4 Home Styling Tips With The New Carrier Slimpac Series

We've had several home renovations already since 2012 because we wanted to make sure we use the space in the house as efficiently as we ...

We've had several home renovations already since 2012 because we wanted to make sure we use the space in the house as efficiently as we can.  My husband and I want a functional family space which will reflect both our styles.

In these renovations, we considered Style + Function and I'd like to add one more, Comfort.  With already three kids, it's important that the space we share as a family is one which we'll all be happy to be in, that we all look forward to coming home to every day, and one that is clutter-free and COOL so that we could invite family and friends over anytime even on humid summer days.

Id' like to share some personal tips on creating that mindful space for the family too.

  • On Style - Know what your personal style is and your living space should reflect it.  Get ideas or pegs from the internet like Pinterest and create a mood board.  Know what colors, to use and make sure these colors would set a good mood which should make you happy and relaxed.
  • On Function - I love making use of every space in the house while still ensuring that it's clutter-free.  I highly recommend that if you're customizing your furniture such as cabinets, drawers, or event sofa, make sure you could also create plenty of storage for those small items you don't want to be visible in the eye to avoid clutter.  For the room or kitchen, if you're customizing your cabinets, it would be better if it's ceiling-high so things are kept neatly.
  • On Budget - Renovating the house could get so addicting, once you start styling and mindfully creating functional spaces, sometimes we can't stop coming up with ideas to improve our spaces.  But remember, your additional ideas may also mean additional expense.  So the first thing to do, set a budget and stick to it.  Compare prices of materials before purchasing.  Lastly be conscious on your spending by listing down all your expenses in a simple budget sheet which you could do on Excel.
  • On Comfort - Style and Function are great but never leave out the most important thing, Comfort.  Install a powerful, dependable and cost-efficient cooling system in your living space to ensure that your whole family can still bond inside the house even on the hottest days.  A floor-mounted air-con is highly recommended. Choose a stylish and cost-efficient cooling units such as the Carrier Klarwind or for really large houses, the Carrier XPower 2.  This will ensure that your living space would not only look good but also "FEEL" good, now that's the Carrier Experience.
The New Carrier Slimpac Series
In the Slimpac Series launch which was hosted by Carrier's fitting brand ambassador Ms. Jenni Eperson, I learned through Irene Dee, Interior Designer, that your space and how you style your house should be connected with you and should bring total well being.  As shared by Psychologist Ichel Alignay, well being is "the wellness of one's whole being - emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual."  So it's important that when we do interior styling of our house, we take our total well-being in consideration.
One way of taking care of the well-being is to ensure that the comfort of the family is achieved.  How?  By having a dependable cooling system such as the new Carrier Slimpac Series.  These are half the size of the old stand up units and sport a minimal design that blends well with neutral wall colors and it comes in two models: Carrier Klarwind and Carrier XPower2.
The Carrier Klarwind has an innovative 270 degree swivel head motion that provides wider and faster cooling with reach of up to 20 meters away.  It's quiet, sleek, very modern, stylish, and cost-efficient too.  This inverter aircon comes in 2.5HP with a high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 18.0 as compared to 10.8 of other leading brands.  It has a Power Saving Eco which saves energy by operating at 25-30C temperature limit. It also features a 3 step anti-bacterial, electrostatic and carbon filter.  It also dehumidifies while providing moderate cooling through its auto swing mode.  Plus compared to a wall split type air-conditioner, this requires less maintenance.
The Carrier X Power 2 is recommended for bigger spaces like your mansion (hihi!) or an office.  It has the same features as the Klarwind at 3 horse power.  It's really a powerful cooling system because it can cool a room in 2 minutes.  It has an energy efficiency ration of 17.7 which is a lot better than other brands with the same horse power.

Aren't these new cooling system innovation great?!  Now is the perfect time to have your place assessed by Carrier Philippines for free because summer is about to begin (imagine the scorching heat of the sun permeating your homes - sweat, rashes, irritability!).  Book an appointment through their customer care hotline at 836-5555 or check their website www.carrier.com.ph for more information.  You may also follow them on Facebook for updates and future promos https://facebook.com/CarrierPhilippines/ and their stories via hashtags #SophisticatedComfort #TheCarrierExperience

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