Who Should Attend The Jewels Conference 2018

Are there times that as a woman fulfilling your multiple roles (a wife, a mom, a sister, a career person, a friend or an organization leader...

Are there times that as a woman fulfilling your multiple roles (a wife, a mom, a sister, a career person, a friend or an organization leader) you get too exhausted to the point of even asking yourself or the universe "Why am I doing what I am doing?"

Have you ever wondered if other women of any role at any stage also did, does or will do what you did, what you do or will do?

Have you ever felt unsure, confused, lost, depressed, empty or even pressed against the wall?  Have you figured out what your purpose is in your life as a woman?

If you've felt or thought about this one time in your life, it's okay, it's normal.  I personally had my personal struggles as well as a woman.  It's normal, we all go through a lot.  Though of different experiences, degrees of past pains and tolerance of it, we all go through something.

We've cried buckets of tears during our first heartbreak, we've risked ourselves when we carried our babies in our wombs, we went through physical pain during labor and childbirth, we also submit as wives to our husbands, we raise our children, we even take care of our aging parents, we fulfill our passions/dreams on the side, and so many more.

It's tough to be a woman, and I believe that every struggles and victories of a woman should be celebrated.  This is what the Jewels Conference is all about.

What is the Jewels Conference 2018?
The Jewels Conference is a one-day event that seeks to empower women in their personal journey of balancing their roles, careers, relationships, and dreams. Our attendees were made up of different segments of women ranging from mothers, young professionals, young adults, and the youth.

Click here to watch a video of Jewels Conference 2016. 

This year, Jewels Conference 2018 is happening on June 2 (Saturday) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the SMX  Convention Center in Pasay City, Manila.

Speaking of hope and inspiration at the conference are lay preacher and international speaker and author Bo Sanchez, Rissa Singson-Kawpeng of Kerygma Magazine, Sr. Eppie Brasil of Regina Rica, TV actresses Dimples Romana and Ai Ai De Las Alas, and worship leader Veia Lim-Vinas. 
With the theme Radiance, this year’s thrust is to speak to each woman participant, and remind her that God wants her to shine and radiate joy and love wherever she is in her life.   

He wants every woman to have beyond what she can contain. The reason? Because God did not design your life to be about you. Instead, God designed your life to be for others. God wants you to shine!

Who should be at the Jewels Conference?
The young professional who needs to take a break from work. 
The college student who needs focus and direction. 
The solo mother who needs to conquer her fears. 
The mother who wants a simple time-off to pamper herself. 
The leader who seeks more inspiration for her team. 
The grandmother who wants to see the beauty of the present time.
The single lady who needs strength and patience in her waiting.
The wife who's praying for a fulfilling marriage. 
The expectant mother who's asking for strength for her future family.  
The woman battling sickness, praying for healing and a miracle. 
The widow who's praying for comfort and strength.
And to every woman who’s looking for a safe place and an overflow of hope and inspiration to see the beauty of life once again—the Jewels Conference is for you. 
This is a great time to celebrate womanhood and be connected to the True Source of your strength.

Beautiful things will happen for you at the Jewels Conference. 

So invite your girlfriends and sisters to go with you. It's not too late to spend summer together. Or schedule a post-Mother's Day date with your mom. I'm sure she'll be delighted to spend precious moments with you (and with Jesus, too!) at the Jewels Conference.

Choose the kind of ticket you want online at www.jewelsconference.com or at The Feast near you. There are also many exciting freebies—a Jewels journal plus reserved seating area for premium buyers (ticket priced at P1,400.00). Regular tickets are priced at Php 995.00.

Mark your calendars, this is an event you shouldn't miss.  It's a gift not only to yourself, but to everyone surrounding you because you will surely radiate when you've filled yourself with so much inspiration and love from other women through the words spoken in the conference guided by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  

God bless you beautiful woman!

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