Our F1 Hotel Manila's LuzViMinda 5 Buffet Experience

JUNE is a month to remember by every Filipino because of it's a month we celebrate the National Independence Day.   F1 Hotel Manila cle...

JUNE is a month to remember by every Filipino because of it's a month we celebrate the National Independence Day.  F1 Hotel Manila clearly never forgets for it's the month they launch their annual Filipino Feast LuzViMinda 5.  This year's LuzViMinda has a theme of Gastronomical Fusion featuring three talented guest chefs Mikel Zaguirre (representing Luzon), Dennis Uy (representing Visayas) and Kalel Chan (representing Mindanao), headed by Executive Chef Decker Gokioco.

This wasn't the first time we experienced a dining euphoria in F1 Hotel Manila, the first one was in 2014 which I wrote about HERE.  So when we got a chance to devour yet another round of F1 Hotel Manila's LuzViMinda dishes, we're just so happy that diet isn't part of our family's vocabulary.

So let me tour you around the Philippine islands through one thing that will bring peace to everyone: FOOD!

The dishes which Chef Mikel Zaguirre prepared were inspired by heirloom recipes which were meticulously crafted by research and adjusted a little bit to adapt the modern palate.
 Crispy Pata Roulade
People close to me know that I adore Crispy Pata minus the bones!  So this special roulade made it easier for me to have a generous serving and enjoy the crispy balat and tender meat at the same time!
Adobong Short Ribs Sa Gata 
Anything with gata for me is a winner dish!  What more if it's added  to a traditional lutong bahay recipe using short ribs?  Aaaahhh... Jackpot!  
Balaw-Balaw (Linatik na Hipon)
The shrimp bits come with just the right amount of saltiness that will make you really ask for extra rice!  I see this dish is also perfect as a ice cold beer match!

Chef Dennis Uy’s dishes were inspired from his travels around the archipelago.  The Visayan dishes are familiar to my palette since I've traveled to different cities in this region.  There's a special place in my heart for Visayas, and so is their food of course!
 Chicken Inasal
Who wouldn't love Bacolod's specialty?  This grilled chicken recipe is loved by many!  Arrgh... chicken oil (drooool!)
 Cochinillo de Cebu
Any brother or relative of lechon is my instant best friend!  This is one dish you surely would first dig in to! Never miss the chance to savor this one!
 KBL (Kadyos, Baboy, at Langka)
My husband gave this dish a 10!  Our family loves soup-based dishes, especially the kids.  It gives us instant comfort as the warm soup enters our hungry bellies!
Chicharon CarCar
I kennnnaaaat resist eating chicharon even if I know I shouldn't do it often.  I eat chicharon by itself with vinegar and I eat chicharon with rice too!  This is clearly heaven to me!  Just look at the chicharon with laman (aka pork fat yan!)  I have an untold relationship with chicharon since I was five years old when my daddy introduced me to it.  

Chef Kalel Chan, presented an array of sumptuous dishes which were all worth trying!  Mindanao is where my mom's family is from (Gen. Santos City!) and where she and dad secretly married (Polomolok!) before her hand was officially asked for marriage (wedding in church, so if my lolo didn't give his blessings, wala na rin sila magagawa.)  Anyway, the dishes were all new to me but I surely enjoyed the Mindanao cuisine.
 Grilled Bagaybay on Oysters
The husband had a few of this dish and it appealed to his taste.  We also found out that Bagaybay is a fish's sperm pala!  The teriyaki sauce and the lime made this dish bursting with flavor.
 Rib Eye Rendang
This has got to be one of my top choices in the LuzViMinda spread!  The meat is really tender and flavorful because of the herbs and spices in the Rendang recipe.  
 Bulalo Tiyula Itum
This is the first time I'm acquainted to this dish, bulalo with a twist.  The dish has a rich flavor, the bulalo meat is well-cooked, very tender.  What gives it the dark color is it was cooked with burnt coconut which added an interesting flavor to the dish!  This also made it to my top choices among the LuzViMinda spread!
 Sweet Potato Ukoy
If you're an ukoy lover, you'll love this dish!  Dip it in vinegar with crushed red chili to add spiciness in every bite!  Eat it with rice or not, your choice!  It's good enough to be eaten as is. 
Chicken Piyanggang
This recipe is a Mindanao specialty where chicken is cooked with burnt coconut with different spices.  It was my first time to taste this dish and it certainly didn't disappoint me!  I love the flavor play in my mouth as I devour this chicken recipe! 

I knoooow!  So many exclamation points right??? Because I am such a sweet tooth which my kids got from me and any meal isn't complete without desserts!  Believe me, even at home, there's gotta be one after a meal.  So the dessert spread deserves a spotlight!  I'll tell you which one is my favorite!  For now, please drool at the sight of these beauties.

On my plate were: Kamote Fries, Palitaw, Buko Pie Pudding, Grilled Ensaymada, Ube Napoleones and Brazo Langka.
Laguna Rice Pudding
Halo-Halo Crumble
Turon con Leche and Banana Que
Ice Cream (Avocado, Cheese, Chocnut, and Ube)
Mangosteen Avocado Cake
The K.T.G. Growing Family
Our family is grateful to share the unforgettable gastronomic experience with this bunch of warm and fun foodies.  Happy to be back to reunite with old friends and meet new ones!
Oh, and by the way, my boys adore this guy whom they call their ice cream buddy!  They bond over ice cream every time we see each other!  Thank you boss Spanky!
To sum up our LuzViMinda Buffet experience, it's totally worth driving or commuting or walking (what the heck, do RUN!) all the way to F1 Hotel Manila's F All-Day Dining.  Don't miss this opportunity to devour unique themed cuisines, try it now until June 30 to experience a gastronomic fusion for only Php1,699 for lunch or dinner buffet.

For reservations and inquiries:
Call 908-7888 
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