!

I have two boys and having said that, the toys you would frequently see in the house are cars, board games, and blocks.  We only have one br...

I have two boys and having said that, the toys you would frequently see in the house are cars, board games, and blocks.  We only have one brand of toy car, and it's Hot Wheels.

I remember how as a younger child, my first-born's choice of reward for good boy points would be a piece or two of Hot Wheels.  Every good boy point (as simple as saying po/opo, please or thank you) written on his journal was equivalent to P1.00.  So for 100 good boy points, we bought him a Hot Wheels car of his choice.  With this, we were able to collect more than 100 Hot Wheels cars which he passed on to his little brother Wes.  Now, Wes enjoys the Hot Wheels cars and sets his brother preserved carefully for him.

Recently, we received a Speedtropolis Set from Hot Wheels in relation to their on-going campaign: Hot Wheels: Don't Just Make it Awesome, Make it Epic!  As fans of Hot Wheels we fully support this campaign.

About Hot Wheels:
For more than 40 years, Hot Wheels has been creating thrilling vehicle experience through innovative product and content.  It continues to evolve into a global lifestyle brand for boys of all ages and has now become the leading toy vehicle property in the market.

Hot Wheels remains true to its brand promise, to continue to be better, go faster, and jump higher.  It never settles to be just 'good enough'.  It is determined to raise the bar encouraging boys to set a new record break.

This year, Hot Wheels is up for another challenge: Don't Just Make It Awesome, Make it Epic!

It's the brand's new campaign that aims to empower boys with exhilaration and achievement.  With all the new and exciting products lined up for 2016, from the extensive car collections, to the coolest track sets available, boys will be inpired to play bigger, faster, higher, cooler, louder, anywhere, any way.

The Hot Wheels Epic Race
To launch this campaign, Hot Wheels recently held its qualifying rounds for the Epic Race PH in SM Megamall, SM BF Paranaque, and SM San Lazaro last month.  The semi-finals and finals are set on May 14-15 at SM Mall of Asia (MOA).  Everyone is invited to witness this Epic Race and experience the thrill as the finalists go head-to-head during the race.

Interested participants just needed to purchase at least two (2) basic Hot Wheels cars from the participating stores.  Each participant were given two (2) trials and the fastest speed was recorded.  Top 20 fastest speed recorded was shortlisted to join the Area Qualifying Rounds.  The Hot Wheels Epic Race also highlighted the Gravity Racing Platform and the Track Building Home which will still both be seen in SM MOA.
Since we weren't able to join the Epic Race and come to the event, we did the unboxing of the Hot Wheels Speedtropolis set at home.  Let my little one take you through the steps:

The Speedtropolis Set comes with a manual on the easy-peasy step-by-step to build it.  Even my 5 year-old could build it himself.  These are the parts you'll see inside the box:
This set is recommended for kids aged 4 and above.  The manual is very easy to understand and follow:
 Building the set is a lot of fun if done with Mommy, Daddy or siblings! :)
 We followed the instructions one by one.  Each part was easy to install and attach to another.
Your child would need a lot of patience and excitement at the same time to get it done.  For times when he couldn't get ir right or the instruction is a bit advanced for his age, Mommy's or Daddy's support comes in handy. :)
Just a little bit of finishing touches to finish this.  What's missing?   Oh the stickers!  Let's put them then! :)
TADAH!  Here's the completely set up Hot Wheels Speedtropolis Set! :)
The set comes with one Hot Wheels car, but if you have other Hot Wheels car (like what my son has coming from his Kuya's collection), you could double or triple the fun!
Guess what?  Here's a short unboxing video my son and I prepared for you Hot Wheels fans.  We both enjoyed building and playing with the Hot Wheels Speedtropolis set.  This was also Wes' first time to do a demo video, and he's taken a lot of good narration and demonstration tips from some of the famous YouTube videos he's been seeing online.  We hope you enjoy the video!
Hot Wheels dares you to start an epic collection as well.  Create epic tracks.  Build an epic race.  This is not just a toy.  This is the ride of your life.  This is Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels

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