A True Friend Says #GotYouGirl Always, Like pHCare Does

You have truly found a gem in your life if you've got your girl best friend who would always say #GotYouGirl every time you needed so...

You have truly found a gem in your life if you've got your girl best friend who would always say #GotYouGirl every time you needed someone to empathize with you, cry with you, feel the pain you're going through, validate your feelings, and even celebrate achievements and milestones with you.  After all, no one could understand the complexities of a woman, but another woman right?

I found not only a gem, but gems in my life.  First my mother, who really has got my back from the very beginning.  She was there from the very beginning I started to blossom as a woman.  She taught me everything I needed to know and protect myself from.  She also equipped me with tips, tricks, and lessons in life which had formed me into the woman that I am today, a wife and a mother myself.  She may have left her earthly life but her presence and voice will remain forever in my heart.  I am blessed to have a mother like her.
My late mother Elizabeth, my BFF since birth until her last breath
Other than my mom, I am blessed to have my best friends who had been with me during almost all my highs and more especially my lows. 
Joy, my soul sister from another mother since 1997
I've heard them say I #GotYouGirl countless times in countless seasons of my life and I will forever be grateful to God for sending these angels to me. 
My "Maders" Karina, JC, and Trish, since 2002
They were there during my dating days, my countless heartbreak s, the time I tested for positive pregnancy the first time, during my first up to third childbirth, my life celebrations, during my wedding, when I had the worst days in my life and needed a drink or getaway, and even my career highs and lows.
My super friendships - Anne and Anna, since 2007
Like Our Women Best Friends, pHCare's Got Us Girls
This holds true when it comes to women’s most intricate body part: the feminine area. As the most sensitive organ, it’s always exposed to bacteria which lead to us experiencing discomforts like odor, itch, and irritation. We may think that our regular routine of washing our feminine area with soap and water is enough, but little did we know, it needs better TLC. Thus, for a body part which requires special attention, women need a gentle partner that’s specifically made to care— this is what pH Care is all about.
Like my best friends, pHCare is my daily partner in caring for my intimate area.  pHCare is also present during my monthly periods, my pregnancy, my postnatal days, and in many other important and trivial days.  It never lets me down, it's always there for me!  I get the exact kind of care I need and is there every step of the way.
As the country’s leading brand of feminine wash, pH Care has always had an inherent connection with women. I love the new pH Care variant infused with Natural Guava Leaf Extracts, a natural anti-bacterial solution proven to provide protection against odor, itch and irritation, giving us that right care like how our fellow women show us.

There’s nothing like someone who’s there for you every step of the way. For understanding and care like no other, pH Care definitely has #GotYouGirl.  Watch this heartfelt video about how having someone who understands us a woman is a life essential:
pH Care is available in all leading supermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores nationwide. Prices range of the 50ml pH Care bottle is PHP 50.00 to PHP 52.00, the price range of the 150ml pH Care bottle is PHP 111.00 to PHP 115.00 and the price range of the 250ml pH Care bottle is PHP 142.00 to PHP 148.00. Price range for the feminine wipes is from PHP39.00 to PHP 45.00.

Visit pH Care’s page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/phcarephilippines for more information.

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