Friso Four, The Gift Of Proper Nutrition

As parents of this generation, we would like as much as possible to monitor and keep a tab on all our children’s milestones.  Even if in our...

As parents of this generation, we would like as much as possible to monitor and keep a tab on all our children’s milestones.  Even if in our case, we’re both full-time working parents, we make sure we are still on top of the developmental stages of our kids.

But sadly, sometimes we can’t be there all the time so we rely on help of our family members, caretakers, support from school, and the nutrition which comes from the food and drink we give to the kids.  We cannot expect this process to be perfect all the time, there are stumbles and falls.  But these mishaps are part of their learning and help build stronger character for them.  But should my kids experience bad situations in school or at home when we’re not around, I don’t see this as a failure.  But as an opportunity to teach them how to cope and adapt easily so they would grow confident and assured of themselves.

For me personally, parenting is also about spending quality time and ensuring they grow in a healthy and happy environment and are given proper nutrition.  Fruits, Vegetables, and Milk are non-negotiables when it comes to my children’s nutrition.  We’re blessed to have kids who don’t dislike these foods, in fact, it’s part of their daily food consumption, and we don’t have to force it to them.  They are growing healthily and strong as they go about their daily activities at home and in school.
As our little one continues to explore his physical capabilities through play, it’s important that we give him milk that will help him develop stronger bones and muscles.  Friso Four has been one of his allies in making this happen.

It’s a pro-digestion milk formula which uses LockNutri, a way of preserving the natural structure of protein, making it easy to digest and lessen the risk of constipation.  He’s never had problems in this department and I know how painful it could be for children to be constipated (I experienced this when I was younger.)
By making sure he gets the full nutritive value of milk, we as parents, are assured that he grows healthily which will allow us to experience more bonding moments together, just like how we did it with his Kuya.  Plus, by being the always-present-parents to him, he will grow up to be a happy, secured, smart, and confident child.
Giving them proper nutrition is also a gift we should always give to our children.  As much as we want to be with them 24/7 to protect them and ensure their safety, we can’t.  By giving them the proper nutrition, we can be assured that as they explore the world on their own, they are protected.  One way that gives us peace of mind when nutrition and protection is concerned is giving him milk every day.  We give our little one Friso Four.  We also make regular visits to his pediatrician.

You may also visit your child’s pediatrician to claim your Friso Four Kit, which includes an exclusive Mercury Drug card.  By purchasing Friso Four from any Mercury Drug Moms get the chance to win perks and prizes, exclusively from Friso Four (final list of prizes and partners to be published in

How about you loves?  How do you show your love to your children even when you’re not around?  Do you also believe in the importance of milk in their nutrition?

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