For Itchy Eczema, We Use Elica

For Itchy Eczema, We Use Elica Some moms of daughters I talk to say, girls are more fragile or harder to take care of.  One of the re...

For Itchy Eczema, We Use Elica
Some moms of daughters I talk to say, girls are more fragile or harder to take care of.  One of the reasons they give for that statement is because they need their daughters’ skin to be near perfect.  Who knows?   They might be beauty queens someday.  So this means, NO to insect bites and NO to scars.

You see, I have three boys.  And I don’t entirely agree that the care for boys’ skin comes secondary to girls.  Who knows, my boys may become celebrities someday din?  So I am also particular to caring for their skin as well but more importantly their overall well-being.

The skin is the largest organ of the body so this means it can be injured, be bitten by insects, be scarred, and could catch diseases and have many conditions, such as Atopic Dermatitis (a type of eczema).

Their skin becomes hard to manage especially when it’s irritated, it has rashes, it reacts to the sudden change of weather, it’s flared up, and even when it’s bitten by an insect.  I used to put balms and other ointments but they give a short time relief and my sons’ skin doesn’t end up getting better. 

Their pediatrician only recommended ELICA (Mometasone Furoate).  It’s a FIRST line of defense for Eczema.  I only apply it on my boys’ skin once a day, usually in the morning after bath.  And it gives us visible results within 24 hours.  Less na ang redness, irritation, and inflamed skin.  Effective talaga!

It’s comes in a cream and ointment form.  We use the cream form because it’s recommended for wet, oozing lesions and areas of the body where skin is thinner such as the face and body folds.  The ointment is for dry, thick lesions and areas of the body where skin is generally thicker such as the palms or soles. 
I didn’t know about it until I had my second son.  That’s why my panganay’s skin has some scars due to unmanaged eczema.  He scratched them frequently which worsen its condition.  Now we don’t use any cream to manage eczema, ELICA agad.

The signs or symptoms of Eczema which we watch for are itchiness, redness, and inflammation.  With constant scratching the skin becomes leathery and hard. Eczema has no known cause but can be triggered by including dust mites, family pets, heat or harsh soaps. 

Here are other tips to manage and avoid flare ups:
  • Keep fingernails short
  • Avoid heat and sweating
  • Use sunscreens to avoid irritation
  • Use cold compress or wet wraps
  • Use cool or lukewarm water for bathing
  • Avoid smoke, perfume, and air fresheners
  • Keep the flared skin covered
  • Avoid food allergens
  • Choose fragrance-free cosmetics or detergents
  • Rinse clothes well
  • Avoid harsh detergents and strong fabric softeners
  • Distract to avoid scratching
  • For babies, keep drool or saliva away
  • Use light and soft fabrics like cotton
  • Avoid wearing scratchy materials

Before using Elica, please consult your doctor.  If you’re worried if lotions, moisturizers, make-up and insect repellent could be used over Elica-applied skin, YES you may!  It’s safe for children’s use.  Also, apply it thinly only on affected area, not on large areas of the skin.  Don’t use Elica for more than two weeks ha.  If symptoms persist, it’s best to consult your doctor.

Elica is available in leading drugstores nationwide for P428 for a 5g tube (cream or ointment).  For more information on Elica and managing Eczema, go to or like them on FACEBOOK.

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