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Since the time when online shopping became popular in the Philippines, I've become a fan of it for many reasons and one of them is conve...

Since the time when online shopping became popular in the Philippines, I've become a fan of it for many reasons and one of them is convenience.  But I make sure that I only transact or purchase from trusted and secure online shops or those recommended by family and friends.

Sa totoo lang there's a very popular (I'm sure you've shopped from there countless times too) one which carries thousands of brands from official brand stores and also from small-medium-enterprises.  But sa dami ng products, items, it gets too overwhelming sometimes.  I end up confused and frustrated or buying things I don't really need.  When most of the time I only look for Mommy/Baby/Kids stuff.  So for these items, one of my go-to online shop is Kids Company.

As a practical mom shopper, I like shopping at Kids Company for the following reasons:

1. Convenience.  Online shopping for me spells convenience especially now that I cannot leave the house anytime I want to since I became a stay-at-home-mom.  Having an online store such as Kids Company saves me travel time (and you know how worse our traffic has become), expense for gas or cab, effort to dress and make up.  With just few clicks and minutes, shopping for mom and baby essentials, and toys is done.  Time is not wasted on traffic but spent with what matters most, my family.

2. Availability of over 50 trusted licensed brands.  There are more than 50 available, popular, and authentic brands and products such as Mega Bloks, VTech, Chicco, Bright Starts, Barbie, Ben10, Cars (my sons' favorite), Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, Disney, MiFold,Sanosan, Joie, and many more!  And what gives you peace of mind pa is that you're assured they are ALL AUTHENTIC.  So sure ka of what you buy and that you are buying your money's worth, lalo kapag naka-SALE.  Unlike buying from the popular online store I mentioned earlier, sometimes even if it's posted as authentic, when you get the item, you still doubt if it really is.

3. There's something for every family member This is so true because though it's called Kids Company, hindi lang naman pang-kids ang available items.  Mom care brands are available, baby gears (cribs, carriers, strollers, car seats) and feeding/nursing items (baby bottles, sterilizers, nursing pillows) are there too.  Developmental toys,infant toys, play mats, and toys for collectors are available as well.  Pati clothes and costumes available din.  And again, everything is authentic.  Matunog sa atin yan mga momsh right?

4. Regular SALE of items all year-round.  Practical moms represent.  Naku yang ang favorite word natin when we shop.  Better that the things we need are on sale.  You don't need to wait for the quarterly mall sales, at Kids Company, regular ang sale nila.  In fact, as I write this, overlapping ang Back-To-School sale nila (June 1 - July 31, 2018) and Mid-year Sale (July 25 - August 3, 2018).  In fact, even when these two sales are done, they have a year-round sale if you don't mind dented boxes of the items you need but still brand new.  They also have clean-up promos and marked-downs promos.  So meaning, all year they have SALEs and this is a feature that's close to every moms on a budget but still want to give their best to themselves and their family.

5. FREE shipping option nationwide.  You read that right!  Free shipping if you order Php1000 and above for Metro Manila and Php2000 and above provincial.  Imagine how much it would cost you to ship a big item let's say a stroller or a crib right?  This feature makes online shopping a lot more inviting especially if you want to practically save as much pesos as you can.

6. Multiple payment methods including COD.  For those who are quite skeptical about using online payment channels whenever you shop online, there's a Cash On Delivery (COD) option when you purchase at Kids Company.  Happy ako also that you can pay electronically via VISA, MasterCard, mobile payment, online banking, 7-Eleven, M.Lhuiller, and even 0% installment on selected credit cards.  Kahit payment is so convenient and secure.

7. There's Loyalty/Rewards Program.  Alam ng mga practical mommies that we really use the points in our loyalty or rewards cards.  Ako personally, I've used my loyalty points in my numerous rewards cards such as in groceries, department stores, drug stores, and also gas stations!  Every time you purchase at Kids Company for mom, baby, kids, and gifts needs, you earn points which of course you could use in the future to purchase stuff for FREE!  Love talaga ng mga practical mommies and rewards program. Agree?

NOW, Here are what I don't Like about Kids Company
Of course I meant this as an exaggeration of all the things I love about Kids Company.  Because, it's too much that I couldn't handle it.  Haha!  Share ko muna some of the brands I have with me from Kids Company:
VTech Playtime Bus with Phonics which is currently on sale on the website! :)
Hot Wheels Speedtropolis Set
1.  The year-round SALE make sends me indescribable feeling.  You know the excitement feeling as if seeing your crush whenever you're browsing through their site, ganun!  The kilig feeling makes me eat more kasi.  That means more pounds added to my weight!

2.  Too convenient. The convenience makes me tired - pero happy.  Because I can shop even when at home without any worry, then I get to do more at home - more time to do the laundry, wash dishes, clean the house.  But though I get tired, I feel accomplished and happy to be able to fulfill and spend my time to things that matter more rather than the traffic or the hassle of commute or finding an available parking space.

Do take a look and experience the convenience of shopping.  My reviews are just words you read it's better if you experience them yourselves (lalo na yung SALE!)  For more information, visit their website:  and follow their updates and stories on social media:
Stories here: #KidsCompanyPH

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