Biggest Data Plans, Now Made Even Bigger with #SmartPostpaidPlans

You can take away anything in my bag except these three things: my mobile phone, my wallet, and kikay kit.  My wallet and kikay kit are self...

You can take away anything in my bag except these three things: my mobile phone, my wallet, and kikay kit.  My wallet and kikay kit are self-explanatory ladies.  But, I couldn't stress how my mobile phone with an excellent network and data connection plays a big role in my life right now as a wife, a mom, a career woman, a blogger, and as an employer too.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Intentional Communication With Husband - My husband and I agreed from the very beginning of our love story that communication is key to our relationship.  We're not together 24/7 so communication through our mobile phones is important.  We use all communication lines possible to stay connected like calls, texts, social media PMs/DMs, lahat na actually.  On days talking is not possible we get updated through our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and even IG stories.  We even reciprocate double-taps on IG or on FB posts!  Not that it's a requirement, but I guess that's one or two forms of our language of love, affirmation and appreciation.  An excellent data connection is a must for us, if not, aaargh, it could get a bit frustrating.

It's A Mommy Thing - Have I told you I have three children?  Yes!  All boys and of different stages - A teenager, a young child, and a baby.  Each child has different personalities and needs, but all of them has the same need for communication time!  Hence, I rely on my phone heavily to make this possible.  My teenager commutes to and from school.  He comes home quite late due to his daily basketball training, which means, I worry about him more than ever (especially after his first hold-up experience while commuting) when he's not home.  I only get a sense of relief after being able to talk to him to know his whereabouts and tell him all my reminders and list of things-to-do through FB messenger.  Now, my 6-year-old son is the most clingy of the three which means I need to constantly communicate with him through calls and even through video calls using WhatsApp.  I also use the same online channels to talk to my baby's caretaker to send reminders and get updates on baby's activities.

I'm A Team Player - I am a working mom who goes to the office five days a week.  On days when I work outside or need to update my colleagues. my project partners, and my clients, I heavily rely on my mobile phone for this.  I use the phone to stay connected, to be on top of things, to finish projects, and to be collaborative with different people in the work place.  I communicate through calls, texts, and also through Viber.

I Need Some ME- Time for Balance - When going to the salon or the spa is not possible, I spend my me time streaming or watching my favorite TV series or blockbuster movies.  I rely on iFlix or Fox+ (you can have a 30-day trial by the way for FREE!) for this quick Me-Time fix which I get to do when waiting in line or commuting in a van or riding Uber using my mobile phone. Oh such a life saver my mobile phone!
I'm A Social Animal - I am online the whole day - from the moment I wake up after praying to give thanks to HIM for a brand new day, to right before we cap off the night.  I update my social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my blog and I constantly check my personal email using my mobile phone.  This is why a BIG DATA allocation is a requirement so I may be able to get things done efficiently and fast.  While I'm happy with my network provider's data allocation, I know I can do a lot more with a BIGGER allocation siyempre.

I know, grabe my need for my mobile phone and a BIG data allocation, good thing the new Smart Postpaid Plan could cater to all these needs.

The New #SmartPostpaidPlans

The revamped Smart Postpaid Plans start with baseline subscriptions that come with superfast Smart LTE Postpaid SIM and bigger data volume. Even better, each plan comes with built-in features, such as unlimited texts to all networks; all minutes to all networks; and free access to Facebook Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp every month. You also have the option to add a handset to your postpaid plan, or subscribe to more services for a truly convenient build-your-own-plan experience perfect for your mobile lifestyle.

Smart’s new offers start at Plan 399, which now comes with 3GB data (up from the previous 1 GB data), followed by Plan 599 with 5GB data (up from 4GB), and Plan 799 with 8GB data (up from 7GB). Smart also offers Plan 999 with monthly 10GB data; Plan 1499 with 18GB data; Plan 1999 with 24GB data; Plan 2499 with 30GB data; and Plan 2999 with 36GB data – each with built-in call minutes to all networks, unlimited texts to all networks, and free access to Facebook Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp every month.

Now, starting with only Php 399 a month, you can build your very own Smart Postpaid Plan and enjoy the fastest LTE speeds.

I can see how the new Smart Postpaid Plans perfectly match my lifestyle needs!  And maybe it's time to also get my teenager his own postpaid plan!

How about you?  I know you want it too!  For more information, visit or like SMART on Facebook for updates as well!

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