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Summer isn't over I know but getting ready for the school season has already started.  Enrollment has been going on since last month and...

Summer isn't over I know but getting ready for the school season has already started.  Enrollment has been going on since last month and speaking of which, I haven't enrolled my kids!  And yet, I'm already excited to do back-to-school shopping!  It has been my favorite activity since I was a child myself.  I just love the smell of school supplies and new notebooks.

I've never seen this back-to-school task as taxing nor exhausting at all.  What makes it stressful is the crowd and going to one bookstore to another because there are missing items or the brand and type of item your child prefers aren't there.  Plus, if you have more than one child (like me, ehem), practicality is a consideration when shopping.

I discovered that there's one place to go back-to-school shopping to which meets my criteria: one-stop shop and practical choices: SM Stationery!

When I visited SM Stationery in SM Makati, their shelves are stocked completely with school supplies my kids would need such as notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil cases, crayons, bond papers, bags, and many more!  See, you don't need to go bookstore hopping because you'll find everything you need in one stop.

Just like grocery shopping, you save a lot when you buy anything in packs.  It's like wholesale buying.  Just like this pack of 5 writing notebooks.
 When I was looking around, I saw this awesome offer!  It's an All-In-One-School Pack which is available for Grades 1 to 6!  I think it's a great idea to pack everything a student will need, so you just grab your backpack (which comes with it!) and go!
For only Php 399 you get a back pack with the school supplies you'd need such as bond paper, oslo paper, folder, pad paper, notebook, pencil, ruler, scissors, glue stick!
These are some of the available school backpack designs you may choose from!  Pretty neat huh?  Now let's take a closer look inside the bag.
If you need for notebooks for your children, notebook packs (spiral or sewn type) are also available for purchase at low prices compared when you buy them individually.
For the preschoolers, SM Stationery also has Creative Kits or packs from Crayola and Lil Hands.  This is one of the things I got excited about back-to-school shopping when I was a kid myself.  All these colors of crayons and new watercolor, the paint brush and the clean sheets of paper!
This Li'l Hands Creative Kit contains a drawing book, an art paper set, coloring pens, scissors, watercolor, jumbo pencil, and crayons.
This is another variant of the Li'l Hands creative kit.  See that giant watercolor tempera, yaaas!
Crayola has its own version of the creative kit.  Their kit contains Crayola Twistable Pencil (I remember my first-born used to bug me to buy him all Crayola Twistables!  If this pack was available then, I would grab this fast!), Crayola Crayons 16's, Crayola Broad Line Markers, Crayola Classic Color Markers, and 1 Coloring Sheet.

SM Stationery now carries its own line of school paper supplies with Low Price.  Galing lang that you can find anything you need for your student child from pre-school, grade school, high school to even college.  My high school student son needs pads and other paper types and I usually buy him those in packs or sets, guess what?  SM Stationery also has it!  Lookie: 
Aminin mo, when you were a student yourself, you're guilty of asking your classmates for a piece of paper when it's quiz time right?  Well, with this SM Stationery Low Price Packs of paper, your child will have aplenty.  Siya na ang magsheshare sa classmates niya!  This package includes 1 intermediate pad, 1 crosswise pad, 1 lengthwise pad, and 3 1/4 pad.  
My now Grade 1 son needs arts and crafts paper such as poster and construction paper, Low Price SM Stationery also has them!
And for all other paper needs such as graphing paper for high school an college students, bond paper and oslo paper as well!  Compared to prices from other bookstores, their is a bit cheaper but of good quality!  Practical shopping indeed!  Check na check for me!
And after all the notebook and book purchasing, one of the tedious parts of back-to-school is covering!  But don't fret, book covers by the yard and pre-cut (I buy this, less hassle to cut, plus it comes in perfect sizes!) are also available in SM Stationery!  What's unique with their book cover is that it has a paper core, others don't.  Which is a nice feature for me, simple lang pero it works lots of wonders because your book cover won't easily get folded or You really don't have to look anywhere else but stay here for all your needs diba?

By the way, I've mentioned earlier, SM Stationery also carries many different brands plus school accessories like pens, pencils, coloring materials, pencil cases, totes and bags too fitting for every student's diverse personalities!  Look at all these!
In fact, SM Stationery is not only for the students but for office millennials, artsy-fartsy individuals, travel-lovers, techie guys, actually, it's for everyone who each has different tastes!
I am such a paper and pen kind of person and even in the event of everything digital, I still believe and still love jotting down everything!  Listing all my dreams, my to-do-things, my bills, my shopping or grocery, payables, and many more!  So this paper section to me is pure bliss!
See, who would've thought that SM Stationery at the SM Store has all these?  May it be complete back-to-school shopping or shopping for gifts, you can find something interesting at SM Stationery.

One practical tip by the way when going shopping, make sure you have a checklist of what you just need to shop for, to save time and to remain within your budget.  Because if not, with all these wonderful items at SM Stationery, you couldn't help but just put stuff in your shopping basket!  I meant that in a very good way!  Hahaha!

For more information and promo updates on SM Stationery, visit their website, or follow them on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Have an awesome back-to-school shopping!

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