Review Of Our Stay At Waters Beach Resort - Morong, Bataan

Last Holy Week, the family went on a beach trip up north.  We're a bit tired of always heading south whenever we plan an out of town bea...

Last Holy Week, the family went on a beach trip up north.  We're a bit tired of always heading south whenever we plan an out of town beach trip because of the heavier traffic that side.  I'm glad we let go of the white beach requirement and decided to have Bataan as beach destination because it was worth our almost four hours road trip.

It's a special beach trip to our family because I wasn't able to go to a beach last year due to my sensitive pregnancy AND it's the first beach trip of our little baby.  AND it's also our first trip to Bataan as a family!
There were a lot of recommendations which we considered but we sure did make a right resort choice when we selected Waters Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan.

Here's why:
View from a room in the second floor.  There's a wide grass area, the pool, eating area at the left side, and the beach!
There's a gated space in front of the resort facing the beach for events.  They are open to event bookings too!
The pool is divided to kiddie and adult deep.  It's covered by canvass to protect guests from the sun's heat.
If you come from the beach going back to the hotel, a concrete tub filled with water and dipper is provided so you could wash off the sand.  I like it that the owners/management thought of this idea. You come in your room clean.
The green grassed area balances the whites and the blue hues.  I love it!
The pool is cleaned every day before they open it to guests in the morning.
Aaahhh sunset. :)
Do you agree that we made the right decision to spend a weekend here?  The photos of the place already look serene, calm and relaxing.  What more when you're actually there?  If you would ask me to compare it to Boracay, it's incomparable.  Boracay is Boracay (white and super fine sand).  It's closer to Laiya, Batangas but Bataan shore doesn't have white sand.  It's grey but it's clean and peaceful.  By peaceful, I meant no loud videokes, no bar or tugs-tugs music, and no happy yelling from tipsy liquor drinkers, to think that we stayed there during one long weekend.
There are two types of room accommodation in Waters Beach Resort: Standard and Family.  Standard has two queen-sized bed which is good for four adults and two kids provided the kids share the beds with adults.  There's enough space for an extra mattress if you're sleeping in more than four adults.  Bathroom essentials are complete like bath towels, hand towels, dental kit, soap, shampoo, lotion and toilet paper.  The Family Room has three queen-sized bed perfect for six adults and with the size of the room and beds if attached together, you could sleep in three to four kids.
Air-conditioning is alright it's important to make sure the sliding door opening to the pool/beach area is always closed.  There's TV, mini-ref, and coffee/tea maker as well.  The bathroom is basic but clean.  It has hot and cold water, a rainfall shower, and bidet!  Here's my little one taking a bath after his time of his life at the beach and the pool.
The inflatable tub is not provided by the resort, I bought it via Shopee app and I am extremely happy with my purchase.  I should say that it's a practical and super worth-it travel essential when baby is in tow and you're not sure if there's a bath tub or not.  It's anti-slip, it's inflatable, easy to carry and store, and the most important of all, it keeps baby safe while bathing during travel.  I love it!
Each room has a balcony with a table and chairs such as that in the photo for morning coffee or afternoon R&R or night cap with hubby or wife. OR use it for hanging wet clothes until they're dry!
See the other room facade?  Each room comes with a balcony that has a pool and beach view.  So no matter which room you're assigned, you get to appreciate the stillness of the shore just before the sunset and watch the same sun bid goodbye to the day.
The color white is a symbol of peace and I love that the resort used white paint on its building facade, grills, room walls, and staircases. It's tranquil and cool to the eyes which adds to the relaxation of all senses during your stay there.

Oh and by the way, aside from the food that is available in their kitchen menu, you could bring food for grilling or cooking.  Griller, stoves, pots, and pans are available for use.  Just bring your cooking oil, condiments, plates, bowls, etc.  You just have to pay a corkage fee.

Swimming time in the pool or in the beach are two of the things we came there for.  As I've mentioned in my other blog posts on staycation/vacation, one of my considerations for choosing a hotel to stay in with the kids is the existence of a swimming pool.  Alas, Waters Beach Resort has a good size of a pool facing the beach.  The pool side has a number of beach lounge chairs and tables to chill or sun bathe on if not dipping yet.
I love the sight of the beach by the pool, it's so relaxing.  Of course what makes this view more lovable by me, is my husband and my little one enjoying their swim time!  It was a first for my baby so this moment meant so much to me! :)
Meet the Santoses by the pool.  By the way, the pool is covered by layers of canvass to protect guests from the scorching heat of the sun.  
Let me also share with you one of the best inventions in the outdoor activity department for babies: The Neck Floater.  Oh em geeeeee..... just look at my bebe enjoying his time moving around in the pool.  With supervision, baby could be left swimming by himself.  Watch in amazement while he kicks and moves his arms, tilt his head a bit (as if going for the backstroke!).  Galing!  I bought this Mambobaby Neck Floater on Shopee by the way.
The Waters Beach Resort was fully booked at that time but still their beachfront wasn't crowded.  I guess it's because there's a lot of space in resort.
I love this one-piece swimsuit I bought in SM Store by the way.  It hides what mommies want to be hidden.  It's sporty at the back and feminine in front, which strikes a good balance.
Since I've never been to other resorts in Bataan, I cannot compare it to other nearby resorts, there are too many actually.  But if I compare it to others I stayed in Laiya, Waters Beach Resort is actually at par and could be even better (than a few) in terms of facilities, room/resort space, cleanliness, and ambiance.  Room amenities are complete.  Your stay will be welcomed warmly by their friendly and courteous staff.  You definitely get what you paid for.  If you're looking for a quiet destination that's family-friendly and not located in the south, then I highly recommend Waters Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan.

For room rates, other inquiries, and reservation, you may call the owner Ms. Dell Waters at  0918-4581236 or like and message them also on Facebook.

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