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That's the same question we were asked during a special event I, together with other wonder mommies, attended a couple of days back.  So...

That's the same question we were asked during a special event I, together with other wonder mommies, attended a couple of days back.  So before I reveal which event this was, let me share with you my short but honest to goodness answer.  Here it is...

As a woman, I always find time and make time for ME-time.  I also take time to find joy in simple things.  And as a mother, I celebrate myself by being in the company of my loved ones and showing them my love.  That's how I celebrate ME!

Celebrating YOU as a woman, mom or not, is the message which Wink, one of the top brand choices in shapewear, wants to tell every modern Filipina.  Victory or defeat, just wink at it to feel great, and just celebrate!  There's so much in life to wink about and celebrate especially if you're already a mom.
But while that last statement is true, giving birth and raising children could be really tough.  One of the toughest times in motherhood is bouncing back after giving birth, emotionally, psychologically and especially physically.  In all these aspects, we need all the help and support we could get.  And on the physical side, that's where Wink Postpartum Shapewear comes in, to help us still wink at these things and celebrate motherhood!
How?  Wink is medical grade and is a proven slimming and support system which can be used after normal or cesarean delivery.  Its engineered garments give support for one's posture and back pains.  Though it's highly effective with its Coolmax COMPRESSASOFT fabric, it's very comfortable to wear, won't cause sweating, irritation and itchiness, because it's made of hypoallergenic, formaldehyde-free, and latex-free materials.

Influential Women Testify About Wink
Many moms can testify to its effectiveness and a few were invited to share their experiences during the official launch of Wink Shapewear at Stacy's BGC where moms like me were treated to nourishing food, relaxing hand and fingers massage, and exciting games with exciting prizes and giveaways.
Some of these women who shared their, not so secret anymore, Wink experiences were Joy Sotto, Tina Rodriguez, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Lee Shen-Cala-or.

Joy Sotto, a mom of 5, had an unexpected C-section in delivering her fifth child.  She tried different kinds binders in the past but nothing compared to Wink.  It gave her full support in her tummy and back area which the hospital binder failed to give her.  The postpartum pain became bearable and Wink was really comfortable.  She said, "..lesson learned, request to use it (Wink) right away instead of the hospital binder!"

A good friend of mine, Tina Rodriguez, shared that even if she delivered her babies through the natural route, she used Wink and it supported her back and body as a whole, which she needed most during the time she had to do a lot of walking to and from the IMCU after giving birth to her fourth child.  It also helped her look slim postpartum and she highly recommends Wink to her preggy friends asking which binder to use.

Bianca Araneta Elizalde, mom of 4, model, and co-author of Project Mom, raves about Wink being the most comfortable binder she's used so far.  No red marks on skin, no itch, and it's invisible under clothing.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio, fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger said at first she was skeptical about Wink at first, but tried it after reading many good reviews online.  She was happy to try it and that it actually worked for her in a sense that it kept everything tight, she was able to more more even after a C-section and no rashes.  It keeps her flat and makes her look sexy, with that she says "it's the best thing ever!"

Another blogger friend, Lee Shen Cala-or attests to how effective Wink is in making her look slim and feeling great at the same time.  It made her fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes and helped her with her posture during breastfeeding.

About Urban Essentials Inc.

Joy Astilla is the founder of Urban Essentials, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Wink in the Philippines (and also of Blanqi Maternity Support, Bellaband Maternity Band, and Ingrid & Isabel Nursing Bras.)  She says, "It is our company's goal to make everyone know that it is okay for a woman to take care of herself.. to look and feel for yourself should not stop once you become a mother. Caring for for yourself is essential so you could keep your sanity and take care of your family members who depend on you."

That being said, the company's philosophy is really about celebrating oneself.  And when it comes to celebrating motherhood and womanhood as a whole, Wink's got our back (and tummy too!), literally and figuratively.  Wink continues to serve moms' bodyshaping needs postpartum and beyond, and enjoins its #Winkmoms and wome everywhere to "Celebrate You!" every day.

Wink is available through and in Mothercare, Rustan's, and The Parenting Emporium.

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