A Closer Look At NUK Teat and Feeding Bottles + A Giveaway

I’m sure there are working moms who are reading this who breastfeed, express milk at work every day, bring home the milk to feed baby, and ...

I’m sure there are working moms who are reading this who breastfeed, express milk at work every day, bring home the milk to feed baby, and were or still are challenged in finding the right feeding bottles with the right teat for their baby.  Some may say, “pare-pareho lang naman mga bote at nipples na yan, anong mahirap dun?”  But for breastfeeding working moms who still have their babies directly latch on them at night and all day on weekends or day offs, what we want to avoid for our babies is nipple confusion.
I believe, based on forums online and also what my friends tell me asking for some breastfeeding advice, that’s one of the most common breastfeeding problems.  So, what I always say is always choose feeding bottles and teats close to the feel of suckling our breasts.  I’ve tried one of the known brands which worked fine, BUT affected my baby’s teeth formation.  And now I switched to using NUK Feeding Bottles because of its specially designed teat which amazingly developed by a team of experts such as pediatricians, midwives, orthodontists and nutritionists.

I thought the only problem I was avoiding was the nipple confusion, I should’ve known better and chose NUK from the beginning because every feeding bottle and teat has an effect pala to our baby’s oral development – the jaw, tongue, and oral cavity.

There are many other feeding bottles with special teat that may avoid nipple confusion, but there’s not one that addresses orthodontic development needs, until I discovered NUK.  It’s actually the first teat suited to the jaw – devised by two dental specialists who discovered better jaw and teeth development in children who were breastfed rather than bottlefed.

At first sight of a NUK teat, you’ll wonder, “Bakit ganito shape?"  My curiosity urged me to research more about NUK and I'll tell you more about it.  First let's take a closer look at a NUK Teat:

  • Feed hole: Set back from the tops and points upwards so milk is directed towards the baby’s palate allowing the feed to mix with saliva for good digestion.
  • Super soft: With the new Soft Zone the teat adapts even better to baby’s mouth
  • Flat underside: Ensure correct positioning of tongue to encourage milking action.  This helps widen jaw allowing correct spacing for tooth development.
  • Extra-wide lip: Provides support for a natural way of feeding.
  • Less colic: The new Anti-Colic Air System ensures a natural flow to help your baby drink without allowing air.
So these features are actually the science behind the unique shape of the NUK Teat.  Ang galling lang because by using a NUK teat/feeding bottle, babies hardly notice any difference between breast and bottle.  I learned that when you feed your baby with a NUK bottle, the speed and strength of the baby’s suckling motions are similar to breast feeding, which aids the healthy oral development of the baby.

Based on careful research, babies suck 569 times when breastfeeding, when compared to using a NUK feeding bottle, babies suck 606 times.  Close comparison also was made on baby’s feeding pauses, (53 times when breastfeeding while 50 times with NUK) and measured the same milk intake of 70g within 13 minutes of test/study.

When I fully understood all these about NUK teats for their soothers (pacifiers) and feeding bottles, I switched and now recommend this to breastfeeding (working) moms like me who:

  • Leave their children under yaya’s or relatives’ care while away from home and still feed their babies with their precious liquid gold
  • Want a no-fuss preparation or method of milk feeding
  • Worry about nipple confusion and want a feeding bottle/teat which mimics breastfeeding best (shape of nipple, sucking motion, pauses, even milk intake)
  • Opt for scientifically researched and designed teats to help in baby’s over-all oral development (jaw, tongue and teeth formation)
I also highly recommend this to new moms and even expecting moms who have the power to choose what feeding bottle or teat they should let their babies use as an alternative to breastfeeding, when direct latching is not possible.

Who wouldn’t want the best for our babies diba?  We all do.  NUK Teats and Feeding Bottles may be new in the Philippine market, but this German brand has been around since 1956, wow, 60 years and counting.  It’s also clinically proven, Oral and Health Foundation approved and also importantly has NUK Anti-Colic Air System (air can escape through the baglet vent, thus allowing it to stay soft and keep its shape and thereby helping to prevent jaw malfunction).

Now the good news is, NUK is going to help me spread the love for NUK Teats and Feeding Bottles by giving away all these:
·         Four (4) winners of NUK Newborn Bottle Sets (0-6m)
·         Three (3) winners of NUK Soothers + Ultra Dry Comfort Nursing Pads

  • How would NUK help me in giving my best to my baby?
  • Why you want to switch to using NUK for your baby?
  • Tag NUK Philippines and Mommy Practicality on Facebook and IG and include this hashtags: #NUKPhilippines #NUKxMommyPracticality
  • Giveaway starts November 21 until December 5, 2017
  • Winners will be selected based on completion of Rafflecopter tasks and best answer on your photo captions.
For more information, visit facebook.com/NukPhilippines or contact them via email nukphilippines@gmail.com

NUK Philippines Feeding Bottles, Soothers, and other products are available online through Lazada, in select stores of Baby Company, Mothercare, SM Stores (Metro Manila branches only), and Rustan’s.

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