#GumagandaAngArawMo With SUN's New LTE SIM

What makes your day bright?  What fuels you in the morning?  What helps you start your day right?  Paano mo masasabing gumaganda ang araw mo...

What makes your day bright?  What fuels you in the morning?  What helps you start your day right?  Paano mo masasabing gumaganda ang araw mo sa umaga?

#GumagandaAngArawMo with SUN LTE SIM
Gumaganda Ang Araw Ko with my Family
In our family, we start the day by saying our morning prayers, eating a hefty breakfast, and guess what?  After we prepare the kids for school and do with household morning rush, hubby and I go together to our offices and go online using our mobile phones. Or we could just go back to bed and still go online.
#GumagandaAngArawMo with SUN LTE SIM
Gumaganda Ang Araw ko with SUN's newest and widest LTE network
That's the reality, we really pick up our mobile phones after all our other priority tasks at home are done and over with in the morning.  And I tell you mas gumaganda ang araw mo if you're enjoying a high-speed internet.  Hindi yung ang tagal mag-buffer ng videos or when logging in your social media accounts take forever or when even as simple as viewing or opening photos on your feeds eh super slow.

We used to experience that honestly.  But now, SUN is sooooo back brighter than ever to make every day better with their newest and widest LTE network coverage.

Husband and I are both SUN subscribers for years already and we're really happy we stayed.  One, we have always enjoyed our unli-texts and calls to each other and two, we're pretty satisfied with our mobile data performance.  But with the new LTE SIM which Sun offers, our mobile data speed leveled up! No more buffers, no lags, and less waiting time fore our online activities.
#GumagandaAngArawMo with SUN LTE SIM
So this network upgrade means just these AWESOME things for me personally:
  • 24/7 Online Connection - I am such a social animal, I think this doesn't need further explanation, but I will anyway.  I update my social media sites all day both for personal and blog purposes.  I use my data when away with kids to do video calls several times a day to check how they are doing.  I also use my data to check on them through our IP Camera at home.  I blog using my mobile phone whenever there are waiting or free times during the day.  Basta I'm always online using my mobile data and I love that I could now get 24/7 fast internet using Sun.
  • Faster Downloading- as a blogger and full time working mom, I receive documents via email and when I am out of the office, I still access my email and download files. Documents mean some brand information, contracts or presentations which I download from my inbox. I also always download photos and videos of my kids or of some movies my husband and I will watch as part of our night bonding.  Since I am in a band with my husband and also part of our church's music ministry, we always need to study songs and download music files. A fast internet is needed to make this happen.
  • Mobile Gaming at High Speed-  No more lagging animations, missed coins or delayed movements.  Right now, I am finishing all episodes of my current mobile game called Restaurant Dash. I love the time pressure and attaining goals or reaching some points or finishing tasks.  But nakakasira ng  diskarte if the game is paused or when it's not experienced at high internet speed
  •  Practical - Value For Money- Imagine, husband and I are on Sun's Best Value Plan and Sun Prepaid and being on the Sun network for years just means we're happy with the service.  Now with the upgraded network and better mobile data experience with its wider LTE coverage, sobrang value for money.
Here's the GOOD NEWS for NEW and OLD SUN subscribers!

If you're on the SUN network and still using the old SIM, good news!!!  You can now also upgrade the way you connect online and better understand how awesome my husband and I are experiencing with our SUN LTE SIMs.  If you're a Sun Prepaid subscriber, just bring your old 3G SIM to the new LTE-ready SIM for FREE without changing your number at any Sun Shops nationwide.  This can be cut to  regular, micro, and nano SIM sizes. Available for BOTH Sun Prepaid and Sun Postpaid na!

Naku, what are you waiting for?  If you're still undecided which network to sign up or you're thinking of switching, and all you want is to get the best telecommunication and internet or mobile data services from a provider which will NEVER break the bank.  Then your timing is just perfect, SUN now offers LTE-ready SIM for you.  SUN Prepaid LTE SIM is available for only Php35.00!  You get so much for a very affordable price, definitely a great value for money.

Watch this newest ad featuring Vic Sotto, Maja Salvador, and Matteo Guidicelli:

So again, let me ask you, paano mo masasabi na #GumagandaAngArawMo?

Kami, aminin man o hindi, even if traffic is bad...I'm running late for work... my kids forget (all the time!) to follow my usual morning bilins... if the coffee isn't too hot or I'm still hungry... and even if hubby and I had a petty tampuhan, as long as I'm connected and enjoying high speed mobile internet/data using my SUN LTE SIM, I can say pa rin na Gumaganda Ang Araw Ko.

Upgrade na to SUN's LTE SIM today.  Swap your old 3G SIM without changing your existing number for FREE at any SUN Shop nationwide.  Or if you're still not with SUN and like me you value practicality in your choices, apply for a SUN postpaid line or buy a SUN Prepaid LTE SIM for an affordable price of Php35.00 only!  Para masabi mo ring #GumagandaAngArawMo every day with SUN LTE! :)

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