With Security Bank's UITF, I Can Pursue My Passion

What do you understand about smart saving and about investing?  I know a bit but Security Bank opened my eyes about Unit Investment Trust Fu...

What do you understand about smart saving and about investing?  I know a bit but Security Bank opened my eyes about Unit Investment Trust Fund a lot more when I attended their event a few weeks ago.

If you would notice, my blog categories include finances or budgeting.  I believe that's part of being a practical mom.  I got acquainted with investments and insurances four years ago and I've always told myself and other people how I wish I knew about investment and protection when I was younger.  Read on so you'd also tell yourself the same thing.

As moms, we should not only look after our family's health, our children's nutrition, their clothes, their education, household expenses, and all other present expenses.  We should especially plan for the future, the scary unknown.  When I say future, I'm talking about retirement, compounded savings, and even death.  When I ask you now with - Are you prepared? - will you say yes or no?  Most will answer with a NO because they live with the now and forget or not prioritize saving.  When they have the money from salaries or bonuses, they spend first before saving.  I used to be like that too.

In the course of my financial literacy, I learned that we should prioritize SAVING first before spending.  But saving money in the bank isn't enough.  Don't we want our money to grow bigger as the years pass by?  Don't we want higher interest rates so we could prepare for the future, a comfortable one even when we retire.  We don't want to depend on our kids for our retirement expenses right?  We are not their obligation and it really shouldn't be that way.  To grow our hard-earned money without being too exhausted and while still pursuing our passions, we should INVEST.

The best time to start investing is TODAY.  This point was stressed during my attendance in Security Bank's event.  Here were some highlights of the event:
The word Investment could be an intimidating concept for most of you.  But actually, when you give some time to try to understand it, it's not complicated at all.  In fact, one doesn't need a large capital or amount of money to invest.  You could invest in a Unit Investment Trust Fund or UITF for as low as Php 10,000 with Security Bank's UITF.

Security Bank's Head of Asset Management Group, Retail Sales & Marketing, Mr. Martin Belgado presented what UITF is all about.
UITF is an easy and convenient way for the average Filipino to be able to invest in the financial markets.  A UITF pools together the funds of many different investors and is managed by a team of professional investment experts.  You can depend on Security Bank's professional financial advisers to guide you through the type of UITF that's right for you.  Depending on your risk appetite, if you're conservative, aggressive or somewhere in between, you could choose among Security Bank's current eight UITFs:
  • SB Peso Money Market Fund
  • SB Intermediate Term Bond Fund,
  • SB Peso Bond Fund
  • SB Asset Variety Fund
  • SB Peso Equity Fund 
  • SB Peso High Dividend Equity Fund
  • SB Philippine Equity Index Fund
  • SB Dollar Bond Fund
I answered a few questions to see what my risk appetite is for investments and it appears that I'm moderately aggressive, which is why I chose to invest my money, as low as Php 10,000, to SB Philippine Equity Index Fund.  
I was able to invest in 2 easy steps:
STEP 1: Open a settlement account.  You don't have to go to a branch!  Security Bank introduces the Human Switch Kit, where a Security bank sales associate help you open your account right in the comforts of your home or office.  Super hassle-free.  Just visit their website and select your preferred branch and the sales associate will set an appointment with you.  If you already have a Security Bank Savings or Current account, skip this step.

STEP 2: Fill out a UITF Account Opening Kit
That's it, let Security Bank handle everything for you conveniently!  You're on your way to a better brighter future, because you prepared for it TODAY through investing in a UITF.

Advantages of investing with UITF:
  • Liquid/Easily convertible to cash
  • Easy to track performance
  • Divesified Portfolio
  • Low Participation Amount
  • Professionally Managed
If you're also interested in looking after your and your family's future, start investing TODAY.  Invest regularly and invest long-term.  Make investment a habit as you pursue your passions.

For more information you may visit their WEBSITE or email trustmarketing@securitybank.com.ph or call (02) 888 7371 or 7372.


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