Fisher Farms PH Frozen Product Favorites and Review

Now that I am a work at home mom, I get to manage the household very closely. By that I mean I take care of my children personally, I clean ...

Now that I am a work at home mom, I get to manage the household very closely. By that I mean I take care of my children personally, I clean the house/dishes/clothes and whatever needs to be cleaned, and lastly, I get to plan, market, choose the food and cook at least twice every single day.

I feel fulfilled whenever I get to cook for my family.  Cooking is like an expression of my love through service to my husband and kids.  Though not a great cook, at least I can whip up a meal worth remembering and when I can't or don't have enough time but still want a delicious and healthy meal for my family, I get a convenient help from frozen food products I could get from the grocery and cook almost instantly - such as Fisher Farms PH.

Fisher Farms PH has a lot of frozen fish products and we're glad to receive some to try, but actually, we've already purchased a few of their products before and we really liked the taste.  So I got really excited to try their other frozen products.

You kinda have an expected taste when you say sausages right?  So I didn't know what to expect while opening the package and about to cook them, because they are made of fish right?  So honestly, I was expecting it to taste close to Kikiam with a kick of sausage taste.

BUT NO!!!!  Not at all!  Surprisingly, nothing smelled and tasted fishy.  It's the real deal hungarian sausage taste!  The package is good for 3-4 servings.  We like the taste and the light kick of spiciness in it.

My family is a heavy breakfast and fish or seafood eaters.  So having fish anytime of the day is a welcome treat!  And if you would be interested to ask if my kids like fish, YES, super!  And vegetables too.  So, how's the taste?  It is definitely crispy on the outside because of its  breading, and it's fully cooked and tender inside.  The taste reminds me of my mom who used to marinate Dinaing na Bangus herself.  This is 100% made of Bangus, breaded, deboned, and Garlic and Vinegar marinated.  The pack is good for 4-5 servings.  Serve it with garlic fried rice and slices of tomato, hot brewed coffee, and mag-kamay for the best Pinoy breakfast experience.  Of course don't forget to wash your hands! :)
Personally, more than dried fish and dinaing na Bangus, I like Tinapa so much ever since I was a child.  When I first tasted Fisher Farms PH's Smoked Deboned Milkfish, I instantly liked it.  The bangus meat is tender and fresh.  The serving size per pack is generous, could even feed 4-5 hungry persons.  Pair it with again, garlic fried rice, tomato/onion/cucumber side dish and voila, you're in for a delicious and inexpensive experience with your family.  Plus, it's no hassle to cook it.  I recommend this in your cart on your next grocery day.
Honestly like the Hungarian Sausage, I was expecting this to taste seafoody-sisig, because after all it's a frozen seafood product.  Other bangus sisig I've tried tastes like that, fish.  But THIS, oh my, it's Bangus but it didn't taste fishy or malansa.  It says microwaveable on its packaging, but in my case, since I ditched the microwave, cooking it in a pan did the trick.  Usually a Sisig would need toyo-mansi (soy sauce + kalamansi) to season it. Fisher Farms PH's Bangus Sisig do not need seasoning anymore because it's tasty and in fact, for a frozen product it passed my and husband's Sisig taste standards, this is in comparison to the Sisig in famous grill restos in Metro Manila. :)

1.  TASTE - If you love food because you love the fusion of different tastes in your mouth as you savor a dish, then you would also like Fisher Farms PH's frozen products.  You could never go wrong buying Fisher Farms Ph's package, any of their product line actually, because it tastes good!  No need for seasoning, it stands out.  Extra rice please?

2.  DISTRIBUTION - Fisher Farms Ph's frozen products are available in select branches of the following supermarkets: Savemore, SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, Allday Supermarket, Metro Gaisano, Rustans Supermarket, Shopwise, South Supermarket, Waltermart, Puregold, Daily Supermarket, Fishermall, LCC, Ayagold, Pioneer Centre, Robinsons, The Landmark, and Ng Chain.

3.  PRICE - Price points of their frozen products ranges from Php 120 - Php299.  Sometimes, they also have limited time promos where you could Buy 1 Take 1, such as the one I bought from All Day Supermarket last month.  It's Mommy Practicality approved because it's a value for money purchase.

4.  HEALTHY - Fisher Farms PH milkfish is a healthier choice! Bangus has lower fat content than pork belly.  Plus it's also a good source of heart-healthy Omega-3!

I recommend moms who are on the go who sometimes have little time to prepare healthy meals for their family, try Fisher Farms PH frozen products and make sure you include them in your next grocery list.  Above four are my favorites, but you may find your own favorite from the variety of their other milk fish products such categorized into:
- Gourmet Selections
- Microwaveable Meals
- All Natural Fish Sausages
- Regular Fish Deli
- Kiddie Fish Delis
- Deboned Milk Fish
- Frozen Whole Fish

Happy Healthy Eating! :)

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