My Personal Breastfeeding Experience And Tips

I'm again a new mom to my third baby boy.  Having three kids seem like I'm an expert when it comes to newborn care, that's what ...

I'm again a new mom to my third baby boy.  Having three kids seem like I'm an expert when it comes to newborn care, that's what others say.  Honestly, after almost six years since I had my second child, everything seemed new to me or what they call "nanganay" or just like how it was when you had your very first child.

So is breastfeeding.  Let me tell you a short history.  With my first, which I almost passed away due to a complicated childbirth, I wasn't able to breastfeed him.  With my second child, I mixed-fed him and my breast milk lasted up to eight months.  My supply slowly decreased especially when I returned to work and hindi pa uso ang breastfeeding stations in the office.  

Nowadays, it's different.  

Moms are now more informed about the benefits of babies who are breastfed.  A lot of establishments as well are supportive of moms who breastfeed that they put nursing stations inside their buildings.  There are so many organizations who advocate breastfeeding.  Due to its popularity rise in this digital age where breastfeeding information are available both offline and online, moms are more encouraged, more motivated, and more supported in pursuing breastfeeding their babies.  I am one of those moms.

I choose to breastfeed my newborn, direct feeding at that - for the time being, for two main reasons:
  • Because it's best for my baby, and I want to give my best.
  • Because I want to make up for what I wasn't able to give my first two sons
Honestly speaking, breastfeeding is both a painful and pleasurable experience, for me.   It may be different for others, but this is my experience.  It's physically draining; my nipples get sore; my breasts are heavy, hard, and big; the milk sometimes drip from my breasts when my baby is still sleeping during his feeding time, hence I'm always sticky (stinky pwede rin); my neck and back ache; I'm mostly awake in the middle of the night; and I don't own my time, my baby owns it; and lastly, it's always a toe-curling moment when the baby latches the first time, every time.

But, amidst all those, it's the most wonderful feeling to be able to give God's specially formulated milk coming from you, to your baby.  After the toe-curling moment from the first latch, it eases as the baby gently (or aggressively) suckles milk from you.  It's a joyful feeling when you know you've fed your baby well and he's satisfied with what he's had.

Wait for two hours, then repeat the whole process.

There are things I do however, that help me get a better breastfeeding experience. That's what I want to share with you today.
  • Find a quiet corner to breastfeed.  Find that nook in your room or even bed side where you're most comfortable to breastfeed your baby.  It also helps when your stuff (phone, remote controls of television or air-con) are nearby.  Ensure that the chosen corner is well ventilated, to keep both you and baby relaxed.
  • Read info materials like books or on-line resources.  It pays to know essential information about breastfeeding such as Food and Drinks to Take/Avoid, different breastfeeding positions, how to increase supply, correct latching, breast massages, breast milk expiration and storage, and many more.
  • Consult a lactation expert or mommy friends for advice.  There are groups also hospitals which organize events or seminars on breastfeeding where you could bring your baby for actual application of learning.  If these events are not possible for you to attend, you may always ask help from lactation experts via call or online or seek advice from supportive mommy friends.
  • Equip yourself with breastfeeding support materials available in physical or online stores.  Breastfeeding is not an easy peasy thing, it helps when you have items which could make the experience lighter.  You could purchase these helpful items online or in stores such as nursing pillow, nursing cover, vitamins/supplements, breast pump, to name a few.
  • Always eat a full and healthy meal. Since you're giving your baby something that comes from you, you better eat and drink healthy stuff.  You really have to, don't think of dieting first.  Because honestly, when you breastfeed, it helps you lose a few pounds.  Personally, I may still look big, but my tummy area has surprisingly shrunk a few inches faster than my first two post-pregnancies.
  • Always hydrate yourself.  When you breastfeed, of course you give milk coming from your miraculous body.  This means, you have to bottoms up that several glasses of water so your system could replenish.
  • Ask a gentle neck and back massage from your loving and supportive husband. Sometimes, when baby's resting position while feeding him gets the best of your arm muscles, neck, and back, a good gentle massage is all you need to feel better.  Ask your husband to help you out in this department.
  • Always think positive and know that you're doing a great job for giving your best for your baby. No matter how painful or hard it is for you, the mere fact that you're still doing it because you want to give your best to your baby and no matter how short or long you've fed your baby the best milk there is, always think you're doing great!  Don't be too hard on yourself by blaming your breasts (some say, walang silbi ang dede nila, pang-romansa lang daw! lol!), never blame yourself nor feel as if you're not giving your baby enough.  Believe me, you are doing wonderfully! Give yourself your well-deserved credit.  
As long as I'm here during my maternity leave, I'll do my everything to direct-feed my baby.  I don't know until when will I have abundant milk supply as well, I pray I could sustain. I'm also aware that there are cases in some moms, that no matter how hard they try to drink supplements or eat soup-based food or eat/drink malunggay, their milk supply goes downhill. I acknowledge that it may happen to me too.  So while I still have supply I'll try my best to keep it up and coming. 

The struggle is real. 

And I'm coming out to you as real as I can about my breastfeeding journey.  Like what I've said, it's both an overwhelming and a wonderful experience.  But as long as you have a supportive family, plus you're comfortable doing it for your baby, you'll do fine.  Each journey may be different from one another.  If you've been breastfeeding for a long time and your supply hasn't gone downhill, good job and you deserve a big pat on the back.  If you think breastfeeding is not doing well for you because of low milk supply or unbearable pain, don't be too hard on yourself.  At least you tried your best.  Don't let anything or anyone make you feel down just because of your choice.

All moms, breastfeeding fully, mix-feeding or formula feeding due to unique circumstances, are all great moms at bringing wonderful children to this world.  Being a mom is not measured just by what we choose to feed our babies.  Motherhood is about unconditional love, sacrifices, nurturing, values-forming, and a whole lot more, for our children.  Have a great day to all! :)

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