UNIQLO To Launch Ines De La Fressange Collection

UNIQLO has invaded my closet in the last two years and has also become my comfortable, practical and quality Mommy Uniform.  When I started ...

UNIQLO has invaded my closet in the last two years and has also become my comfortable, practical and quality Mommy Uniform.  When I started capsule wardrobe-ing, I got rid of those that I purchased because they were trendy which I got to use once or not more than three times.  And since then, my closet, if it was alive, was able to get a breath of fresh air and welcomed just few pieces of quality and comfortable pieces which bring joy to me whenever I wear them.  Most of these pieces are UNIQLO.

I also have a shopping confession to make.

When I like a style in one shop, I buy it in different colors, be it top, dress or pants.

I have this Uniqlo top in three colors (Navy Blue, Grey, and Maroon)
What I love about this is its classic boat neckline cut, it's so great with breastfeeding (no need for cover), the fabric stretches when needed yet comes back to its original form right away!  Pair it with jeans, skirts or pants.  It's so versatile.

I have this dress in two colors.  I even wore this when I was pregnant with my youngest!

This is the other color!  I love that it hides the bulges plus it's perfect for mommies who like to carry small stuff in their pockets.  Yup this dress had two large pockets on its sides.  Lovely right?
I have this Uniqlo dress pants in two colors, cream and black!  So versatile as well!
Team Santos in matching Uniqlo shirt!  There's something for everyone in the family at UNIQLO!  Happiness!

INES DE LA FRESSANGE Fall/Winter 2018 Collection
So here's the exciting part, UNIQLO announces that it will launch the UNIQLO / INES DE LA FRESSANGE Fall/Winter 2018 Collection on Friday, August 31. The collaboration with world-renowned fashion icon Ines de la Fressange is now in its 10th season and will be available exclusively in UNIQLO at SM Megamall.
Wait, who is Ines de la Fressange?
Born in France, Ines de La Fressange was a fashion model and an international fashion brand muse. Her diverse pursuits include design, entrepreneurship, and journalism. In 2013, she re-launched her own brand, and continues to embody modern Parisian chic as a creative director.
I think I lived in France in my past life.  I have a special spot for French cuisine and fashion in my heart.  So looking at the preview of the collection excites me!

The newest collection is Ines’ modern interpretation of fashions in 1920s Montmartre, when the congeniality and delightfully cobble-stoned streets of this hilltop Parisian neighborhood made it a hub of effortless social and artistic interactions. Tweed, melton, cashmere, and corduroy fabrics underscore Ines’ paean to daily life in autumnal Paris in this authentic and elegantly tailored range of comfortable wardrobe essentials. The new kids’ line enables both mothers and children to enjoy French chic, a goal that Ines has held since the inception of the collection.

Key Items
New women’s suits capture the exuberance and elegance of 1920s styling. The coat lineup has expanded to seven items in classical styles, including a tweed double face Chester coat, light short duffle coat, and quilted coat. There are also some playful pieces, such as a vintage style Motorcycle Sweater. The sleepwear is fashionably comfortable.
The kids’ range retains the quality fabrics, designs, and finishes of women’s items and includes pea coats, velvet tailor-made jackets, dresses, cardigans, and other stylish pieces inspired by French cinema.
You could find the full lineup from here: www.uniqlo.com/ines18fw/ph

About UNIQLO LifeWear
Apparel that comes from the Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity. Designed to be of the time and for the time, LifeWear is made with such modern elegance that it becomes the building blocks of each individual’s style. A perfect shirt that is always being made more perfect. The simplest design hiding the most thoughtful and modern details. The best in fit and fabric made to be affordable and accessible to all. LifeWear is clothing that is constantly being innovated, bringing more warmth, more lightness, better design, and better comfort to people’s lives.

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