Conquering Fears And Washing Away Stains Of Past With Ariel

I've written about stains in the past and how a woman should go on living her life by putting it all behind. While moving forward and m...

I've written about stains in the past and how a woman should go on living her life by putting it all behind. While moving forward and moving ahead, one should be fearless in facing everything.  My life was stained with wrong choices of peers, with a failed relationships, with wrong career decisions, with dirty rumors about me, and many more.  But as I moved on and turned back on all of these, I became fearless.

This was echoed by Ariel during their Wash Your Fears Summit where they invited me as one of the 100 Fearless Women.  In the summit, Ariel's brand ambassador Ms. Kris Aquino  also revealed that even if she's a strong woman, she still has fears especially concerning her loved ones.
Ms. Kris Aquino showing off her fear: My loved ones being hurt
With the 100 stains which Ariel could remove, we were asked to pick one to use for painting and staining a crisp white shirt with our FEARS.
Ariel 100 Stains In 1 Wash
As a wife and a mom, I would do anything and everything for the family, fearlessly.  If there's only one major thing I fear, it's SICKNESS or being ill in the future and eventually leave my family behind.  So that's what I painted on the shirt.
My greatest fear is getting sick and leaving my family behind at an early age.
All participants were asked to put with the fear on it, inside a huge bin.  So in total, there were 100 shirts or 100 fears, painted with the use of the 100 stains which the power of Ariel could remove.
Dumping the stained shirt in a large bin to be washed with Ariel
This event featured a panel discussion headed by one of the most influential, no-nonsense, and fearless Filipina celebrity I know, Ms. Kris Aquino and the other women influencers who are known to be fearless in their respective fields, shared how they were able to pave their way to success even if roadblocks stained their way up there.  These women also wrote their fears on their shirts and shared why they fear them, and at the same time proved to all of us gathered there that they were able to overcome these fears by facing them.
Panel discussion with women influencers, moderated by Bianca Gonzalez-Intal
The ten women influencers who inspired all of us that day with their strength of character, wisdom, dedication and commitment to improve the community, and perseverance to getting up even when bruised and stained by challenges they face everyday, discussed how they processed their fears and used them to become the persons they are now today.
  • Miriam Quiambao, fearless beauty queen
  • Amina Rasul, fearless advocate for peace and development
  • Anna Kapunan, fearless advocate for health and environment
  • Marilou Chua, fearless beauty queen and children's education
  • Samira Gutoc-Tomawis, fearless journalist
  • Mandy Dela Rima, fearless entrepreneur
  • Mons Romulo, fearless lifestyle columnist
  • Aimee Carandang Gloria, fearless female pilot
  • Badjie Guerrero-Trinidad, fearless founder of  The Cravings Group
These Fearless Filipinas shared their fears to the audience during the Wash Your Fears Summit by Ariel
Later on, a symbolic washing away of our fears and stains in our lives was led by Ms. Kris Aquino.  All of our our stained shirts with our fears were gathered and washed with the help of Ariel.
Bianca and Kris helped each other in putting some of the stained shirts into the washing machine with Ariel
One of the highlights of the event was when Bianca Gonzalez-Intal had a one-on-one interview with the Queen of Talk.  She discussed in detail her stains of the past, her fears, her struggles, the women she looks up to, stories about her family, and how she was able to stand up each time she falls.

Among everything she shared that day, I admire and respect her more for the strength she showed as a mother.  I agree with her when she said that she can endure anything for her children and that God gave us our children for a purpose.  
One-on-one with Ms. Kris Aquino to talk about her fears and how she conquered all and continue to do so.
After all the sharing about fears and how to conquer them, all the stained shirts with written fears were cleaned and hung on the wall by the end of the program to symbolize that it's time to wash away these fears.  It's time to start anew and face each day with bravery.
Stains were no match to Ariel's superior stain removal.
This was the very key message of the Wash Your Fears Summit.  According to Louie Morante, Regional Communications Manager for Fabric and Home Care of P&G, "Empowering Filipinas is at the core of what Ariel stands for, and we continue to find ways to drive conversations that can inspire more Filipinas to succeed in life.  Ariel recognizes that Filipinas are now fearless in seeking new opportunities to propel them forward in life.  This summit for women celebrates 100 fearless Filipinas who have demonstrated that fears are just stains that we have to be brave enough to remove.  Be fearless like Ariel 0 tested and proven to remove 100 stains in 1 wash."

Ariel's superior stain removal is effective in removing 100 stains with its optimized formulation which contains a higher level of active ingredients and smart enzymes.  The power in every wash leads to a worry-free laundry experience, allowing us women to have time for themselves and for the people around us as well.

Here's one of the 100 Fearless Filipinas with me, Michelle of whom I've been having happy conversations about being a new mom again whenever we see each other.
With one of the 100 Fearless Filipinas recognized at the summit.
Remove 100 stains in 1 wash and be fearless in facing any challenge that might come your way with the new Ariel!  Available in supermarkets nationwide.
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