My Version of Knorr Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc with Gabi

On rainy days and Mondays, we always crave for comfort food, particularly a soup-based dish.  And in our family, that will always be Sinigan...

On rainy days and Mondays, we always crave for comfort food, particularly a soup-based dish.  And in our family, that will always be Sinigang na Liempo with Knorr sa Sampaloc with Gabi.  Ang sarap ng mainit na sabaw .during colder days in our country.  That's why Sinigang will always be perfect no matter what.  So as part of my life goals as a mom, I want to be more hands-on by providing the kids (and the kid at heart, referring to my husband) a Lutong Nanay experience as much as I can because that's what they will remember when they grow up.  It's how I remember my mom too.

I always cook whenever I can, this time, let me share with you my Sinigang na Liempo kitchen creation of course using my Asim Kilig partner, Knorr Sinigang sa Sampaloc with Gabi.  Sarap nito because the Gabi adds a different flavor plus it helps make the soup thick.
Ingredients I used for my Sinigang na Liempo
I know the Sinigang recipe by mind, heart and soul because it's been a staple on the dinner table as it has become a favorite dish of my kids.  It was through Sinigang that they learned how to eat and appreciate vegetables!  For some, Sinigang may appear like an intimidating recipe, but actually it's not especially if you have Knorr as your partner in the kitchen.
Tadahhh!  My thick, hot and sour soup, Knorr Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc with Gabi
Here's my preschooler who loves Sinigang the most!
My Wessie learned how to eat and appreciate veggies because of Sinigang.
Could you see how thick the soup had become?  That's the magic of Gabi in the Sinigang sa Sampaloc soup mix from Knorr.  Anyway, for new moms, newbie in the kitchen, amateur mommy chef (like me), here's an easy recipe you could follow to make this dish.

Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc with Gabi
As seen in

·        1 kilo liempo (pork belly), sliced in 2 inch cubes
·        1 1/2 liter water
·        1 44g pack Knorr Sinigang na Gabi
·        1 bundle kangkong leaves
·        3 medium taro root (gabi), peeled and halved
·        3 medium ripe tomato, halved
·        2 medium yellow or white onion, quartered
·        2 cups string beans (sitaw), cut in 2 inch length
·        1 large Chinese eggplant (talong), sliced
·        12 pieces okra
·        3 to 4 pieces long green pepper (siling pansigang)
·        Fish sauce (patis) to taste

1.      Boil the water in a cooking pot.
2.      Add the tomato and onion. Set the heat to medium and continue to boil for 15 minutes.
3.      Add the pork belly and gabi. Continue to boil in low heat for 1 hour or until the pork gets tender. Add more water, if necessary.
4.      Add the Knorr Sinigang na Gabi mix. Stir.
5.      Add the long green chili and boil for 3 minutes.
6.      Stir-in the okra, string beans, and eggplant and cook for 5 minutes.
7.      Add the kangkong and fish sauce. Stir. Cover and turn off the heat. Let it stay covered for 5 minutes.
8.      Transfer to a serving bowl.
9.      Serve with warm rice.
10.   Share and enjoy!

There you have it!  Easy peasy right?  Don't be intimidated, just keep on cooking for the family kasi iba pa rin talaga kapag Lutong Nanay!

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