DIY Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Easter Sunday is around the corner and many establishments have prepared a grand celebration for children around the metro to celebrate th...

Easter Sunday is around the corner and many establishments have prepared a grand celebration for children around the metro to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Check some of these Eater Egg Hunting Events HERE.

Some of these events are free or Php1,000 under which is already a compelling reason for families to go to the malls or hotels this coming Easter Sunday for the fun games, activities, shows, and of course hunt for eggs in exchange of prizes.  In the past years, I've done that with my children and though each time they're exciting and happy, they are also tired. 
Easter Basket 3
And then there are also some who couldn't go to these Easter party or celebrations because of many reasons such as:
  • They are on a vacation and taking advantage of the long weekend.
  • They don't have a budget for hotel events.
  • Even if they have a budget, the registration has ended.
  • Free mall activities are always jam-packed and they don't have enough patience to endure long queues.
  • Being in a crowded place is not their idea of fun.
  • They'd rather stay home to avoid the traffic.
And many more reasons.

So what do some parents with these reasons do (which we plan to do this time around)?  Stay at home and prepare their own practical and inexpensive Easter Sunday celebration with family.

One of the most important elements of the celebration apart from food to share and eggs to decorate hunt is the Easter Basket fillers. I've listed some ideas below which you could DIY.

1. Bunny Novelties
This could be a plush, a head band, stickers, notepads, masks, and many more!
2.  Children's Bible/Books
any informative books would be a good idea, but I highly suggest Children's Bible 
such as these what I have for my kids.  The stories in the Bible will make them understand why we are celebrating Easter - The Resurrection of Jesus Christ!
3.  Yummy Treats such as:
Richocco Chocolate Wafer
Richeese Cheese Wafer
MINE Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
Each of these packs contains 12 wafer sticks.  The serving is quite a lot for one child, so this encourages sharing.  One pack though is enough for any adult to enjoy.  Hindi bitin!  
The Richoco Chocolate Wafer, my two younger kids' current favorite snack and baon, has a true chocolate taste but is surprisingly not too sweet.
Richeese Cheese Wafer on the other hand, my teenager son's favorite comes in a real deal cheese flavor (which I think could be a good companion to wine drinkers too!)
The MINE Hazelnut Chocolate Bar is the newest member of their family.  It's still a wafer stick but more chocolaty than Richoco Chocolate Wafer.  It's a long wafer stick covered in Hazelnut Cream.  Truly these wafer treats from Enerlife would excite any kids who would receive an Easter basket filled with Richoco Chocolate Wafer, Richeese Wafer,and MINE Hazelnut Chocolate Bar.

Check them on Facebook for tips, updates, promo, and more info:

So there you have it, some Easter Basket Filler Ideas which any mom and even dad could easily DIY.  Again, let's not forget to share to our children how God loves all of us that He gave us and sacrificed His only son Jesus to die on the cross to save us all from our sins.  And that Jesus is real reason for all the Easter Sunday celebration.

Let's rejoice because Christ Is Risen!  Happy Easter to all! :)

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