Spending A Day Out With Damien

Among my three boys, my youngest Damien is the most active, most naughty in a cute way, and his likes are combination of his two elder broth...

Among my three boys, my youngest Damien is the most active, most naughty in a cute way, and his likes are combination of his two elder brothers.  In short, he's the too-much-to-handle, the patience-meter-testing and energized-to-the-max toddler.  He will turn two soon and NO he's not terrible but YES he is terribly cute and parang kiti-kiti especially when we are out.

Damien can stay in the playground almost the whole day, sliding and climbing on repeat!
Do you also have a toddler?  Don't they move non-stop the minute they open their eyes in the morning?  And especially when they experience going out and seeing the world outside the home.  Oh my, it's always like the first time that they've been out right?  Super explore.  Non-stop walking.  Non-stop jumping.  Non-stop running - as in pahabol levels.  Kaya when we're out, there are five things that I make sure we do, sharing them with you
Event day with Damien
5 Important Things To Do:
1.  Dress toddler comfortably and appropriately. 
Personally, when I choose clothes to wear when going out, I go for comfort then style.  Same with my toddler, I make sure his movements won't be restricted or be restrained with the clothes he wears.  Make sure his clothes won't be too thick which can make him feel too hot nor to thin which will make him feel cold especially when going to the mall. Check the weather and dress your child appropriately.

Speaking of wearing comfort over style, make sure you make him wear a snug-fit, leak-free, and won't sag or less law-law diaper.  Damien uses Pampers Baby Dry.  Because of its magic gel channels which helps in absorbing the liquid faster and evenly kaya no saggy diapers.  Less lawlaw diaper means Damien could move around better, comfortably, and happily.  Less law-law also means less cranky and irritable toddler.

2.  Fill diaper bag with essentials.
When going out with your toddler for a day, pack practically.  Don't over-stuff your diaper bag with items which aren't needed for a day.  Just pack the essentials such as extra clothes, bib, hand or face towel, few pieces of Pampers Baby Dry diapers (I just pack 2 to 3 for a day's worth which we don't end up finishing because super absorbent and matipid sa gamit one can actually last the whole day), wipes, bug repellent, travel-sized toiletries (cologne, alcohol, sanitizer, liquid soap), and changing pad.  Never forget to bring snacks (and his milk if he bottle-feeds) and up to two toys or books.

3.  Apply insect repellent.
Never leave the house without applying insect repellent.  You'll never know what kind of insect may bite.  Prevention is always better than cure.  Re-apply after 4 hours or depending on the longevity of your repellent's effectiveness.

4.  Pack lots of energy and give full attention
I know moms of toddlers would agree, walang katapusan na habulan when you're out with your child.  Damien has been happily exploring places and things around him.  Fear is out of his vocabulary I guess.  Feeling niya he's older than he really is.  I guess that's the beauty of having older brothers around.  He likes to run around, jump when there are steps, and even play hide and seek.  When he does that he's really happy because I am the type of mom that when I feel his environment is safe naman, I let him go go galaw.  Kaya it's important to make him wear a Pampers Baby Dry for comfortable and unrestrained movement when we're out.  Actually, ako ang natatakot baka sa sobrang likot saan mag-hide hindi ko na ma-seek.  That's why it's important to give your full attention to your toddler when you're out.

Here are some of the places we've been for a day:
Snacking with Kuya Wes in the columbary during a visit to his Lola
Mini carousel in the mall's amusement center
Just like his Kuya Dandre, he likes basketball
Dining out with the one alone.  Date kami.
He also loves cars like his Kuyas Dandre and Wes
Museum and posing for an OOTD shot with Kuya Dandre.

Going Out Is Good For Young Children
Some parents with toddlers dahil sa kalikutan ng bata at their age would rather stay at home so they won't have to deal with the child's (sometimes if not most of the time) uncontrollable kalikutan.  But mommies, alam niyo ba, going out with your toddler helps develop social or emotional skills, motor or physical skills/abilities, and boosts self-esteem.  According to experts toddlers need to be active (as in moving around) at least 180 minutes a day.  Let your toddler walk and move around when out with them instead of being carried or in a stroller most of the time.  Limit use of handheld gadgets (better if none) because early child development experts say it's really not good for your children and may affect their brain development.  Go out and be active together, it's an enjoyable bonding time with your child.

Unrestrained movement is highly recommended for toddlers to keep them healthy and active.  Remember to use Pampers Baby Dry for that comfortable dry feeling and less law law, snug fit so toddler can move around as much as he can happily.

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Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Pampers PH but opinions and reviews are purely my own and are not influenced by partner.

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