Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid, My New Discovery and Why I Like It

Since I resigned from my decade long corporate job to become a full-time mom, I've never felt so fulfilled in what I accomplish on a dai...

Since I resigned from my decade long corporate job to become a full-time mom, I've never felt so fulfilled in what I accomplish on a daily basis.  I also shared in this blog before the reason why I resigned hence, our intentional decision to not get a helper or yaya for my kids anymore.  I am here to focus on my family and magpaka-nanay to its truest sense.  I am joyful of our decision and if you would ask me if I want to go back to corporate, it never crossed my mind at all since I left it last February.

The only challenge that I face is when I need to go out to attend meetings or events where my constant toddler date can't come.  But everything else is manageable which kept my days busier more than ever.  My love language is SERVICE, I guess that's why I find joy in my heart whenever I do something for my family.  I do everything myself at home with the special help of my husband and kids (small and easy chores) and of reliable appliances and dependable and effective cleaning products.  One of these newest product discovery is Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid.

I have never washed as many dishes as I have in the last 7 months compared to my entire existence.  That's why I now experiment and try different brands to see which ones are really effective in removing grease easily, is gentle on hands, rinses quickly to save on water consumption and energy, and economical too.  I really need a trusted partner who will help me do the washing job and one that will also save me time.
I have seen Bubble Man in supermarkets but I've never given it a try until recently.  These are the things I learned about it which made me use it:

  • It's non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • It is 97% Biodegradable - meaning it's environment-friendly and leaves nothing harmful behind because its ingredients break down easily rather than taking it years to decompose. 
  • It's Sodium Hydroxide -free, this is the chemical that leaves skin dry.
  • It is Phosphate-free formula.(Phosphate is harmful to the environment)
  • It's effective even on 3% dilution in water (30ml of Bubble Man to 1000ml/1L of water) and has long lasting bubbles.
  • It's inexpensive - It's priced lower compared to known brands.  

I tried Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid on a FULL sink of greasy, grimy pans and plates, utensils, and glasses one night to put it to the test.  I tried it in two ways: 1) Diluted in water; and 2) Direct drop on a sponge.  Here were my observations and results:
  • On oily plastic containers - I used the sponge with a drop of the dishwashing liquid to wash the stubborn oil on my kid's lunch kit.  This to me is one of the most challenging dishwashing tasks.  I always have to make sure it is always grease-free to ensure it's free of bacteria from remaining food trails (such as the grease it leaves behind when not washed properly or when the product you use isn't effective). Sometimes, after rinsing, I still have to wash and soap it again because it's still oily to feel.  But with Bubble Man, it took me just one try.  Same goes with other plastic containers such as my toddler's bowls or cookie container.
  • On greasy pans - Another challenging task is to clean heavy, bulky, and super greasy pots and pans.  A drop to two on the sponge after agitating it, cuts through the grease visible on the pots and pans.  I scrubbed it a few times like how I usually do it, and voila!  After rinsing with water, they are clean and no more hardheaded grime.
  • On plates, glasses, and utensils - this time, I used the one diluted in water solution.  If I was able to conquer the plastic container and the pans, then so much so with the plates, utensils and glasses.  After rinsing easily and quickly, these glassware are squeaky clean.  I really tried the squeak test on them like on TV commercials.  Totoo pala siya!
Did it past my meticulous tests?  YES it did!

  • It's gentle on hands - My hands are hyper sensitive to cleaning products. This is why I carefully choose what I use because it easily gets irritated or becomes itchy red, and even bruised.  Bubble Man is gentle on my hands and it's true, it wasn't dry after using it.
  • It's gentle even on baby's feeding items - because it's proudly made of biodegradable materials, it's safe for use even on your baby's feeding items such as bottles and plates.  It leaves no residue and even overpowering scent that would affect the baby or even food taste.
  • It's easy to rinse - Surprisingly, for something bubbly and effective, it's also very easy to rinse compared to others.  It leaves no soap and scent.  This saves me kahit a little time so I could spend it watching my kids or playing with them too.
  • It's economical - because it's highly effective, you don't need to pour too much on the sponge.  Even when diluted in water, it cleanses effectively.  No wastage.  I hate any wastes for practicality's sake diba moms? Any wastage food or home items is like throwing away money down the drain.
  • It comes in three variants - I love varieties and I am happy we have three scents to choose from.  Bubble Man comes in Lemon, Kalamansi, and Anti-bac.  I am an anti-bac lover and this made me happy!
  • Anti-slip bottle design - I love brands that do their research and make not only their products but packaging intentional to their customers or users.  In the middle of the bottles, you'll find a debossed or sunken part which will fit user's thumb (of any size) to avoid bottle slip!  Simple but clearly they carefully thought of user experience.
  • Availability and practicality - Bubble Man is not hard to find.  It's available in all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide at an unbelievably inexpensive price.
Overall, my son (the designated dishwasher at night) and I are happy with Bubble Man's performance.  It is through service or action that we both show our love for each other and the rest of the family.  Indeed, #LoveIsAction.  Who says dishwashing could be a chore you'd love to hate?  Why not make it a me-time (put on your fave music in the background)?  Besides, you only spend lesser time in the sink with an effective yet gentle dishwashing partner such as Bubble Man.

I want to share this experience to my readers and followers on social media.  The giveaway is ongoing until September 30, 2018.  I will be giving away two (2) gift packs which consists of:
  • One (1) 880ml bottle
  • One (1) 270ml bottle
  • Three (3) 220 pouches
What do you have to do?

1. Follow Bubble Man on Facebook and Instagram
2.  Automatic dapat that you also have to be my follower on FB and IG too! :)
3.  Comment what are the three variants of Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid.

4.  Winners will be electronically picked one on FB and one on IG. 

God bless everyone!  Happy dishwashing!  Remember when you wash dishes for your family, you are giving them your love through service and action because #LoveIsAction.

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