Plants Vs. Zombies Halloween Party At Luxent Hotel

It has been more than a week since our attendance of Luxent Hotel's Plant Vs. Zombies Lawn Of Doom Halloween Party and I still can'...

It has been more than a week since our attendance of Luxent Hotel's Plant Vs. Zombies Lawn Of Doom Halloween Party and I still can't get over with it, especially my preschooler.  Why?  Because Plants Vs. Zombies happens to be one of his favorite games and he likes to portray himself as a zombie.  When we told him that we're going to go to a Plants Vs. Zombies themed party, he was shrieking out of joy!  So lo and behold, the whole family dressed up for the occasion and YES even our baby Damien.
Daddy came in a Harry Potter costume, Baby Damien as a Skeleton Baby, I as a Snapchat Filter (haha! look at my flower crown), our teenager as a Jabbawockeez Dancer, and Wes as a Zombie!
We all wore our Halloween costumes for the event Wes looked forward to!
Wes as a Zombie in Plants Vs Zombie-themed Halloween Party at Luxent Hotel
It was this baby's first-ever Halloween party and we're glad it was with Luxent Hotel
The Seasons Ballroom was designed with hanging zombies from the ceiling such as in the Plants Vs. Zombies game.  The whole place was packed and in fact Luxent Hotel announced that their Halloween Party tickets were sold out a few days before the event.  Why wouldn't it be?  It's one of the most organized, most generous, and one of the most worth-it Hotel Halloween parties we've attended.  Luxent Hotel makes its guests feel really special and part of the event, like no one is left out.  I love it also that I saw my name on our assigned table.  Yup, they were that organized.
Seasons Ballroom, well-dressed for the occasion.
When we came to the venue, the program had already started and guests had their fills from the lunch buffet.  The buffet spread was more than enough to make one fully satisfied.  And as if the lunch prepared wasn't enough, they had snacks and some sweets for everyone too!  We took part of some fries, gummy worms, and ice cream as well.  Their glasses of juice were uber cute as well as they too were dressed up for the Halloween!
The four-hour event was definitely fun-filled.  There was something to do for everybody!  Certainly every minute was spent well, no wasted time!  There were on-stage activities such as a puppet show, magic show, games for both kids and kids-at-heart, raffle prizes, and announcement of Best In Costume too.
Ventriloquist in action with his ostrich friend

A funny Superman puppet who just rode a taxi because he couldn't seem to fly that moment.  That left the kids and parents laughing out loud!
Puppet show
Best in costume winners.
Though Wes didn't win a prize for his scary Zombie costume, he had so much fun playing the part and chasing after other kids.  Wait a minute... he was chasing only after the girls!!!  Wes ha!  The parents of the kids were there and actually took photos of their girls with my zombified son.
While the program was ongoing, Daddy Macky had our fills from the buffet, roamed around a little, did some selfies with the kids and checked out the other pocket activities off-stage.
Snapchat Filter Mommy with Daddy Harry Potter
With my already shy eldest son
Baby Skeleton with Daddy Harry
Watching the magic show with my Zombie son
Outside the ballroom, there were activities for kids who were shy to join the on-stage or front activities. I'm impressed that Luxent Hotel was thoughtful enough to prepare these other activities to keep kids roaming around busy.  There were coloring activity, face painting, and ring toss, card game, and many more.
Face painting
Ring Toss

Card Game
Coloring Activity
Apart from the generous giving away of gift certificates for Garden Cafe buffets and Reluxe Spa treats, all kids came home with a cute and hefty sunflower pot of treats and that ain't a trick! :)  My sweet tooth (yup mine, not the kids! haha!) was delighted to see some of my favorite candies and chocolates in it!  Manila Bulletin also gave away some loots (of magazines and treats) for the parents.
A Great Halloween Party Indeed!
It was our first time to attend a Halloween party in Luxent Hotel and compared to other hotel parties we attended to, this one didn't disappoint us at all!  Not a bit!  Imagine for only Php850 net per person, we got a lot!  No wonder their tickets got sold out pretty fast.  First of all, their lunch buffet spread was filling and not bitin.  Everyone had a feast with its main course and dessert spread as well.  The snacks for those staying in the table to tend to the belongings or babies or just enjoy and observe the happenings, were delish!  I particularly enjoyed the fries and ice cream!

The program's Host/Ventriloquist/Puppet Show Master/Magician/And-Everything-Else-In-Between was really rocking it!  He was entertaining and he managed to engage his audiences.  You wouldn't notice the passing of time watching him do his stuff and making everyone laugh.  His jokes were mindful, wholesome and not offensive compared to other entertainers.  Their pocket activities were also well-thought of and it addressed kids who wandered around or couldn't stay too long for the program.

Luxent Hotel's GC prizes were overflowing.  Kulang na lang bigyan nila isa-isa mga guests (unfortunately hindi pwede at hindi rin kami nanalo sa raffle).  Super generous with the raffle prizes for the kids and adults too!

The Seasons Ballroom was spacious.  All the guests were taken to their assigned tables and were seated properly.  The whole event was well-organized and if I happen to be their manager, I would give them incentives for a job well done!  

We had fun as parents.  The kids enjoyed the whole time we were there so much so that we didn't notice that the program was coming to an end.  

Will we attend an event again in Luxent Hotel?  YES!  We definitely will!  It's now going to be prioritized on our list for sure.  Congratulations to the staff of Luxent Hotel for the successful Halloween Event.

Our Spooktacular Overnight Stay At Luxent Hotel
I love staycations.  I really do!  A mom with three kids, and one of them is a baby, spells hectic and sometimes stressful schedule.  This also means days could be physical draining and the time you used to own, is no longer yours to keep!  Moms like me need an escape, at least away from the house.  Okay, no need for me to justify the need and love for staycations.  At least a night away from the familiar house is a welcoming moment for me.  Just to see fluffy white pillows and bed sheets (which I don't have to wash) and actually lay down on it, is truly something I appreciate.  
After the Halloween party, we checked in Luxent Hotel for an overnight stay.  We literally stayed-in.  We didn't go out of the room at all!  I wanted to just relax, blog and enjoy the free wifi, and actually feel the soft pillows and the comfort of the hotel bed for as long as I can.  

The Spooktacular Overnight Stay at Luxent Hotel was inclusive of the following:
- Room accommodation in a Superior Room
- Buffet Breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids (12 years old and below)
- Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet connectivity (YEAH BABY!)
- Use of pool and gym
- Late check-out at 2pm 
- One (1) Plants vs Zombies Halloween party ticket (per room/stay) 

Guess what, I love that the foldable cot was free of use during our stay and I really appreciated it a.  No more worries of baby falling out of the bed should he roll.
The only times I remembered stepping out of our room were during breakfast and swim time.  I had a rejuvenating one night, at least, a night of no mess to put away, no clothes or sheets to wash, and no breakfast to cook.  That's what I love about staying in!
Other than these activities (breakfast and swimming) we didn't go out of the room.  Sinulit talaga ang staycation.  Ang saya ng katawang mommy-lupa ko!  Promise!  And the boys?  Guess what?  Nakisama, they also stayed in and brought our X-Box console and other gadgets as well.  Here are more family photos:

The experience?  Awesome!  It was a great jumpstart to the long weekend!  Thanks so much Luxent Hotel for the well-organized and fun-filled Halloween party.  We'll be looking forward to more spectacular events in your hotel.  Also, the overnight stay, just like our first one, was indeed relaxing and the family felt and were treated special.

Kudos to all the staff for the great customer service, for maintaining the cleanliness of the hotel, safety and security of the guests, for the sumptuous breakfast, and for making us all feel so much at home, even if we're away from it.  We had a #delightfulexperience and one which we wouldn't forget!  We'll definitely be back, again and again!

If you'd also like to experience staying in Luxent Hotel or attending a family event, you may like them on Facebook or visit their website for more information.

You may also read my full staycation review over HERE.

Luxent Hotel
51 Timog Avenue, South Triangle,
Quezon City, Philippines

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