What Real Moms Want To Receive This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  I usually get teary-eyed when the month of May starts for so many reasons.  First, it's my ...

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  I usually get teary-eyed when the month of May starts for so many reasons.  First, it's my late mom's birthday month.  Second, it's my parents' wedding anniversary month.  Lastly, it's Mother's Day month.  A month when mothers all over the world are appreciated by their children and even their husbands for all the selfless love, service, and nurturing she gives to her children, the comfortable life she gives her husband - for not having to worry much about bathing the children or changing nappies or making school or travel checklists or finding anything that's lost in the house. LOL!  Real story right there.

Moms are usually surprised or asked what gifts she'd like to receive.  But more often than not, we reply with "Kahit wala na, basta complete tayo, ayos na." or with "Kahit ano, basta galing sa inyo."  But deep inside, we really want to receive something that would shout "She's the BEST MOM in the world!" without being too picky nor extravagant.

So I posted a survey on my Facebook Page to ask my mom followers what they really really want to receive this Mother's Day as a gift from their children or their husbands. Here were the responses:


I summarized the wish lists and surprisingly, we tend to overthink what to give our moms but simple lang ang gusto nila/namin/natin.  To those who hasn't bought any for their moms or wives yet, here are great REAL GIFT WISH LISTS from REAL MOMs.

1.  DIY Greeting Card/Letter/Note - This wasn't part of the wish lists you've seen above because this is my personal gift wish list.  I have a penchant for handwritten letters, DIY cards, which my mom taught me to do, and a simple thoughtful expression of love and appreciation.  This is of course the most practical gift of all!  No cost, just pure love, thoughtfulness, and a little effort in writing.

2.  Flowers - Say your feelings with flowers!  As they say, you can never go wrong with a woMOM if you show up with flowers.  Moms love receiving flowers.  It makes us feel more appreciated, affirmed, loved, and beautiful.  Like you're saying we're the best mom there is in the universe.  Make that a bouquet of beautiful and wonderfully arranged flowers!  Just like the one I received from Flower Chimp Philippines.  It's SAME DAY FREE DELIVERY for orders placed online before 10am, to anywhere in the country!
3.  Health, Beauty and Wellness GCs or products - Thank you very much for thinking of giving us moms with new pots and pans or other appliances - but we want to relax, be pampered, and just be beautiful inside and out!  YES! We want to have a massage.  We want the best facial/rejuvenation experience.  We want health and beauty products!  Give that to us! :)  At least for a day, we want to forget the piles of clothes and piles of plates for washing and instead, wash away our daily exhaustion by treating us to a a day dedicated to pampering.

You may surprise her with a gift box with all the beauty essentials she'll need.  Shop for these in just one shop, Watsons PH.  Products for the hair (shampoo, conditioner, keratin oil, hair coloring kit, etc.), face (make-up, cleansers, toner, moisturizers, etc), body (lotion, soap, shower gels, etc.) and even food supplements are all there!  Put them nicely in one wooden box then tie neatly with a cloth ribbon and personalize your gift tag.  I am sure any mom would love that gift!

Oh by the way, have you seen their tear-jerker Mother's Day video which reminds us to love ourselves too?  Hindi pa?  See below:

4.  Hotel Staycation - I think every mom deserves to take a short vacation and guess what, a hotel staycation would do!  I am a mom of three and sometimes travelling out of town especially even out of the country could still be taxing more than relaxing.  So a hotel staycation is definitely a welcome treat.  Why not add to this gift a one hour massage?

City Garden Suites has an ongoing promo this Mother's Day called "A Suite Treat For Moms".  Book and stay until May 31st to get a free upgrade from a De Luxe to a One BR Suite with a buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children, plus a complimentary massage for mom!

Or you may also check out other hotel staycations I had with my family in this post: List of Family Friendly Hotels With Swimming Pool

5.  Uninterrupted Sleep/Rest - THIS.. THIS IS PRICELESS.  Since I became a mom I don't remember having a complete and uninterrupted sleep.  But it's okay, but how we wish we could sleep longer and just do nothing.. well maybe Netflix and eat our favorite desserts or chips... sigh!  Nuff said.

6.  Food - Treat us please to a nice dinner or a lunch buffet, that's our wish.  But here we go again with being a selfless and simple mom, actually, just give us our favorite chocolate bar or a cake or a healthy food box or even a yummy sweet spaghetti such as these from JollibeeToblerone and Gold Seas Tuna Chunks

7.  Books - reading is in itself considered a ME-time for moms who find inspiration. motivation, encouragement. nourishment, wisdom from.  Reading feeds us with inner peace and wellness which our family or those we love benefit from.  When we are filled with positive energies through good books, then we face our daily tasks whether at home or at work with joy and will find fulfillment in everything we do.  But it would help if you also give us some pat on the back by writing a sweet letter or even a short note to let us know that we're doing great.  

Here are some books I recommend:
Family Goals - Embracing the Imperctions of Family Life
Author: Michelle S. Alignay
Php 320 (paperback)
available at www.KerygmaOnline.ph
From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM, then BusinessMOM
Author: Teresa Gumap-As Dumadag
USD 2.99 (around Php150.00)
Available at Amazon.com
So there you have it!  The wish list of real moms, including myself, on what we REALLY want to receive this Mother's Day.  But you know what, just give us.. your moms a BIIIIG hug and please remember everything we teach you, from chores to all the good manners and right conduct lessons we impart.... and please be patient with us.  

We tend to appear strong and firm.  But deep inside we're so soft, so fragile, so afraid to fail, tired, stressed, scared, and always pushing ourselves to be the best we could be for our children.  A big hug, respect, a kiss on the cheek and a little help around the house already mean a lot to us.

To every mom reading this, Advance Happy Mother's Day!  God bless you all!

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