LBC Launches Cash on Pickup And Cash on Delivery

I became a fan of online selling since 2009 when I set up my own online store on social media.  Back then, I built a circle of returning cus...

I became a fan of online selling since 2009 when I set up my own online store on social media.  Back then, I built a circle of returning customers and business was good for a while.  My buyers didn't grow exponentially until I stopped selling.  It lasted a good one and a half years. 

As an online shopper myself, I am very careful of all my transactions because there are trust issues when it comes to delivery of my item in excellent condition.  Another thing I am quite worried about shopping online especially for items sourced abroad or those which are for pre-orders, is mode of payment.  I've heard horror stories from my family and friends about non-COD transactions (they had to pay first before getting their ordered items) and I fear it might happen to me as well.

After realizing these personal fears of mine, I have attributed these main reasons why my online shop didn't work back then: 1) Trust issues on trusted and reliable mode of payment; and 2) Item delivery in tip-top shape.

Gladly, LBC launched the Cash on Pickup (COP) /Cash on Delivery (COD) solutions aimed at addressing the growing market trend of online and e-commerce business.  I was there during its official launch and I tinkered endlessly on relaunching my online business now that I am a work-at-home-mom who needs extra income!  :)

COP and COD utilizes two of  LBC’s core services: as a courier of parcels & boxes, and as a  payment collection channel. As a trading place of the buyer and the seller, LBC’s COP guarantees convenient and seamless transactions between seller and buyer.  With this, buyer can now add LBC as a pick up point, instead of the traditional delivery scheme -like delivered at home, office, or meet ups. The online transactions are also guaranteed safe and reliable  as sellers are assured that he or she will get paid, while the buyer will get the products in mint condition. LBC’s wide network and serviceable areas also allows for buyers to shop from anywhere in the Philippines and reach more customers nationwide. LBC’s rates has promises to be more competitive as it hopes to provide value for money for every buyer and seller. For LBC’s COD, on the other hand,  the buyer simply pays the item ordered online upon delivery. And LBC takes care of remitting the payment to the seller.

Ang ganda these two new services of LBC because they answer both the online sellers' and online buyers' needs and demands in this dynamic digital age!  Both services spell CONVENIENCE and RELIABILITY for all e-commerce participants (sellers and buyers).

And the best thing about Retail COP and COD is that sellers only need to go to any LBC branch. They don’t even need to register their business to start availing of the services right away.
Oliver Valentin, LBC Express PH Retail Operations Senior Vice President says: “This service targets both small online sellers like stay-at-home moms, students and starting entrepreneurs. On the side of online buyers,  LBC aims to enable customers enjoy and maximize their shopping experience, with just a few taps on their mobile phones or computers. The entry of COP and COD is a testament to how LBC is willing and able to answer the new demands of the digital age- as well as the ever evolving needs of the market. With these new services,  we are committed to provide the Filipino market with the same brand of reliability and convenience that LBC has long been known for”.
Ayan kami mga momshies!  Mrs. LBC candidates (joke lang po!)  Kaming mga digital moms na definitely we recognize the importance and beauty of these new services launched by LBC to the e-commerce industry which we are all part of as well.  Mga nanay na madalas nasa bahay, hindi makalabas basta basta and find convenience in shopping online.  At the same time dahil madalas sa bahay, madalas magdeclutter and sell items online as well.

At last, with LBC's Cash on Pickup (COP) and Cash on Delivery (COD) there's no need to be too concerned that items won't be delivered on time in excellent condition or our hard-earned money will be robbed from us by scrupulous online sellers.

To know more about this and other updates, visit their website, or call telephone +632 8585 999 (Metro Manila), 1 800 10 8585 999 (Provincial), +632 9086 522 (Solutions) and like LBC on Facebook or Twitter

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